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Dubai Palm Apartments

Dubai Palm Apartments

Amanda: Dubai Palm Apartments, Amanda speaking. How can I help you?

Leo: Oh hi, Amanda I’m ringing to enquire about a holiday apartment for the month after next

Amanda: OK, no problem Let me get your details first, then I’ll tell you what we’ve got. Is that all right?

Leo: Fine, go ahead.

Amanda: OK. Can I have your name first, please?

Leo: Yes, it’s Leo Blucher, that’s L - E - 0, that’s my first name and my surname is B-L-U-C-H-E-R.

Amanda: OK, I’ve got that Where are you from, just out of interest, Leo?

Leo: I’m Austrian.

Amanda: Right, OK, and what’s your address?

Leo: It’s number 37 Blumengasse in Vienna

Amanda: Right. Could you just spell Blumengasse for me, please, Leo? My German’s not too good

Leo: Sure, it's B-L-U-M-E-N-G-A-double S-E.

Amanda: Great, thanks, and what’s the weather like in Vienna at the moment?

Leo: It’s pretty grey and rainy, I’m afraid Hope it’s better in Dubai.

Amanda: Yes, it’s lovely at the moment Sunny and warm, but not too hot. Now, can you give me your phone number9

Leo: Yes, it's 4312 11057.

Amanda: Great So, you’re looking for a holiday apartment, Leo How many people is it for, just yourself9

Leo: No. there'll be four of us, two adults and two children

Amanda: Fine, and when would you like it from?

Leo: Ideally from the 1st of January

Amanda: January the 1st. OK, I’ll have a look and see what we’ve got. How long would you like to stay?

Leo: Well, it depends a little bit on the price, but I think that about nine days would be perfect.

Amanda: Fine And, talking of prices, what would be your maximum, do you think?

Leo: Well, I’ve looked on the Internet, but I don’t know if I’m being realistic if I say 200 euros per day Things seem to range from 150 to well over 400

Amanda: Well, it depends on where, of course, but I think we could probably find something for you at that price

Leo: Great. There are various other things, though. Our children are quite small, and we don’t want to take them to restaurants all the time, so one thing we’d really appreciate is a fully equipped kitchen so we can do some cooking.

Amanda: Yes, I completely understand. Do you have any other special requirements?

Leo: Yes, we live in the city centre hundreds of miles from the sea, so we’d really like be able to see it from our apartment.

Amanda: OK. I'll note that down All our apartments come with air conditioning and central heating, by the way.

Leo: Oh dear. One thing I don’t like is the noise of air conditioning in the background. Can you make sure it’s as quiet as possible?

Amanda: Yes, I’ll look into that Anything else?

Leo: Yes, just one more thing We’d like to hire a car while we’re in Dubai, so we’ll need to have a parking space, I think - we don’t want to have to walk a long way from the car to the apartment.

Amanda: I think you’re quite right I’ll look into all these things and make a list of possible apartments. Do you have an email address? So I can send them to you.

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