IELTS Speaking Part 3 - Thực hành trả lời chuyên sâu các câu hỏi phức tạp

Topic: Communication - part 3

8 thg 5, 2024

Câu hỏi + Câu trả lời mẫu Topic Communication


Can you describe how people communicate fifty years ago?

Looking back fifty years ago, the older generations, such as our grandparents and parents, had very limited means of communications. The first means of communication was through direct face-to-face conversations which required them to travel long distances to meet up with each other. In addition to that, they also used to write to each other and had the letters transferred through the post office. No one can deny the fact that sending letters using the traditional method until now is very time-consuming and unsafe, let alone in the past.

What are the good points about writing and receiving letters?

Thanks to the advanced development of technology, we now have various options of communication to choose from and they have been proven to save a great deal of time and effort. However, in my opinion, writing a letter is a unique way to express your feelings towards others through your personal handwriting styles. Moreover, it shows that you truly appreciate the person you are writing to. Not to mention the fact that not everyone knows how to use modern technology such as emails and messages.

How do you think methods of communication will change in the future?

I personally think that the methods of communication won’t change much in the future. We now have everything that we need to communicate, varying from phones, laptops to tablets. Perhaps in the upcoming time, people will no longer need to actually meet each other anymore and most 
 Let alone (phr.): not to mention, used especially to emphasize the improbability of a contrasting example (đừng nói chi)

A great deal of (phr.): a large amount of

Transfer (v.): If you are moving something from one place to another, like transferring money from your savings account to your checking account, you are transferring it. Or, if you've been moved from one job site to another — you, my friend, have been transferred. (truyền giao)

Time-consuming (adj.): using or taking up a great deal of time (tốn thời gian)

Appreciate (v.): If you appreciate something, you recognize its value. We can all appreciate how refreshing cold lemonade is on a sweltering summer day. (cảm kích)

Virtually (adv.): using a computer to do or see something instead of going to a place or talking to a person (= online)

Intimate bond (n): a very close relationship that involves a physical or emotional connection between family members, friends or lovers  (gắn kết thân mật)

Diminish (v.): Diminish means to make smaller or lesser. If you cover a light bulb with a dark lampshade, the light from the lamp will diminish. (giảm)

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