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The rise of e-books

(Reading time: 2 - 3 minutes)

With the rise of e-books comes the decline in paper books. Some people see this as a good step forward while others do not. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this trend?

Write at least 250 words.

Nộp bài writing task 2

Sample answer

It is the fact that e-books have experienced dramatic growth over the past decade causing a follow-up significant decrease in physical books. While this trend would introduce certain benefits, several drawbacks and obstacles may also take place as a consequence.

On the one hand, the emergence of e-books introduce strengths regarding environmental protection and promotion to reading habit. Firstly, the production of e-books requires no paper or ink, and their distribution requires minimal fuel. Therefore, this reading technology is somewhat good for the environment since it minimises the use of materials. Encouragement to reading habit is another positive contribution of digital books. Particularly, the weaknesses of physical books regarding space consumption and difficulty in carrying are now resolved effectively thanks to modern devices. Digital readers are easily able to collect numerous books with no physical space taken up, and they can bring along and read books wherever they go with little concern about heaviness. These advantages would definitely benefit people's reading activity.

On the other hand, the rise of digital reading also leads to several problems. The most obvious minus point of e-books is that digital reading requires electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets or computers, and special software or applications installed to keep reading e-books. This requirement causes another drawback relating to accessibility for readers. It is clear that not everyone is able to use modern devices or software, especially senior people. Additionally, negative effects on health are major concerns of e-reading because to keep staring at the device's screen for a long time will definitely cause eye strain and other eye problems. Furthermore, the most profound problem of e-books is related to publishing sphere, which is copyright violation and piracy. Copying and extensive redistribution of e-books incurs little or no cost and requires only limited technological practices to achieve. As a result, this negatively facilitates the production of pirated books and discourages authors and publishers. 

In conclusion, e-books are becoming increasingly popular leading to the fall of printed books. It is undoubted that this growth of digital books contributes to environmental protection and promotes to reading habit. However, problems regarding copyright and piracy are also shown as a result of this trend.   

Count: 355 words.

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Bài viết có tham khảo từ tài liệu nghiên cứu của OECD.

Nguồn: OECD (2012), “E-books: Developments and Policy Considerations”, OECD Digital Economy Papers, No. 208, OECD Publishing, Paris.



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