IELTS Speaking Part 3 - Thực hành trả lời chuyên sâu các câu hỏi phức tạp

Topic: Collecting - part 3

8 thg 5, 2024

Câu hỏi + Câu trả lời mẫu Topic: Collecting



(Câu hỏi & câu trả lời của Lemaple Academy. Nguồn:

Why do you think some people collect things from the past?
I believe that people collect things from the past either for their usefulness or their aesthetic beauty. Some collectables have great investment value. They preserve their value over the years and can be easily sold in the event cash is needed. The reason can also be personal interest. Some collect old objects just for enjoyment or fun. Many find it an easy way to broaden their social lives, meeting like-minded individuals and exchanging information about their possessions.
Have you noticed any differences between the kind of things people collect now and those collected in the past?
Traditionally people collected stamps, period furniture, rare books other than antique jewellery and art by well-known artists. But the kind of collectables that are currently popular range from classic cars to old photograph records as well as comic books and bottles.
How do you think collecting things benefits people?
I guess by collecting things people continue to learn. As they build their collection, they develop skills in identifying, selecting, evaluating and classifying items. They become more knowledgeable about the field their collection pertains to.
What sort of things do people in your country usually collect?
I have noticed that people in my country collect all sorts of things. While some collect small items such as coins, miniatures, stamps and jewellery, other collect large items like vehicles or buildings. There are many who are interested in collecting valuable things like paintings and antiques or things from a specific period in the past. It is also not rare for some people to collect things that belonged to a person such as a movie star or a famous scientist. The reason for collecting certain things can be their emotional value even though they have little or no monetary value.
How do people in your country usually collect things in your country?
Different things are amassed in different ways. Some buy things at auctions or antique shops. Others join clubs and exchange items. There are even people who go to junk shops looking for collectables.

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