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Section 1 - Practice 5

Woman: Hello, how can I help you?

Man: Hi. I’m Carlton Mackay, and you booked me some flights recently, to Australia – and some internal ones?

Woman: Oh, yes. Mr Mackay, I remember you now, of course.

Man: Well, I find I’m going to need car hire while I’m in Sydney after all. I think you said you could recommend a good-value company?

Woman: Yes, that’s right. Costwise Cars. They’re very good and don’t charge lots of extras. They have three offices in the Sydney area, including one office right at the airport.

Man: So I’ll just book it online?

Woman: Yes, you can book online but you should have their phone number too, just in case.

Man: Mm, of course.

Woman: That’s 1800 705 639. It’s on the website. And you can get a discount if you quote (1) your booking reference from us.

Man: Oh, what’s that?

Woman: I mean the one you got from me when we booked your flights. I have it here – 743002.

Man: Oh, thanks. I guess I’ve got it at home, but I’ll write it down again in case. A discount is good. So where exactly is the office? I’ll be coming to the domestic terminal from Melbourne.

Woman: (2) It’s immediately outside the international terminal.

Man: OK. And, another thing I want to check is, will they be open when I arrive? Or is it just office hours?

Woman: (3) Mm… they open at quarter to seven and close at 6.15 in the evening. So, let’s see, you’re due to land at ten past six. By the time you’ve collected your bags and so on, which will take a little while, they won’t be open, but if you arrange it in advance, (4) they can wait for you. You do have to pay an extra $30 for that, though.

Man: OK. Well, I’m staying near the airport the first night, so I could go back in the morning and save a day’s hire?

Woman: Yes, that’d be better. That’d save you about $50.

Man: Do you know what kind of cars they have?

Woman: Quite a variety, I think. Er, the best value should be under $60 a day with luck. (5) That would be the ‘Echo’, I guess.

Man: Sorry?

Woman: E-C-H-O, like when your voice bounces back?

Man: I suppose I have to book online before I leave?

Woman: Mm, that’s the best way. Er, they won’t deduct any charges until you finish with the car, but (6) they do need your credit card number when you book and of course they’ll want to see your driving license when you collect. How long will you need it?

Man: (7) I’m in Sydney for seven days. I’ll only actually need to use it on three or four of those days, I hope, but I’ll keep it for the whole week. I guess it’s going to be a few hundred dollars. Can you suggest anything I can do to keep the cost down?

Woman: (8) Oh, you get quite a big discount if you do less than 1,000 kilometres in the week.

Man: Oh, that’s good. I don’t suppose I will be driving that far actually.

Woman: But, oh, yes, the other thing I should mention is the insurance. It’s included in the price.

Man: Oh, that is good value then.

Woman: Yes, but what you must remember is that doesn’t cover anything expect the car, so you must be careful not to leave anything at all in it when you park (9) because your luggage isn’t insured, even if it’s out of sight, locked in the boot.

Man: Yeah, well, I think my travel policy will cover that actually.

Woman: Good!

Man: OK. And can I return the car outside office hours? My flight home is very early in the morning. Can I put the keys through the door, or something?

Woman: (10) There’s a secure box just outside the office on the pavement. You just drop the keys in there.

Man: Oh, good.

Woman: And one other thing: you should remember to buy petrol before you leave it. If you don’t drop the car back with a full tank you get charged to fill it. I recommend you go to a supermarket before you go out to the airport.

Man: Thanks for the tip!

Woman: Not at all. Do call in again if there’s anything else I can help with.

Man: I will. Many thanks.

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