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Đề ngày 6/10/2014: Family history - Positive or Negative?

(Reading time: 2 - 4 minutes)

Đề ngày 6/10/2014:sss

In some parts of the world, it is becoming popular to research the history of one's own family.

Why might people want to do this? Is it a positive or negative development?

Write at least 250 words 

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Sample answer 1

In various areas around the world, tracing one's family history has gained considerable popularity. In my viewpoint, this trend can be attributed to people's desire to strengthen their sense of identity and general curiosity, and I think that this is a positive development.

There are several different reasons for the emergence of genealogy. First, those who want to enhance their sense of self and increase their confidence will look at their family background and history since it is a good way to improve personal identity. These people will research their genealogies to know more about themselves and their roots, such as where they come from, or whether previous generations had similar personality traits or talents. Second, there are people who look into their family background and history simply because they want to satisfy their curiosity. A research, for example, on family history can be driven by a secret hope that there are any famous or wealthy ancestors in one's family tree.

Families and individuals can benefit from research into their genealogies. To be more specific, hearing stories of ancestors and learning of the hardships they faced help people develop greater understanding, compassion, and empathy for them. This would build up the connection between present and previous generations of a family and be a good way to teach offspring about history by telling them how earlier generations lived. Also, there is a relationship between family history and personal identity development. Lives and stories of long-dead family members can directly impact how we see ourselves because they give us an idea of where we come from and how we fit into our family. Therefore, doing research into family roots can boost one's self-awareness and confidence. 

In conclusion, it seems to me that the desire to enhance personal identity and the general curiosity are what motivates more people to conduct research on their family history. This trend can bring many beneficial impacts to both families and individuals. 

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Sample answer 2

Exploring one's family background and history is becoming increasingly popular in numerous countries around the world. In my opinion, through research and and knowing more about one's family, people can see common trend passed through generations and useful information which can only be seen as beneficial for people's future.

Firstly, some people look into their family history in order to discover any common trends with family members of previous generations. This can be especially so with people who have particular skills, gifts or interests in uncommon fields. In other words, as some gifts and skills are heredity, it can be interesting for people to learn how many others in their family shared these talents from previous generations.

Another reason for the popularity of finding out about one's family history is often due to general curiosity on one's geographical origins. That is to say, some families moved abroad, away from their own countries, generations ago which resulted in them losing original culture and adopting the culture of the country they moved to. Therefore, through research, people can learn more about their country of origin and understand more about the culture that their family originally came from.

Finally, the trend of researching family history is certainly beneficial and can help people find their place in the world. Some people feel a lack of direction in life or are dislocated from others but by learning more about their past family history, it can help them relate to the world and feel more comfortable about who they are. Take, for example, a person who feels nervous about making a certain choice in life, they may feel comforted by knowing that others in their family made the same choice many generations ago.

In conclusion, it can be advantageous for people to learn more about the family's background and origins. It would be useful for children to learn about their own family history if this was incorporated into the school curriculum.

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