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List selection L - Practice 7D

Customer: Thanks. And are there lots of places to go to around here?

Railperson: Oh..Yes. You can enjoy many days out. And there’s the Merthyr mining museum, which is only half an hour from Trebirch by train. Children will find it as fascinating as any theme park and they can ride in the original miner’s lifts and the coal trains. There are special excursion tickets which include entrance fees. Mainline trains also offer direct services to Bristol, where you can visit the docks or spend a great day out with the children in the zoo, which is set in the parkland that used to surround the old castle. Special family away-day fares are available for this service now during the school holidays. Alternatively, you can be in Birmingham in only an hour and a half, where there’s lots to see and do including the new and internationally-acclaimed climbing wall built on the side of the old aquarium. We will also be running a special service to Newport when the new science museum opens next year, as we anticipate a lot of visitors in the opening weeks, I’d advised you to call early to book your tickets. Is that OK?

Customer: Yes, thanks.

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