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(Reading time: 2 - 4 minutes)

Danh sách các từ vựng + ideas liên quan đến chủ đề ADVERTISING & MEDIA


Word family của “advertise”

Advertise (verb): to make a product or service become well-known in order to increase sales

Advertising (noun) [U]: ngành quảng cáo/ hoạt động quảng cáo

  • The advertising industry/business/sector
  • TV/online/radio advertising
  • Advertising campaign/strategy
  • Advertising costs/budget/revenue
  • Advertising company/group
  • Consumer advertising (noun): quảng cáo nhắm đến đối tượng người tiêu dùng
    • Many products nowadays are mainly marketed through consumer advertising to create brand loyalty and pre-sell the product.
  • Mass advertising campaign: chiến dịch quảng cáo đại chúng

Advertisement (noun) [C]: bài quảng cáo/ post quảng cáo (infml US: ad/ infml UK: advert)

  • a television/newspaper advertisement for a new car

Paraphrase of Advertisements

advertising/marketing and promotional/commercial activities/practices.

Other words:

  • negative/positive brand reputation: danh tiếng thương hiệu tiêu cực/ tích cực
  • product transparency: tính minh bạch của sản phẩm
  • consumer protection: bảo vệ người tiêu dùng
  • persuasion attempts of advertisers: các nỗ lực thuyết phục mua hàng của nhà quảng cáo
  • commercial impulse: ngẫu hứng mua hàng
  • commercial and informative purposes of advertising: các mục đích thương mại và thông tin của quảng cáo

Positives of Advertising

  • To be one of the most significant parts of modern business
  • To build/create/increase/raise consumer/customer awareness: xây dựng/gia tăng nhận biết của người tiêu dùng/khách hàng về 1 doanh nghiệp và sản phẩm/dịch vụ của nó
  • Advertising on relevant websites is an efficient way of raising customer awareness of your business.
  • To provide more information of products and choices for customers
  • Without advertisements, consumers would have less choices and lack of information about products.

Negatives of Advertising

  • The overuse and the misuse of advertisements
  • The overdramatisation in advertisements
  • Deceptive and untruthful claims / False and misleading advertisements
  • Make consumers purchase undesirable products, or at unreasonable prices
  • The persuasive intent of advertisements can encourage people to buy more items than they really need/ than their real needs.
  • People are persuaded to associate latest trends or certain brands with a higher status

Measures to protect consumers

  • Governments protect consumers
    • To exert more control over advertising contents
    • To stipulate and implement strict consumer protection laws and regulations
    • To limit the time allocated to commercial content
  • Consumers have self-protection
    • To develop an understanding of the product that they are searching for and how this product is valued
    • To search for and read carefully the information of products, as well as reviews after purchase of other buyers
    • To build sufficient personal cognitive defences to protect against advertisers' persuasion attempts
  • Parents protect their children
    • Most children are particularly vulnerable to persuasive intent / techniques of television and online advertising 
    • Should give instructive guidance to their children by discussing and explaining the persuasive intent of advertisements
    • To restrict and supervise the amount or kind of content that their children view
    • To create and build up children's cognitive defences against advertisers' persuasion attempts

Describe the world under the influence of advertising

  • People nowadays are surrounded by advertising/marketing and promotional/commercial activities.
  • It is admitted that people are living in a highly sophisticated marketing environment.
  • The increasingly high frequency of television and online advertisements for these products has clearly shown persuasion attempts of advertisers.


Describe media nowadays

  • Media nowadays mainly focuses on news updates and amusement/ entertainment rather than serves the educational purpose.
  • Media should and can be entertaining and educational.
  • People are surrounded by dramatic news and shocking headlines shown on social media
  • The increasingly-high need of humans in amusement and stress-free activities
  • Journalism these days is oriented towards negative headlines to grab the public's attention.

Media with positive contents

  • good news could convey inspiring life messages and influence viewers to have positive living attitude
  • if most contents of social media lean towards positive stories, readers will be encouraged to stay optimistic, supportive and faithful
  • in terms of education, stories mentioned great achievements of humans will, to a certain extent, motivate others to study and discover the world.
  • having more good news publicised on the social media would admittedly bring more positives to human life

Media with negative contents

  • helps people to stay aware of problems around them and take actions accordingly
  • shocking headlines can easily draw the attention of the public, so using them as a tool to raise public’s awareness regarding social matters or global issues would be the best way
  • articles about concerning problems also play an important role as a call to action on tackling social issues.

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