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Sentence Completion 2D

CUSTOMER: Hello. Um my family and I are staying here in Trebirch for a week or two and we wanted to know about the train services. We're hoping to do a few local trips.
TUTOR: OK. Well, I can give you lots of details about all the trains going from Trebirch in the South West. This leaflet will be very helpful but I can tell you some of the main things. We've got two main train stations in the town. King Street is for local commuter lines and regional services.
CUSTOMER: What about trains to London? I'll need to go there on business for one day.
TUTOR: Then you need to go to Central Station - that's for all the national services. There are regular trains to London. They leave Trebirch every half hour on weekdays and every hour at weekends. It takes about two hours, a bit longer on Sundays. You've got a choice of first and second class and there's a buffet car - though refreshments are included in the cost of a first class ticket.

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