BỘ ĐỀ DỰ ĐOÁN SPEAKING PART 2 - THÁNG 6-8/2019 (mô tả người)

Sau đây là 12 đề speaking part 2 về chủ đề "mô tả người" trong bộ đề dự đoán cho các bạn thi tháng 6,7,8/2019.


1. Describe an interesting neighbour you have/ used to have

2. Describe the most polite person you know

3. Describe a person who you would like to work with

4. Describe your favourite singer/ celebrity

5. Describe a foreign star that you would like to meet in real life

6. Describe an intelligent person you know

7. Describe a person who usually has interesting ideas or opinions

8. Describe a teenager you know.

9. Describe a person who is very good at a foreign language

10. Describe a person who works on to protect the environment

11. Describe a person who you would like to be similar when you grow up

12. Describe a person who encourage you to achieve your goal

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