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Everyone should adopt a vegetarian diet because eating meat can cause serious health problems

Do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Nộp bài writing task 2

Sample answer 1

It is thought by some people that having meat-free diets will help to prevent serious illnesses. Personally, while vegetarian meals are certainly healthy, I believe that when it comes to good health and disease prevention, it is better to focus on nutritional management to maintain balance.

On the one hand, having meat-free diets certainly brings numerous health benefits. In particular, fruit and vegetables are recognized as nutritionally sufficient because they are rich in all the essential vitamins and minerals needed to promote good health. Furthermore, it is true that restriction in eating meat is also a way to treat or reduce the risk for many certain illnesses related to nutrient excess. For example, avoiding red meat could have fewer chances of having heart disease, diabetes or cancer.

On the other hand, having a well-balanced diet including a variety of foods is far more important than trying to eliminate meat from daily meals. This is because becoming a vegetarian will not necessarily be good. For example, a diet of soda, cheese pizza and candy is technically “vegetarian” but completely unhealthy. Indeed, the key prevention of health problems is to have various foods and manage nutrient intake. If people eat excessive calories even from meat-free or all-meat foods, they will still gain weight. So, whether the source of nutrients is plant-based or meat-based is not as meaningful as controlling the proportions of nutrients and other substances in food which one’s body absorbs.

In conclusion, while having vegetarian meals is good, thinking that to stop eating meat would prevent diseases is somewhat mechanical and short-sighted. I argue that eating foods in a moderate way and controlling nutrient intake is more beneficial to health.

Count: 279 words.

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Sample answer 2

Many people argue that plant-based meals will be more healthful because they can help to reduce risks of serious diseases. In my viewpoint, although I believe in health benefits which people can receive by practising vegetarian diets, other factors, including regular physical exercise and nutritional management, are equally important.

It is true that all-vegetable diets are nutritious and can help to prevent many illnesses. Fruit and vegetables are rich in many essential nutrients, such as fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals, so they are nutritionally sufficient to promote wellness. To illustrate, soy, beans and rice are a perfect replacement for red meats in terms of protein sources. In addition, adopting vegetarianism or veganism can be an effective method for disease prevention. For example, people who do not consume red meat will have fewer chances of having heart disease, obesity, diabetes or cancer.

On the other hand, to engage in regular physical activities and to control nutrient intake are also significant factors contributing to good health. Doing exercise regularly is always the top recommendation of doctors and nutritionists in order to prevent health problems. For example, those who do cycling or running frequently will rarely have the chance to suffer obesity or reduced muscle strength. Besides, managing nutrient intake by maintaining nutritionally balanced diets is also significant. People should eat a variety of foods from each food groups to obtain all the nutrients required by the body, in which the daily food selection should comprise carbohydrate, fruit and vegetables, protein and fat.

In conclusion, while having meat-free diets can bring certain health benefits to the human body, I personally think that regular physical exercise engagement and nutrient intake control are two other vital practices that people should focus if they want to be successful in disease prevention and live healthily.

Count: 301 words

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