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Some of you may be interested to know the the library is offering specialised training sessions on writing a dissertation. Obviously, this is not relevant to those of you who are undergraduates. It is just for postgraduates. Your department will discuss the planning stage of the dissertation – i.e. what going to do – with you, and we will focus on the structure of it. However, the training will also include some time on the computers. I realise most of you know how to organise files but we can show you the different ways to run data programmes. Your tutors will tell you at the outset how to set out the chapters they require but you will need to ask them how they would like you to organise the bibliography because it varies depending on your subject area. When you’ve got something together the trainer here will look throug the draft version for you to see if it’s OK. And, one final point, for those of you who have registered from abroad, we can offer individual sessions on dissertations if you feel you need them. If you require language lessons then they are available from the International Centre next to the Law Department.

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