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Short-answer questions 1D

Tutor:     So. Sharon and Xiao Li, in your presentation last week you were talking about the digital divide - the gap between those who can effectively use communication tools such as the Internet, and those who can't. And you compared the situation here in Northern Ireland with South-East China. Right, so I asked you to do some sell evaluation, watching the video of your presentation and thinking about the three main criteria you're assessed by - content, structure and technique. What do you think was the strongest feature of the presentation, when you watched it? Sharon?

Sharon:    Well. I was surprised actually, because l felt quite nervous but when I watched the video, it didn't show as much as I expected.

Tutor:     So which of the criteria would that come under?

Sharon:    Er, confidence?

Tutor:     That’s not actually one of the criteria as such Xiao Li?

Xiao Li:    Technique? It's body language and eye contact, isn't it. Well, I didn't think I looked all that confident, but I think, that our technique was generally good like the way we designed and used the PowerPoint slides.

Tutor:     Mmm. So you both feel happiest about that side of the presentation? OK, now on the negative side, what would you change if you could do it again?

Xiao Li:    Well, at first I'd thought that the introduction was going to be the problem but actually I think that was OK. We defined our terms and identified key issues. It was more towards the end, the conclusion wasn't too bad but the problem was the questions, we hadn’t really expected there'd be any so we hadn't thought about them that much.

Tutor:     Uhuh OK. Anything else?

Sharon:    Well, like Xiao Li says, I thought the conclusion was OK, but when I watched us on the video I thought the section on solutions seemed rather weak.

Tutor:     Mmm. Can you think why?

Sharon:    Well, we explained what people are doing about the digital divide in China and Northern Ireland but I suppose we didn't really evaluate any of the projects or ideas, it was just a list. And that was what people were asking us about at the end mostly.

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