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Section 1 - Practice 13

Section 1

Mrs Blake:     Hello?

Conor:     Oh, hello I'm ringing about the advertisement in yesterday’s newspaper... the one for the bookcases can you tell me if They're still available?

Mrs Blake:     We've sold one, but we still have twoavailable.

Conor:     Right. Err... can you tell me a bit about them?

Mrs Blake:     Sure, er. what do you want to know?

Conor:     Well, I'm looking for something to tit in my study, so. well, I’m not too worried about the height, but the width's quite important Can you tell me how wide each of them is?

Mrs Blake:     They're both exactly the same size let me see. I’ve got the details written down somewhere. Yes. so they're both 75 cmwide and 180 cm high

Conor:     OK. fine, that should fit m OK. And I don't want anything that looks too severe . . not made of metal, for example I was really looking for something made of wood?

Mrs Blake:     That's all right, they are, both of them

Conor:     So. are they both the same price as well?

Mrs Blake:     No, I he first bookcase is quite a bit cheaper. It's just £15.00. We paid £60.00 for it just five years ago. so it's very good value. It's in perfectly good condition, they're both in very good condition in tact, but the first one isn't the same quality as the other one It's a good sturdy bookcase, it used to be in my son’s room, but it could do with a fresh coat of paint...

Conor:     Oh, it’s painted?

Mrs Blake:     Yes, it’s cream at present, but as I say you could easily change that if you wanted to fit in with your colour scheme.

Conor:     Yes. I'd probably paint it white if I got it Let's see, what else ... how many shelves has it got?

Mrs Blake:     Six two of them are fixed, and the other four are adjustable so you can shift them up and down according to the sizes of your books.

Conor:     Right, fine Well that certainly sounds like a possibility.

Mrs Blake:     But the second one's a lovely bookcase too. That's not painted, it’s just the natural wood colour, a dark brown It was my grandmother’s, and I think she bought it sometime in the 1930s so I'd say it must be getting on for eighty years old, it’s very good quality, they don’t make them like that nowadays

Conor:     And you said it's the same dimensions as the first one?

Mrs Blake:     Yes, and it's got the six shelves, but it also has a cupboard at the bottom that’s really useful for keeping odds and ends in.

Conor:     Right

Mrs Blake:     Oh. And I nearly forgot to say, the other thing about it is it's got glass doors, so the books are all kept out of the dust. So it's really good value for the money. I’m really sorry to be selling it but we just don’t have the room for it.

Conor:     Mmm So what are you asking for that one?

Mrs Blake:     £95.00 It's quite a bit more, but it’s a lovely piece of furniture - a real heirloom.

Conor:     Yes all the same, it's a lot more than wanted to pay .. I didn't really want to go above thirty or forty Anyway, the first one sounds fine for what' need.

Mrs Blake:     Just as you like.

Conor:     So is it all right if I come round and have a look this evening, then if it's OK I can take it away with me?

Mrs Blake:     Of course. So you’ll be coming by car. will you?

Conor:     ‘ve got a friend with a van, so I'll get him to bring me round, if you can just give me the details of where you live.

Mrs Blake:     Sure. I'm Mrs Blake. ..

Conor:     B-L-A K E?

Mrs Blake:     That's right, and the address is 41 Oak Rise, that’s in Stanton.

Conor:     OK so I'll be coming from the town centre, can you give me an idea of where you are?

Mrs Blake:     Yes. You know the road that goes out towards the university?

Conor:     Yes.

Mrs Blake:     Well you take that road, and you go on till you get to a roundabout, go straight on, then Oak Rise is the first road to the right.

Conor:     Out towards the university, past the roundabout, first left?

Mrs Blake:     First right. And we're at the end of the road.

Conor:     Got it. So I’ll be round at about 7:00, if that's alright. Oh, and my name's Conor .. Conor Field.

Mrs Blake:     Fine I’ll see you then, Conor Goodbye

Conor:     Goodbye

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