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List selection L - Practice 8D

Student: I expect it will take me a while to find what I need. There’s such a lot here

Librarian: Yes, there is. But if you need help getting started, this term we are running three study skills workshops.

Student: Oh? What are they on?

Librarian: Er…Let me see.. The first one’s on resources. Yes, here it is. How to use the library’s resources. That includes everything, not just the print and other technical resources.

Student: That sounds useful. Is there anything about how do use the Internet?

Librarian: Er..Let see. The one on the Internet for beginner was last term. This term it’s on finding research material online.

Student: That sounds interesting, too. What’s the last one?

Librarian: It’s the workshop on dissertation.

Student: What do you mean? How to write one?

Librarian: No. It’s more to do with academic writing conventions, you know, writing bibliography, how to refers to sources in your text, that sort of things. Anyway, here’s the leaflet with the information about all three.

Student: Thanks a lot. That would be very useful.

Librarian: You’re welcome



  • dissertation (noun): luận văn
  • academic writing conventions: các quy cách trong trình bày bài viết học thuật


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