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Short-answer questions 1C

Professor: Right…Let’s go back to note taking and begin with the basis before the lecture has even started. What should you do when you walk into the room? Get a good seat at the front (1) if you can where are you can hear clearly and avoid distractions.

Student: Yes!

Professor: …Though obviously others would have had the same idea, so it’ll be best to come a bit early. So when the lecture’s on the way and you’re busy jotting things down. What should you try to ensure?

Student: That you’re getting all the main points?

Professor: And what if you don’t catch something? Something you know must be important.

Student: Uhm…I’ll leave a space (2) then I could check it later, perhaps by asking a question at the end and filling in it afterwards

Professor: that’s an excellent way to deal with it. Yes…And there’s something else I’d like to mention here, talking about going through notes afterwards. It’s absolutely vital what you write is legible for one particular reason: It saves time (3). You will waste many hours during the course if your revision is held up because you can’t read what you’ve written. Ok. What else can we do to make listening and note taking more efficient?

Student: well..I always listen out for signpost words(4)….uhm…

Professor: …Sorry…. What are they?

Student: They are the ones lectures use to say where they are going. A bit like the sign posts at the road junctions, I suppose. Things like “the first reason is”, “however”, “to sum up” and so on.

Professor: Yes. They can tell you when something important is coming and help you to organize your notes too.

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