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Matching 8D

Now, what should you pack? The information sheet tells you a lot about what clothing to bring ... but what about other things? Well, Tamerton House has its own small shop, but anything bigger is several miles away so you won’t have many opportunities for buying supplies. So in this last part of my talk, I’m going to explain what objects you should take with you to the Centre, what you can take if you want and also, very importantly, what you cannot take.

Several of you came up to me before this talk and asked whether you can take things like kettles, or hairdryers. The answer is, there are plenty of these electrical appliances available in the Centre and they are of the proper voltage and are checked regularly. Yours may not be, so the rules at Tamerton say you can’t bring them into the Centre ... because it’s considered a fire risk ... remember it’s a very old house. Now, another question was about cell phones. Although you definitely can’t have them on during inside talks, you equally definitely need them when you’re out on exercises ... so they’re a must, I’m afraid. Anybody who wishes to talk to me about borrowing a phone for the fortnight, please see me after this talk.

Now, the weather’s heating up at the moment and you’ll be outdoors a great deal. If you wear proper clothing, especially a hat, sun cream is optional. Also they sell high-factor cream in the shop so you don’t have to take any of your own, unless there’s a special kind you use. Now there’s a special note about things like deodorants which come in aerosol cans - I need to tell you that these are banned in the Centre because apparently they have the habit of setting off the fire alarms. If you want to take an aerosol can, you’ll actually be at risk of being told to leave.

And finally, people having been asking about whether they need to take towels. Well, the Centre does provide one towel per guest, which you’re required to wash yourself. If you’re happy with that then don’t bring another. If not, take one of your own. Just remember how much outdoor exercise you’ll be doing ... and how dirty and wet you’ll be getting ...


Matching 7D

Ok. Let me tell you the different tracks around here. All of them start at the end of Mountain Road - and you can find a parking lot there where you can leave your vehicles. Let’s start with North Point track. It’s a gentle route through lowland forest – good for biking and probably the one for you if you have small children. There’s a wooden hut where you can stay at the end of the track but be aware that it’s really just an overnight shelter, and you’ll need to take your own sleeping bags and cooking equipment. Another option is the Silver River track. As the name suggests, you’d be following the river for most of the way, and you get to see some of our beautiful native birds, but the track also goes through a densely-forested area. Unfortunately, the signposting isn’t very good in places and you do need good map-reading skills to avoid becoming disoriented, which happens to visitors a little too frequently, I’m afraid. Valley Crossing will take you through some stunning scenery but there are several points along the way where you’ll need the level of fitness required to get over some pretty big rocks. Stonebridge is one of the shortest tracks but very steep as it takes you up to the water fall, and you do need to be in good condition to manage it. Lastly, the Henderson Ridge track will take you all the way to the summit of the mountain. Do bear in mind, though, that at this time of year the weather is very changeable and if the cloud suddenly descends, it’s all too easy to wander off the track. It’s best to check with us for a weather report on the morning you think you want to go. On the way to the summit, there’s a hotel which provides comfortable rooms and quality meals, so it’s worth climbing all…

Matching 6D

Some of you may be interested to know the the library is offering specialised training sessions on writing a dissertation. Obviously, this is not relevant to those of you who are undergraduates. It is just for postgraduates. Your department will discuss the planning stage of the dissertation – i.e. what going to do – with you, and we will focus on the structure of it. However, the training will also include some time on the computers. I realise most of you know how to organise files but we can show you the different ways to run data programmes. Your tutors will tell you at the outset how to set out the chapters they require but you will need to ask them how they would like you to organise the bibliography because it varies depending on your subject area. When you’ve got something together the trainer here will look throug the draft version for you to see if it’s OK. And, one final point, for those of you who have registered from abroad, we can offer individual sessions on dissertations if you feel you need them. If you require language lessons then they are available from the International Centre next to the Law Department.

Matching 4D

Good morning and welcome, everybody. I’m Jenny Stewart and I’m the staff manager here at the exhibition centre. We’re expecting this year’s International Travel Exhibition to attract over 10,000 visitors a day, ladies and gentlemen, and you are among the two hundred extra staff recruited to help look after them. Now, to help things run smoothly , we have divided you into four teams – the blue team, the green team, the red team, and the yellow team. So first I’ll explain how the teams are divided up, and then we’ll be giving you colour-coded T-shirts so we can identify you more easily.

First of all, those who will be looking after the phones and handling all calls regarding the exhibition, you will be on the red team. Now, we’ve also put the entrants staff on the red team and you’ll be stamping the entrance tickets and giving out publicity leaflets, OK?

Those of you involved in distributing entrance tickets will be on the yellow team and we’ve also put those of you who’ll be staffing the information booths around the conference centre on the yellow team, so you’ll be getting a yellow T-shirt.

Now, most of the hospitality staff have been put in the blue team, so the shifts among you and the kitchen hands will all need a blue T-shirt, but, because of the sheer numbers, all waiting staff will be on the yellow team, and this includes the bar staff among you.

Those who will be monitoring and directing the traffic in the car parks are on the green team, so you’ll need to get a green T-shirt. This year we’ve also employed a considerable number of attendants to direct the human traffic around the conference centre. Now, you’ll be working in the exhibition hall at all times, giving directions and generally helping people whenever you can, and you will be in the red team, so please collect a red T-shirt.

Matching 1D

MAN: And here on Radio Rivenden we have Lynne Rawley, the Public Relations Officer of our own Rivenden City Theatre. Hello, Lynne.
LYNNE: Hello.
MAN: Now, the theatre is reopening soon after its three-year redevelopment programme, isn’t it?
LYNNE: That’s right, and there are a lot of improvements. The first thing people will see when they go in is that the foyer has been repainted in the original green and gold. Then the box office has been reoriented, with its own access from the side of the building instead of through the foyer, which means it can be open longer hours, and has more space, too.
The shop that used to be in the foyer, which sold books and CDs, is the one part of the redevelopment which isn’t yet complete. The plan is to find new premises for it near the theatre, and we’ve had difficulty finding somewhere suitable. We hope to reopen the shop in the next few months.
MAN: Will audiences find any difference in the auditorium?
LYNNE: Yes, we’ve increased the leg-room between the rows. This means that there are now fewer seats but we’re sure audiences will be much happier. And we’ve installed air conditioning, so it won’t get so hot and stuffy.
We already had a few seats which were suitable for wheelchair users, and now there are twice as many, which we hope will meet great demand. Something else that will benefit audiences is the new lifts. The two we used to have were very small and slow. They’ve now gone, and we’ve got much more efficient ones.
MAN: Anything for the performers?
LYNNE: Yes, we’ve made a number of improvements backstage. The small, dark dressing rooms we used to have have been converted into two large airy rooms, so they’re much more comfortable now. And the state-of-the-art electronic sound and lighting systems have been installed.

List selection L - Practice 8D

Student: I expect it will take me a while to find what I need. There’s such a lot here

Librarian: Yes, there is. But if you need help getting started, this term we are running three study skills workshops.

Student: Oh? What are they on?

Librarian: Er…Let me see.. The first one’s on resources. Yes, here it is. How to use the library’s resources. That includes everything, not just the print and other technical resources.

Student: That sounds useful. Is there anything about how do use the Internet?

Librarian: Er..Let see. The one on the Internet for beginner was last term. This term it’s on finding research material online.

Student: That sounds interesting, too. What’s the last one?

Librarian: It’s the workshop on dissertation.

Student: What do you mean? How to write one?

Librarian: No. It’s more to do with academic writing conventions, you know, writing bibliography, how to refers to sources in your text, that sort of things. Anyway, here’s the leaflet with the information about all three.

Student: Thanks a lot. That would be very useful.

Librarian: You’re welcome



  • dissertation (noun): luận văn
  • academic writing conventions: các quy cách trong trình bày bài viết học thuật


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