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Đề ngày 10/11/2018: Government budget allocation for public transport

(Reading time: 2 - 3 minutes)

Đề thi writing ngày 10/11/2018 ở IDP

Some people think that governments should use the money to provide faster means of public transport, while others concern that there are many important priorities than public transport.

Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Write at least 250 words 

Nộp bài writing task 2

Bài mẫu:

Opinions differ on whether or not national spending on public transport system should increase to improve its efficiency. In my viewpoint, although other developments are important, developing public railway systems and civil infrastructure should be the top concern to have more funding.

Advocates of prioritising other fields rather public transport argue that the national authorities should finance other areas regarding economic activities, healthcare and education. First, economic growth is thought to be the top priority that every country should pursue, so it is better to allocate the national budget for trade facilitation. Second, there are many pressing problems relating to public healthcare systems, such as healthcare staff shortage, overcrowding at public hospitals, which require prompt actions and more spending allocation. Finally, improving national education programmes for all levels from kindergartens to colleges plays an important role to enhance the intellectual future of a nation and quality of human capital. All these aforementioned spheres are obviously essential to have attention from the state, but their process of improvement would be deterred without the developed transport systems as a fundamental support.

I think more efficient means of public transportation, together with better civil infrastructure, will facilitate the progress of other areas. More convenient and faster public transport systems would encourage citizens to reduce the use of their private vehicle, thereby cutting driving emissions. This is an economical contributing factor for environmental protection nationwide. Developing public railway lines always goes along with constructing other relevant facilities, more roads, bridges, overpasses and footbridges, thereby leading to a significant reform of ­transport planning. This would smooth the traffic movement nationwide and benefit various developments. For instance, better road transportation networks would facilitate the shipping and logistics industry, ambulances will not get stuck in traffic jams and reach their destinations in time to save human life, and ways to schools of students will be easier, thereby encouraging education

In conclusion, it seems to me that constructing more efficient public transport would lay a groundwork for national developments. Therefore, state budget allocation for spending on roads and public transport should increase before funding other areas.

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