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Section 1 - Practice 15

Section 1

Ralph:     Hello?

Paula:     Ralph, it’s Paula

Ralph:     Hi

Paula:     You know i told you we could apply to the local council for money for our drama club .. I've got the application form here but we need to get it back to them by the end of the week. I could send it on to you you really ought to fill it in as president of the club but I don't know if it’ll get to you in time.

Ralph:     Well, you're the secretary, so I expect it's OK if you fill it in.

Paula:     Yeah, but I'd really like to check it together.

Ralph:     Right. That's fine.

Paula:     Like the first part asks for the main contact person can l put you there? 

Ralph:     Sure

Paula:     Right. So that's Ralph Pearson .. and then need your contact address, so that's 203 South Road, isn't it?

Ralph:     No. 230

Paula:     Sorry. I always get that wrong .. Then it's Drayton .. do you think they need a postcode?

Ralph:     Better put it's DR6 SAB

Paula:     Hmm mrnm. OK ... telephone number that’s 01453 586098 isn’t it?

Ralph:     Yes.

Paula:     Right Now, in the next part of the form I have to give information about our group ... so. name of group, that's easy, we're the Community Youth Theatre Group, but then I have to describe it. So, what sort of information do you think they want?

Ralph:     Well, they need to know we're amateurs, not professional actors... and how many members we've got what's that at present, twenty?

Paula:     Eighteen and should we put in the age range, that's 13 to 22?

Ralph:     No, I don't think we need to. But we'd better put a bit about what we actually do ... something like 'members take part in drama activities’.

Paula:     Activities and workshops?

Ralph:     OK.

Paula:     Right That’s all for that section I think.

Paula:     Now, the next bit is about the project itself what we're applying for funding for. So first of all They need to know how much money we want. The maximum's£500.

Ralph:     l think we agreed we’d ask for £250. didn't we?

Paula:     OK. There’s no point in asking for too much, we'll have less chance of getting it. Then, we need to say what the project ... erm, the activity is.

Ralph:     Right so we could write something like 'to produce a short play for young children’.

Paula:     Should we say it's interactive?

Ralph:     Yes, good idea ...

Paula:     Right . I've got that. Then we have to say what we actually need the money for...

Ralph:     Isn’t that it?

Paula:     No, we have to give a breakdown of details, I think.

Ralph:     Well, there's the scenery

Paula:     But we're making that.

Ralph:     We need to buy the materials, though

Paula:     OK Then there’s the costumes.

Ralph:     Right. That’s going to be at least £50.

Paula:     OK. And what else ... oh, I just found out we have to have insurance ... I don’t think it’ll cost much, but we need to get it organised.

Ralph:     Yes ... I’d forgotten about that, and we could be breaking the law if we don’t have it. Good thing we’ve already got curtains in the hall, at least we don’t have to worry about that.

Paula:     Mrhm. We'll need some money for publicity otherwise no one will know what we’re doing.

Ralph:     And then a bit of money for unexpected things that come up - just put ’sundries' at the end of the list.

Paula:     OK. fine Now the next thing they want lo know is if they give us the grant, how they'll be credited.

Ralph:     What do they mean, credited?

Paula:     I think they mean how we'll let the public know that they funded us .. they want people to know they've supported us, it looks good for them.

Ralph:     Mmm. Well, we could say we'd announce it at the end of the play. We could make a speech or something.

Paula:     Hmm, they might prefer to see something in writing we'll be giving the audience a programme, won't we - so we could put an acknowledgement in that?

Ralph:     Yeah, that's a better idea.

Paula:     OK And the last thing they want to know is if we've approached any other organisations for funding, and what the outcome was.

Ralph:     Well, only National Youth Services and they said that at present funds were not available for arts projects

Paula:     Right. I’ll put that and then I think that’s it. I'll get that in the post straight away I really hope we get the money.

Ralph:     I think we've got a pretty good chance hope so anyway. Thanks for doing all this, Paula.

Paula:     That’s OK See you soon .. Bye

Ralph:     Bye

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