Đề thi thật ngày 20/10/2018: Changing roles in family

Đề thi ngày 20/10/2018

In recent years, the family structure has changed, as well as family roles.

What are the changes which have occurred?

Do you think these changes are positive or negative?

Write at least 250 words.

It is a fact that socio-economic developments of the modern world have caused remarkable modifications to an internal structure of families, together with changing roles among family members. In my viewpoint, these changes bring about both pros and cons to each individual and societies.

The conventional family structure now belongs in the past due to the increasinginvolvement of women in employment. A few decades ago, there were many male-based families with men being the primary breadwinner. However, at the present time, women also join the world of employment to support their family and become financially independent. Also, there are more and more families in which husbands stay at home, take care of housework and children while wives go to work and earn money. As a result, the female's voice in their family has been in a stronger position since they can contribute their opinions or even become a decision maker for household's matters, unlike a thing from the past when women had to obey men unconditionally.   

The emerging female role has introduced benefits for each family, but also potential drawbacks to a nation. In terms of the advantages, the more women's role in the society develops, the more stable and secured household incomes become, since both husband and wife are the breadwinners now. Also, if females get to be more well-educated, this will benefit the children by being provided better education and nurture from their mother. However, some downside may also arise in case women have more focus on career development rather than family. Consequently, this will lead to declining birth rates due to the fact that many women do not want to get married, or have marriage but do not give birth, or have children later in life. Japan and Singapore would be the best examples for this. In these two countries, there are less and less married women who refuse to have children. 

In conclusion, the role of females in their family nowadays has changed significantly since wives are externally employed, thereby receiving more recognition, and husbands may stay at home to handle housework and childcare. As a result, this trend strengthens family incomes, but also may cause decreasing fertility rates.


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