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Đề thi thật ngày 2/3/2019: The changing world of work

Đề thi thật ngày 2/3/2019:

The world of work is rapidly changing and employees cannot depend on having the same work or the same work conditions for life.

Discuss the possible causes and suggest ways to prepare for people to work in the future.

Write at least 250 words


It is a fact that the current world of employment is shifting at a very fast pace, so staying unchanged with an occupation or working conditions for life would be no longer suitable. There are several factors bringing about this trend and some preparations that people can make to enter the workforce.

The rapid changes in the world of work pushing employees to improve themselves can be attributed to two main factors. First, customer’s demands nowadays are rising for more complex and expensive products and services. As a result, companies require better work performance regarding productivity and effectiveness from their employees to satisfy customers. Second, the intense competition in the open market has forced enterprises to pursue innovation in order to win over other competitors. Therefore, employers only seek the best candidates with various knowledge and employability skills who can contribute well to the competitiveness of their company. 

In order to keep pace with the rapidly changing world of work, people should equip themselves with knowledge and vital life skills. Being ambitious and curious is the significant factor in creating career motivation, so cultivating ambition and eagerness to learn and do well is essential for a solid future. In addition, teaching oneself to be solution-driven would make that person more competitive and self-sufficient. Apart from skills, possessing a wide range of substantive expertise is also needed. Therefore, people should maximise every opportunity, not just attending speciality schools and formal training programs, to acquire knowledge, perhaps through reading, listening, working, or volunteering, etc.  

In conclusion, because of highly growing demands and intense competition of the marketplace, career orientation cannot stay unchanged and remain passive. The readiness for the world of employment can come from maintaining ambition and curiosity, practising to be resourceful, and enhancing knowledge anywhere and anytime.

Word count: 294

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