Topic: Study & Education part 3 - Luyện IELTS Miễn Phí

Topic: Study & Education part 3

(Reading time: 3 - 6 minutes)

Câu hỏi + Câu trả lời mẫu Topic Study & Education


Các câu hỏi: Bài viết của Ms Liz IELTS - Câu trả lời: giáo viên Be Ready IELTS

What makes a good student?

What role should the teacher have in a classroom?

Do you think computers will one day replace teachers in the classroom?

How has teaching changed in your country in the last few decades?

What is the difference between the way children learn and the way adults learn?

How can a teacher make lessons for children more interesting?

(Các câu hỏi & câu trả lời của Mr Simon, nguồn: )

What do you think makes a good lesson?

Do you think it's better to have a teacher or to teach yourself?

Do you think the traditional classroom will disappear in the future?



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