IELTS Speaking Part 3 - Thực hành trả lời chuyên sâu các câu hỏi phức tạp


8 thg 5, 2024

Gồm hơn 30 topics với hơn 100 câu hỏi part 3 mà có khả năng cao sẽ gặp nếu bạn thi vào tháng 9-12/2019.



When do children begin to have their own ideas?

I think children begin to form their own ideas and maybe opinions when they start their first year of primary school. During this period, they read some books related to the outside world, they observe what adults do and say. This helps them to construct their viewpoint as well as worldview. 

Why are there more and more differences between children and their parents?

Well, in my opinion, generation gap is the result of the fast-paced development of the society, especially the advancement in technology. The parents grew up before the Internet revolution. However their adolescent is growing up in two worlds—offline and online. Thus a profound generation gap can be created.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of setting rules for children?

In terms of negative aspects, strict parents generally train their children for obedience and punishment, so their kids may have decreased creativity, an increased risk of low self-esteem and stress levels. The benefits of a strict home environment include respect for their elders as well as children who excel in academics.

Is there someone with good ideas that has changed many people’s lives?

Mother Theresa is the one who immediately pops into my mind when I hear the question. She did great things to help the poor and save many lives. She opened many orphanages and hospices and charity branches all over the world, from poorest areas in developing countries to the developed world. She helped orphans, homeless people, or those with serious illnesses.



What is the difference between the role of a teacher and a parent in the education of children? / Who do you think plays a more important role in a child's development, teachers or parents?

Both parents and teachers play equally important role in children's development. Parents are the first educators of their children. They encourage and support learning activities of children at home. Meanwhile, teachers play a role of learning facilitator and the source of knowledge for students at school. Therefore, building effective partnerships between parents, families and schools is very crucial to facilitate children’s learning.

What suggestions would you give to teachers to improve education? / What can teachers do to inspire students?

Well, I think teachers should take up a new role of a facilitator, rather than a lecturer. They should encourage students to solve problems themselves, in stead of giving orders and forcing students to follow exactly their guidance. Also, funny and amusing games are a great way to facilitate children's learning and make them more interested in lessons.

What is the best way to educate children in your opinion?

Understanding is the primary factor to bring good education to children. To be more specific, parents and teachers should encourage open and sincere communication without judges, or discouragement. Also, children should be encouraged to explore topics and subjects that fascinate them, in order to improve their interests in learning.

How can we help children realize their talents?

I think the best way is to put the children in the driver’s seat as much as possible. In other words, it is to allow children to have control of their own learning experience and provide them with options, for example let them choose their writing topics or their extracurricular activities. By doing so, sooner or later the children would figure out what they are best at, or at least have interests in.

Does the government provide enough support to education in your view?

In my opinion, the Vietnam government have tried their best to improve the national education system, but generally they follow the wrong or ineffective ways. The Vietnam education system is good at teaching students to do well on tests only, especially in maths, literature or english. Therefore, even though there have been many modifications regarding the education system in my country recently, none of them really work and are very disappointing.

What qualities must a teacher have?

I personally think that there are three personal qualities that teachers can and should have. First, they should be positive in order to encourage their students to have positive thinking and live positive life. Second, teachers must be knowledgeable in the subject they are teaching because they are the source of knowledge for their students. Last but not least, they should be a good listener, so that they can understand and build up a good relationship with their students. 

Is it important to build close relationships between students and teachers?

Yes, definitely. The importance of creating close student-teacher relationships is undisputed because it would bring many benefits to students’ learning. When teachers work to develop positive feelings in a classroom, students are more likely to achieve academic success and have higher self-confidence as they know they are loved and appreciated.

How did you feel about your teachers back then? 

Well, they were all good teachers who tried their best to transmit knowledge effectively to students and whole-heartedly worked for young generations’s education. I really appreciate to have them as my teachers no matter what subjects they teach.



What is the difference between teenagers and children?

Well, I believe the main difference is the level of maturity and cognition. Children lack the capacity to be completely civilized and have little control to their actions. As a result, they are immensely unpredictable. On the other hand, adolescents are more aware of their attitude, actions and the consequences that may arise if they behave inappropriately. Therefore, they are more self-control as compared with kids, though they are still reckless, irrational and immature.

Who do you prefer, teenagers or children?

I like both, but I have my inclination towards teenagers. The reason is that I can share my feelings and be friends with them. It is extremely different from being with kids when I somewhat have to act like a baby-sitter. 

What is the attitude of teenagers towards old people in your country?

It is difficult to generalise and put all teens in one group. Having said that, some adolescents in Vietnam I know think that the elderly are too nagging, old-fashioned, fall behind the fast-pace development of today's society and get stuck in their ways of thinking. Sadly, those teens dislike and avoid senior people. On the other hand, some other teens always respect old people and take their advice for every matter.

Do you think teenagers today are better than those 30 years ago?

It seems to me that they are better, yet also worse at some point. Today’s teens are more well-informed and active than ever before on account of the fact that they were in in the Information Age and have embraced information technology since they were at a very young age. However, the modern technology also makes them lazier physically and mentally. To be more specific, nowadays teens tend to indulge themselves in social networking sites and have sedentary lifestyle due to internet or TV addiction.



Do you think smart people tend to be selfish?

No, I don't think so. I think there is no link between smartness and selfishness. Smartness is a personal quality showing someone applying their knowledge to achieve a goal, while selfishness is a behaviour where one will put their own interests above the interest of others. One possible reason why smart people may appear more selfish to bystanders is because they do not go around giving everyone free services unless they have clear purposes or benefits of doing so.
Yes, I do think smart people tend to be more selfish. In other words, they consider carefully what they will gain in return before helping someone, and generally they put their own interests above the interest of others. 

Why are some children/ people more intelligent than others?

There are two reasons related to nature and nurture for this. In terms of nature, some children or people inherit talents from their parents, so naturally they are more talented in certain areas, especially arts, dancing or singing. Regarding nurture, there are people or children who are much more hardworking than others. These people might not be born with talents but they have great efforts, so outsiders call them "intelligent".

Do you enjoy meeting intelligent people?

Yes, I do. But more precisely, I love being around socially intelligent people, rather than someone showing off their knowledge. Meeting people with social intelligence would make small talks more enjoyable and we may have further discussions in certain topics. 

Does the society focus more on intelligence that it used to be?

Yes, it does. Clearly, nowadays parents, teachers and even employers pay a lot of attention to the IQ score. Parents and teachers let kids do IQ tests in early age so that they can have appropriate education programs. Also, some companies include the IQ test in their recruiting process, since they want to hire intelligent people. 



How can people become famous?

I think in the era of technology, being famous has never been easier. People who have extraordinary skills or abilities /talents in any field would be able to become famous with the assistance of the media.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a celebrity?

The plus points of being well-known are making a lot of money and having luxury lifestyle. Clearly, celebrities can earn a fortune through releasing new music videos, organizing music concerts, etc. However, the minus points of being famous are mostly related to privacy. Fans, stalkers, and paparazzis will follow them all the time and even intrude their privacy to get the most private information of their personal life.

What influences can famous people have on the society?

Nowadays, celebrities have tremendous influence on our world’s society. People in today’s society look up to famous people and their success so much, so normally the fans would follow anything that celebrity said or did. Naturally, the influences of celebrities can be either positive or negative. 

Why can some celebrities stay famous for a long time while some cannot?

I assume that celebrities whose success lasts for a long time usually have serious talent. A pretty face doesn't survive a decade because of ageing but the inner strengths and talent will last a very long time. 

Should celebrities be a role model for children to look up to?

Yes, of course. Whether we like it or not, whether it is for better or worse, celebrities in the world are absolutely role models. They influence children, teens, and even adults in countless ways. Therefore, it's important for these individuals to set a good example for children and teens to avoid creating problems.

Since celebrities have certain influence on young people, should we let them act in TV advertisements?

Yes, of course, that's what we should and must do if we are sellers who are trying to increase our sales. Celebrities and even KOLs are influencers and their appearance in advertisements would have significant effects on consumer preference and behaviour. 



Do people in your country like to give other people compliment?

Most countries in Asia don’t have the culture of giving or accepting compliments, and Vietnam is no different. I think this is because Vietnamese people are normally too shy or don’t know how to give a compliment to another person. For the Vietnamese, giving compliments would create awkwardness so they avoid doing so.

Do you think children need encouragement?

Yes, of course. Words of encouragement, when used right, can have powerful positive effects on kids. By being encouraged by parents, children know that they are always loved and supported by family. This can improve kids’ self-esteem and resilience, thereby making them mentally healthier.

Is punishment necessary for the children?

Yes, it's crucial to discipline children and set foundations for good behavior. They need to understand the consequences of wrong actions and therefore be well-mannered. Without punishment, children will behave with no proper manners and will not care about others or not think about the negative results caused by their wrongdoing. These children would grow up being ill-mannered and reckless.

Do adults need feedback on their work?

Everyone needs feedback on their work, especially mature people. Effective feedback, both positive and negative, is very helpful. It is is valuable information that people can used to make important decisions and improve performance. Also, listening to feedback can somehow motivate people to continue their work.

Which one do you think is more important? Encouragement or punishment?

In my viewpoint, encouragement do outweigh punishment in terms of raising kids. Children who are encouraged appropriately will have higher self-esteem, confidence and determination. Having said that, punishment also plays an important role, as it keeps a child to behave well and think carefully before doing something to avoid negative consequences.



Why is it important for teenagers to set goals?

Well, I think that when young adults learn goal-setting, they discover the value of hard work and patience towards achieving their goals. Also, because goals are meant to be personal and meaningful, goal-setting would bring about internal motivation which fuels people’s energy and strength.

What will encourage children to learn more?

I strongly believe that the more children understand about themselves, the more motivation they have in learning something new. If children define their own interests and discover what they want most in their life, they tend to be more active in learning and more persistent to achieve their goals.

Do parents and teachers punish children physically nowadays?

In many Eastern countries like Vietnam or China, physical punishment is still common in homes and schools, including spanking, hitting, and even paddling even though nowadays it has become less acceptable as compared with in the past.

Who do you think has the greater influence on the goal-setting of children, teachers of parents?

Personally, I think teachers are a more influential factor on children’s goal-setting. For the most part, goal-setting is related to study performance so children tend to listen to their teachers more. Also, teachers are people who company students throughout their learning process more than parents so they might have greater influence.



Why do some people hate advertisements?

I assume that some people dislike advertisements because nowadays there are a lot of overusing or misusing adverts which can lead consumers to buy undesirable products, or even at unreasonable prices. Also, TV advertising is criticised a lot because it interrupts their movies or TV shows.

Do people usually buy stuff after watching advertisements?

Yes, to some extent people do make a decision to buy items because of the advertisements they have watched before, even though I think only a very small minority of people make the purchase immediately after watching adverts. Adverts tend to have long-term effects by making consumers remember the product’s name later on when they see it in the store.

Is music useful in advertising?

Yes, of course. Music does favour the effects of adverts having on viewers. Songs or melodies which sound catchy in advertising can help to capture the viewers’ attention or emotions, thereby somehow making people remember the brand names.

What are the advantages of TV advertisements? 

The most obvious plus point of TV advertising is related to mass coverage. It has the potential to spread sellers’ messages to many audiences at the same time because nowadays every household is believed to have at least one television set.

How about the benefits of internet advertisements?

Online advertising has rapidly become a popular tool of marketing because it is more economic as compared with TV advertising. Online advertising doesn’t require such a heavy expenditure like TV advertising. Moreover, it can also cover a larger mass of audience than any other form of advertising.



Do you think learning history is important to children in your country?

Yes, as for me, learning from the past plays a significant role to children’s education. By understanding stories of their ancestor and where they came from, children can improve their sense of identity and patriotism. This is very important to create good citizens.

Why do most people are not interested in learning history?

As a matter of fact, it is thought by many people that history is just trivia to learn. Because of the way schools teaching history, this subject has turned into something boring and dull. Also, the fast-paced modern world has made people lean towards economic or political area. Many people think it is better to learn about the current trade war between the US and China, rather than to learn about what happened in the past.



Who should take responsibility of preserving old historical buildings?

People generally think that it is the responsibility of governments in protecting old historical structures. However, I believe that there should be a partnership between the public and private sector in this area. While the national authorities are responsible for most preservation, each individual should join hand to protect historical sites as well.

Do you think old historical buildings should be under control of governments?

Yes. Governmental agencies should take main responsibility in managing and preserving old historical structures and monuments. The money spending on historical preservation comes from government’s funding so they should play a pivotal role.

Is it necessary to preserve historical buildings?

Yes, it is. There are some practical reasons to save old buildings. First, historical structures are reminders of the cultural history and aesthetic of an area. In addition, old buildings always attract visitors more than modern ones, so preserving historical structures is beneficial for tourism development of a local area.  

How are buildings changed in the next few years?

Well, I think in the near future, construction development would definitely lean towards environmental protection and sustainability. There will be more buildings with solar panels and wind turbines to reduce the use of electricity. Also, I believe that the outward appearance of structures would be more attractive with green spaces, as architects would focus more on the aesthetic aspect of buildings.  



Why some people don’t like listening to advice from others?

Well, there are many reasons for this as it depends on each individual, but I think the primary cause is that people find the advice unnecessary for them. People perceive their reality differently from the way others see it. So, if people think that they are doing everything fine, they tend not to take advice.

Should parents give advice to their children in choosing friends?

Yes. Parents cannot choose friends for their kids but they can and should teach children to choose friend wisely. Kids should be shown what makes a good friend and be a good friend to themselves.

When do people need advice from professionals?

Well, people normally seek advice from experts when they are dealing with something complicated and confusing, for example tax management or health issues. In addition, if people find skeptical or unconfident about their understanding, they also will need advice from professionals.

If people don’t ask, should we give them advice?

No, I believe we shouldn’t do that. Often giving people advice who haven’t asked for it just doesn’t work – no matter how good your intentions. Your advice will be more effective when people have seen their mistake, and then come to you. Indeed, the impact of your advice isn’t just based on the insight, it’s also based on the timing.

(Answer from Phil Cooke:

What skills do doctors need to effectively advise their patients?

Well, I think that communication skills are very essential for doctors, so that they can improve patient’s compliance and overall satisfaction. Also, good communication skill in a doctor is really needed while managing difficult encounters and breaking bad news.



Today, do you think people use technology to solve criminal cases?

Yes. Nowadays, it is clear that people don’t rely exclusively on traditional actions by the police to solve criminal problems. New technological innovations have been developed and adopted to prevent crime and to improve the performance of the police.

CCTV cameras in Australia scan to recognize faces. Do you think it is good or bad?

Well, I think adopting facial recognition technology introduces both pros and cons. On the one hand, this security weapon can act as a deterrent to prevent crime and help to combat identity fraud and track criminals. On the other hand, this technology has raised a concern about people’s privacy rights. Also, the data and images of people will also be stored for a certain period of time, opening up the possibility of hacking or defrauding.

Why do people provide different evidence even though they witnessed the same criminal event?

Well, I think different testimonies on the same crime are caused by the difference in memory of eyewitnesses. Under stressful and dramatic events, like crimes, an individual’s memory is more likely to be inaccurate and distorted. Also, some witnesses may not tell the truth because they may actually engage in the crime or simply not want to become involved with the criminal justice system.



Should people do more research?

Yes, obviously conducting scientific research is what people should do in order to achieve significant progress and expand the boundaries of human’s understanding. Also, by doing research, people can come up with the radical solutions to global issues in various areas, such as medicine for serious illnesses, environmental protection.

Which areas (sector or subject) need to have research? 

Research is not limited to any one sector and has been done for almost every sector, namely technology, healthcare, psychology, sociology. Therefore, research plays a very important role in our day to day life. It is the best and most reliable way to learn more about the world and come up with radical solutions to various issues which humans are facing.



Why do some people like to help others?

I reckon that it is the caring personalities that make some people tend to give others a hand. In other words, these people have strong feelings of the impulse to ease the suffering of other living beings. They cannot watch other people or even animals undergoing difficulties without doing nothing. These people were born with a genuine heart and a beautiful soul.

In what way can children help other people?

There are many things that children can do to help others, including selling cookies to raise money for those in need, spending time with senior people in nursing homes to make them happy, donating school supplies to poor kids who cannot afford to buy their own supplies, helping to collect trash in their neighbourhood, and so much more.

How can parents teach children to help with the housework when they are too young?

There are several ways for parents to get their kids to help with the housework but the best way that I can think of is parents do the housework together with their kids. Young children love joining in and copying what the adults do. They are natural imitators so parents must become role models in doing housework.While kids' efforts may make only a small contribution or none at this stage, letting children do the chores makes them understand that helping is necessary and fun.

Do you think people are less willing to help others these days, compared to the past? / Do people today trust others as much as they used to in the past?

It's hard to generalize something like this, but I would say that people in the modern society seem to be more skeptical and reluctant in lending a hand to others as compared with in the past. This is on account of the fact that nowadays there are many people who pretend to have disadvantaged life, carry malicious intents and make use of the help and support of others. Therefore, givers really concern that their help does not go towards those truly in need. 

Besides teachers, what jobs involving helping others?

The doctor or the nurse is the occupation that pops into my mind when I hear the question. Clearly, this job involves in taking care of other people's physical and mental health. In addition, a social worker also helps people cope with challenges in every stage of their lives. They help with a wide range of situations, such as adopting a child or being diagnosed with a terminal illness. 

Các câu hỏi & trả lời dưới đây được tham khảo website của thầy Simon (Nguồn)

What are some of the ways people can help others in the community? Which is the most important?

I think there are many ways to help others in our local communities. For example, where I live, some people volunteer to run activity clubs for children, or they help out in residential homes for elderly people. Others give money, food or clothes to organisations that support people living below the poverty line. In my opinion, there isn’t a scale of importance when it comes to helping others; all forms of help are positive.

Why do you think some people like to help other people?

Most people get a good feeling when they help others, and they understand that we can all experience difficult times in our lives when we might need support. For example, we all grow old, and we all run the risk of losing our jobs or having a health problem that affects our ability to look after ourselves. So, I think people help others because they empathise with them.

Some people say that people help others in the community more now than they did in the past. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

I disagree with that kind of opinion. It’s impossible to generalise about how much people help in their communities from one generation to the next, so I don’t think we should try to judge or compare how altruistic people are now or were in the past. There have always been those who help others and those who don’t.



Why do people like to watch TV shows?

Because TV shows are entertaining and amusing, so people find them enjoyable, especially when they are in need of relaxation. Some TV programmes are educational and informative so people may find it useful to watch these shows.

What kinds of TV shows do people like to watch?

Normally comedies attract numerous viewers because they are amusing and entertaining to watch. Soap operas are the favourite of women, especially housewives, while reality TV or thrillers are the preferred option of males.   

Why do some people like to watching TV shows online?

Watching TV programmes online is more preferable to some people because of the convenience in showtime and playback. The shows are always available online and people can watch or re-watch them whenever they want.



What kind of people usually get up early? And why?

I would say old people tend to get up early more than young people. At around 6:00 AM, public parks are generally full of the elderly doing exercise, whereas youngsters are still staying in bed at that time. I think this living habit is resulted from the difference in lifestyle. Young people are busy with their work so they tend to go to bed late, while the seniors live a slower life and go to bed pretty early.

Is it easier for old people to get up early than young people?

Yes, it is. Old people have a slower life and don't have many works to handle like young people. Therefore, they can go to bed early at night, and wake up early in the next morning. On the other hand, many young people have tight working schedule and even have to work overtime. Consequently they will go to bed late, then cannot wake up early the next day. 

What are the benefits of getting up early?

Getting up early would bring people more time in the morning to get ready for a new day. If people wake up early, they will have spare time for doing exercise or enjoying breakfast. In contrast, if they stay in bed until the last minute, they will rush to do personal hygiene, grab something to eat and drive to work in panic.

What effect does sleeping late have on a person’s life patterns?

Late-night sleepers are normally sleepy in the morning but wide awake at night. This will result in dramatic effects on their life. For instance, they are unable to stay focus in the morning, tend to have more stimulants like coffee, tea, soft drinks or energy drinks and don't have enough sleep time.



Who likes to travel more, older people or younger people?

I would say that young generations are more interested in travelling than older generations. This is because young people are more in need of travel because they are young and have strong desire of exploring the world. They visit different places not only for pleasure but also to gain work, or educational and cultural experiences.

How has travelling changed as compared with a few decades ago?

Several decades ago, travelling, especially travelling abroad is not popular because of the high prices of air tickets and other costly spendings. However, at the present time, due to the development of airway transportation and the emergence of low-cost airlines, more and more people travel around the world, and the number of air travellers is dramatically rising.  

Do you think travel can change people's ways of thinking?

Yes, to some extent, travelling can be an eye opener as it takes people to new places, making them meet new people and having new experiences. By travelling abroad, people will learn about other cultures and peoples, so they will be aware of false stereotypes or casual racism. If people have a journey to mountains or go camping, they will have better connection with mother nature. 



Are there fewer people using private cars because of improved public transport?

Yes, but it is the case in certain countries only, especially the developed world. In developing nations, people still prefer travelling by private vehicles like cars or motorcycles rather than public transport.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of private transport?

The biggest advantage of private transport is that it allows you to travel at your own convenience. You are not held to the constraints of scheduling, or the necessity to interrupt your journey with extra 'stops'. However, using private transport is far more costly than its public counterpart. You not only have to fill your tank with gas, but you also have to pay the tax, insurance and maintenance of your vehicle, not to mention the purchase price itself.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of public transport?

The main advantage of public transport is that it benefits the environment. The more people travel by public transport, the less carbon dioxide emissions. You also do not have to worry about finding a place to park, or filling up with gas, as you would if you were in your own vehicle. On the other hand, you will have to spend time waiting for your train, tram or bus. Also, you cannot have personal space on crowded public transport and have to share your travelling experience with other people.

Do you think public transport in your country is more for the elderly or the youth?

The public transport in Vietnam is designed more for the elderly as they will have a discounted public transport by their senior cards. Also, bus stops of public buses are mostly situated at facilities which are for the seniors, like hospitals, nursing homes or parks. 

Do you often use public transport?

No, I don't. I prefer travelling by my motorcycle rather than catching a bus. I live a super busy life so I don't like wasting my time waiting for the public transport. Besides, my personal schedule requires me to travel to different places in HCMC so private vehicle would be more flexible.

What kinds of public transport that your country has?

At present, there are only buses and coaches as the public transport in my country. The Vietnam government is building a metro system in HCMC but it will not be available until 2022.  



What kinds of professions are related to giving information to others?

It is definitely the doctor whose job is related to giving advice or updates to patients about their health conditions. In addition, the primary responsibility of teachers is imparting knowledge to their students, so their job is also in connection with giving information to others.  

What’s the difference between giving information by phone and by email?

Well, I think the most obvious difference in transmitting information between the two means of communication is related to shortness and clarity. Phone calls usually provide more clarity, as the matter gets cleared up thanks to a two-minute phone call, instead of 20 emails. 

How can people check whether a piece of information is correct or incorrect?

In order to verify whether or not a piece of information is correct, people can use Google Search to double check the information. However, they have to check multiple sources rather than believe in one or two websites. Also, they should be aware of the reputation of the sources. It is better to search information on reputable confirmed websites. 

Should people trust the information online?

No, people should be skeptical to any information they have read online because the freedom of the Internet allows anyone to say anything. You cannot believe everything that is posted anonymously at all, so double check everything to get to the truth.



Do you eat with family members every day or not?

I only have meals with my family at weekends since my work schedule during weekdays is really tight. I normally get out of my house early in the morning and get back home pretty late from Monday to Friday. At weekends, I work only in the evening so I can have lunch with my family members.

Why some people think that eating at home is better than eating out?

I think those who advocate eating in concern about food safety and cost. You can never ensure whether the restaurant's staff maintain qualified food hygiene. First-class restaurants would ensure food safety but having meals there is very costly. Therefore, some people prefer to have home-cooked meals.

What type of food is normally served in a wedding in your country?

It is beer-steamed shrimp that is the popular dish appearing in most wedding menus in Vietnam. I don't really know why this food is widely-served in wedding, but I assume that it is relatively similar to lobster, which is a very luxurious type of seafood, but at a much cheaper price. 

Is food at the wedding must be special or not?

Yes, food at a wedding must be special because this is an occasion in which many people gather up, from family members, friends to colleagues and neighbours. Therefore, the food must be special and even luxurious, so that the host would not become less respected by others.  

Why do children nowadays spent less time eating with their family?

I think that is because of the high competitiveness in study that makes children these days have less time with their family. I'll take my cousin who is a high school student as an example. She has to immerse herself in study every day in order to win a slot in a reputable university. Therefore, she has no spare time with family members. 



What do people usually do online in their free time?

I think the majority of people spend their free time on the internet surfing social networking sites or applications, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr. Also, they browse news websites, such as Tuoi Tre online, News Zing, Kenh14 to keep themselves updated on things happening around. Some people prefer spending time on reading e-books.

What impacts does the internet have on education?

Well, it is clear that the internet provides tools to facilitate education. In other words, it helps education and information become more accessible and approachable. As for students, the internet makes long-distance learning happen since students nowadays can enroll in online academic courses provided many reputable universities around the world. Besides, learners can benefit from many useful resources of materials like Wikipedia, Khan academy, Coursera. Turning to teachers, there is a huge number of websites where teachers share teaching methods, classroom activities and lesson plans and this is very helpful in teaching.

Do you think many people waste their time online?

Yes, it is true that many people, especially young generations, are wasting their time on social media platforms. Many people do not make good use of their online presence. To be more specific, what they do is simply browsing and conducting social activities, rather than undertaking beneficial deals on social media or reading useful information.

What can people do with the Internet in the future? And how?

In the future, I believe that the extension of Internet connectivity into physical devices and everyday objects will take place dramatically. The current internet of things has already connected our house appliances such as fridges, alarm clocks, and coffee machines and so on. Soon, that connection will extend to our cars, healthcare devices, and even our clothes or mirrors. 



Is learning a foreign language important?

Yes, of course. Being bilingual or multilingual is crucial because it will always benefit you in one way or another. One of the most important reasons to learn a foreign language is the stimulation it offers your mind by broadening your mindset and opening to new ways of approaching various areas of life. Foreign languages are also important to those working in business, communications and nearly every other career track because it can extend your business or job opportunities.

What benefits can a foreign language bring to one’s career?

Well, speaking two or more languages can improve people's employment prospects. The world is changing fast and more companies than ever are doing business in many countries around the world. Therefore, being able to speaking more than one language becomes a noticeable competitive advantage of candidates to attract employers.

Do you think English will be the mainstream language of the world in the future?

It is true that English has become the most widely-spoken language around the world and its emergence will continue in the future. However, I don't believe that English will predominate over all other languages and result in their eventual disappearance. There are many other mega languages with a huge number of users like Chinese, French, Spanish, Arabic and German. 

When learning a foreign language, which skill is easier, speaking or writing?

In terms of language learning, there is no doubt that writing is the most difficult skill for learners to master, even for those studying their native language. You can make mistakes in pronunciation or grammar in speaking, but it’s acceptable as long as it doesn’t impede communication. However, there is a completely different story in writing. People have to ensure accuracy when practicing writing, and pay attention to grammar rules, word choice, coherence and so on. 



What is the most popular outdoor activity in your country?

It’s kinda hard to say but people that I know tend to go jogging in the morning or take a walk after dinner, but maybe for others, they probably like to take some indoor activities like swimming and yoga. Also, the elderly tend to love gardening and I think that's their favourite outdoor activities.

What are the benefits of outdoor activities?

Obviously, outdoor activities would bring many health benefits to the human body. To be more specific, it improves your breathing, makes your lungs healthier, boosts your overall fitness and creates stronger muscle. The best part of outdoor activities is connecting our human with nature in a positive way. 

What are the drawbacks of outdoor activities?

The biggest disadvantage of outdoor activities is being affected by the weather. As anyone who has canceled a hike, rock-climbing excursion, or camping trip in the face of a rainy forecast knows all too well, weather has a substantial impact on our ability to get outside and play. Also, there will be a higher risk of potential dangers if you conduct outdoor activities. For example, you can get lost, get injured or come in contact with wild animals and insects while hiking in a forest.

Would you say people nowadays spend more time outdoors than they did in the past?

No, I wouldn't say that since I believe people these days spend more time indoors rather than outdoors. Today, humans mostly live within cities and are surrounded by urban facilities. Consequently, the more convenient and high-tech human life becomes, the more they tend to stay indoors and withdraw from nature.

Do old and young people like doing the same kinds of outdoor activities?

No. Different generations would love different kinds of outdoor activities. As for senior citizens, they tend to do physical exercise, like tai-chi or jogging, in public parks or do some gardening early in the morning. Regarding youngsters, they are more likely to participate in more active or adventurous activities like hiking, trekking, or climbing.



Do you think students like to wear uniforms?

Well, it's hard to say but I tend to think that students have no interests in wearing school uniforms. It's more preferable for students to be allowed to choose what they want to wear because they are able to express themselves through their own choice of clothes and fashion style, rather than being stuck having the same kind of boring clothes.
Well, in my view, the answer is "yes". Students whom I know are fond of wearing school uniforms because they would have no worries about thinking of what to wear every morning. Also, uniforms help to save money on clothing. Furthermore, they find that wearing uniforms would somewhat stop bullying based on appearance by making everyone look the same. 

On what occasions do people wear formal clothes?

It seems to me that people tend to or have to wear formal attire on special occasions related to employment and business, such as job interviews, conferences, formal meetings, or important life events, like  wedding ceremonies, or religious ceremonies.

Do you think clothes are important in making impression?

Yes, absolutely. Our clothes have a significantly huge impact on the impression that others have on us. The reason is that people are more likely to make snap judgments about us based on the appearance, especially the clothes we are wearing. That's why it is a must to pay attention to our outfits if we want to create good impressions.

Why do almost brands use beautiful people as models?

Clearly, it is because of the power of beauty. To be more specific, when it comes to "beauty", seeing a pretty or gorgeous person activates thoughts of "goodness". As a result, buyers who see a beautiful person then go on to rate every product they come across more positively. All it takes to boost product evaluations is the sight of a pretty girl – even if an item has nothing to do with beauty, like a couch, a TV, a camera or a car. 

Do you think beautiful people have any disadvantages?

Yes, there are some surprising downsides of being beautiful and one drawback that I can think of is that others commonly believe good-looking people are less intelligent than their average-looking peers. In other words, the more attractive you are, the more stupid you are. This makes it pretty difficult for beautiful people to be taken seriously sometimes. 



Do you think beauty is important in our society?

Yes, to some extent, I'm in agreement with the opinion that beauty is an outstanding factor in our current society. The reason is that beauty is commonly believed as a sign of goodness or something positive. That's why beauty is immensely crucial in advertising industry, in which companies mostly use beautiful models for advertisements. Also, talking about social life, beautiful people are often treated more nicely by others, as compared with average-looking people. This is because they create more positive impression thanks to their appearance.

Is it good that people give so much importance to beauty?

Which one do you think is more important, inner beauty or outer beauty?
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From my perspective, even though I agree that the beauty of physical appearance is important, it seems to me that the beauty of our inner soul does outweigh the outer beauty. First, a beautiful soul is long lasting throughout one person's lifetime, unlike the physical appearance which needs costly cosmetics or surgeries to maintain its beauty. Second, the inner beauty gives you contentment. No matter how beautiful you may look from outside, you will not find peace and happiness if you are not beautiful and peaceful from inside. Peace and serenity come from deep within.
Are clothes important to a person’s success?
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Yes, clothes is one of influential factors for our success. Let me make this clearer. Clothing impacts our thinking as well as how other people think about us. To specify, dressing smart can effectively boost our confidence and sense of self-empowerment. Also, others tend to perceive dressing smart as a sign of good personalities, thereby making it easier to develop new relationships. So, in order to become successful, it is a must to dress smartly.

In your country, how have notions of beauty changed over the years?

As a matter of fact, the concept of beauty in Vietnam has changed over time and I would talk about the notion of outer beauty as a typical example for this. A few decades ago, females who have curvy body shape or full figure with large hips and waist are regarded as beautiful. However, at the present time, girls who are willowy, which means tall, thin and graceful, with small faces and long legs are considered as attractive.

Why do almost brands use beautiful people as models?

Clearly, it is because of the power of beauty. To be more specific, when it comes to "beauty", seeing a pretty or gorgeous person activates thoughts of "goodness". As a result, buyers who see a beautiful person then go on to rate every product they come across more positively. All it takes to boost product evaluations is the sight of a pretty girl – even if an item has nothing to do with beauty, like a couch, a TV, a camera or a car. 

Do you think beautiful people have any disadvantages?

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