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Short-answer questions 3C

JANE       It's going to be different from school, isn't it!

TIM          Yeah, particularly the lectures. Have you got any special strategy for listening to lectures?

JANE       Well I'm going to use a cassette recorder and record them all.

TIM          What! Are you allowed to?

JANE       Sure. Lots of people do it nowadays. It means you can listen to the lectures all over again later, and make really good notes.

TIM          I couldn't do that. I like to take notes as I'm listening. I usually find I get all the important points. Reading is different of course. My approach is to skim the book first to see what's important and what isn't. It saves hours of time.

JANE       But what if you miss something?

TIM          You don't mean you're going to read every word, do you?

JANE       Well, that's what I usually do.

TIM          Well, that's up to you, but I think you're crazy!

JANE       What's your first lecture on, anyway?

TIM          Oh, it's a lecture on the French Revolution.

JANE       The French Revolution! How boring!

TIM          It's not boring at all! It was an amazing period of history. It changed everything in Europe. So what's your first lecture about?

JANE       It's about animal behavior. It sounds really interesting.

TIM          Look, I was on my way to the library. I'm going to get some of these books out and start reading for the first essay I've got to write.

JANE       And what have you got to write about?

TIM          Well, you'll never believe it, I think our professor must have a sense of humor.  He's given us the title "Why study history?"

JANE       That's a good one. When you find the answer, let me know!

TIM          I'm going to enjoy writing it. Have you been given any writing assignments yet?

JANE       Yes, I've got to write about animal language.

TIM         Hmm! That sounds a challenge. I suppose you'll be off to the zoo to do field research.


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