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Good morning and welcome, everybody. I’m Jenny Stewart and I’m the staff manager here at the exhibition centre. We’re expecting this year’s International Travel Exhibition to attract over 10,000 visitors a day, ladies and gentlemen, and you are among the two hundred extra staff recruited to help look after them. Now, to help things run smoothly , we have divided you into four teams – the blue team, the green team, the red team, and the yellow team. So first I’ll explain how the teams are divided up, and then we’ll be giving you colour-coded T-shirts so we can identify you more easily.

First of all, those who will be looking after the phones and handling all calls regarding the exhibition, you will be on the red team. Now, we’ve also put the entrants staff on the red team and you’ll be stamping the entrance tickets and giving out publicity leaflets, OK?

Those of you involved in distributing entrance tickets will be on the yellow team and we’ve also put those of you who’ll be staffing the information booths around the conference centre on the yellow team, so you’ll be getting a yellow T-shirt.

Now, most of the hospitality staff have been put in the blue team, so the shifts among you and the kitchen hands will all need a blue T-shirt, but, because of the sheer numbers, all waiting staff will be on the yellow team, and this includes the bar staff among you.

Those who will be monitoring and directing the traffic in the car parks are on the green team, so you’ll need to get a green T-shirt. This year we’ve also employed a considerable number of attendants to direct the human traffic around the conference centre. Now, you’ll be working in the exhibition hall at all times, giving directions and generally helping people whenever you can, and you will be in the red team, so please collect a red T-shirt.

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