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Now we want all our visitors to have an exciting time when they come to the park but our first priority must be safety. Parents and guardians know their children’s behaviour and capabilities. But here at the park we have set certain conditions for each of the rides to ensure that all visitors get the maximum enjoyment out of the experience and feel secure at all times. There are four major rides at the park. Our newest ride is the River Adventure which is designed to reproduce the experience of white-water rafting. No amount of protective clothing would make any difference so only go on this ride if you’re prepared to get wet! Children under eight can go on this ride, but all under sixteens must have an adult with them.

Not all of our rides are designed for thrills and spills. Our Jungle Jim rollercoaster is a gentler version of the classic loop the loop, specially created for whole family enjoyment - from the smallest children to elderly grandparents, suitable for all levels of disability and health conditions. Carriages have comfortable seating for up to eight people, with safety belts for each passenger which must be worn at all times. Sit back and enjoy the scenery!

One of the best established and most popular of Camber’s rides is the massive Swoop Slide. Whizz down the polished vertical slide nine metres in height and scream to your heart’s content. There are no age or height restrictions. Be careful though - you must have on long trousers so you won’t get any speed burns!

And then there’s the famous Zip Go-kart stadium with sixteen carts: eight for single drivers and eight for kids preferring to ride along with mum, dad or carer. Take part in high-speed races in our specially designed Formula One-style karts - but no bumping other karts, please. All riders must be above one point two metres because they have to be able to reach the pedals ... even in the shared karts.

Full details of all safety features are available on our website at

So come and make a day of it at Camber’s Theme Park!

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