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BỘ ĐỀ DỰ ĐOÁN IELTS Speaking Part 2 - Tháng 9-12/2019 (mô tả người)

8 thg 5, 2024

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Describe a person who helps others in his/her spare time.

You should say:

- Who he or she is 

- What he or she always does to help others

- Why he or she always helps others 

And explain how you feel about this person.

Describe a person who is good at his/ her job.

You should say: 

- Who he or she is 

- What his her job is

- How he/ she likes the jobs

Explain why


Describe a family member that you really admire/make you proud of.

You should say:

- Who he or she is 

- What his/her achievement is 

- The personalities of that person 

Explain why you admire/proud of that person


Describe a person who you want to be similar when you grow up

You should say:

- Who he or she is 

- What his/her achievement is 

- The personalities of that person 

Explain why you want to be similar with that person when you are older


I’m going to tell you about my mom as a person who makes me proud the most/ as a person who usually spends time helping other people/ as a person who is excellent at her job/ as my role model that I want to be similar.

My mom is the chairlady of the women and children’s union in the hometown where my family lives. Due to her position and responsibilities, she has engaged in a lot of activities and events to help other people with disadvantages, including raising funds for charity, giving books, school supplies and bicycles to poor children to encourage them to go to school, as well as providing job training for uneducated middle-aged people so that they can earn more money.

(nếu là đề "a person helps others in his/her spare time") 

Talking about the reason why I think my mom is a person who always thinks about others, whenever my mom has free time, she doesn’t stay at home for relaxation or recreation like many people usually do. Instead, she joins many charity trips to rural areas to help the poor. Also, she always collects old clothes and reusable items to donate to people who are in need.

She is loved and respected by family members, neighbours and many other people for her selfless devotion to help the poor. And that’s why I’m full of admiration for my mother and very proud of her.

(nếu là các đề còn lại)

Talking about the reason why I think my mom is really good at her job as a leader/ is the person I take up as my role model /is the person I am proud of, first, it is because she a typical example of a great leader with a warm heart and a cold mind. In other words, she helps people with all of her heart, but also keeps her mind calm because of her position. Second, she has significant influence and inspiration on others. That’s why she can call for support and donation effectively and raise a lot of money for charity. Finally, she can truly connect with people by showing kindness, attention and encouragement to them. This explains why a lot of people trust and respect her. 

That's all I want to talk about my mother as the....

Describe a famous female leader you admire and would like to meet.

You should say:

- Who she is and how you know about her

- What she does

- What she is like

And explain why you would like to meet her

I’m going to talk about Ms Michelle Obama as the female leader that I have great admiration for.

Ms Michelle Obama is the first lady of the U.S during the presidency of her husband – Mr Barack Obama – from 2009 to 2017.

I first noticed about her by accidentally watching a footage on Youtube in which she was delivering a keynote to campaign for her husband’s presidential bid in 2008.

Talking about the reason why I admire her, it is definitely because she is a woman with great admirable leadership qualities. As the first lady, Ms Obama served as a role model for women and worked as an advocate for poverty awareness, children education, and physical activity and healthy eating. She has brought about many positive changes in the US or in other parts of the world. For example, she led a public health campaign in the US to encourage healthy lifestyle in children and reduce childhood obesity. Also, she is a powerful speaker with an incredible way of captivating her audience, and for the most part, she speaks for the sake of them, such as inspiring young people to take responsibility of their futures and pursue education. Because of her great contributions and achievements, Michelle Obama is not just well-known, she is well-liked in all over the world.

If I had a chance to meet Ms Obama, I would like to ask her how she can maintain her work-life balance and how she can be positive while being in a pressing position as the First Lady.  

That’s all I want to talk about the female leader that I’m very interested in.

Describe an intelligent person

- Who is he/she?

- How you know this person?

- What are the distinct characteristics of that person?

And explain how you feel about this person

Describe a person who usually has interesting ideas

- Who is he/she?

- How you know this person?

- What interesting ideas this person have had?

And explain how you feel about this person

Describe someone you would like to study or work with

You should say:

– who this person is

– how long you have known this person

– what you have done together
And explain why you you would like to study or work with this person

It is a friend of mine whose name is Hai that I would like to talk about as the person who is very smart and always comes up with new ideas, so that I really like working with him. 

Hai is very special. He is a student at HCMC Conservatory of Music majoring in music composition, yet he is also a part-time mobile game developer. I remember how I was astonished when I knew about this. He is both left-brained and right-brained, which means that his style of thinking is analytical and methodical, yet intuitive and artistic. I think because the two brain hemispheres of this guy function equally, he can come up with fresh and reasonable ideas and also very humorous and interesting.

I have known him since I joined a Youth Club for university students. We worked together in the Communication Group of that Club. In order to raise fund for the Group, we did create a game called “An Amazing Race – Saigon version”. I remember in an internal meeting of our Group to finalize the games and missions in each landmark of the race, the atmosphere of the meeting was so intense because the opinions the Group leader were so different from mine – as a vice leader. At that time, the meeting was on the verge of a terrible argument.

At that moment, Hai played an excellent role of a neutral third party coming up with a whole new plan which was a combination of the leader’s ideas, my ideas and of course his ideas as well. It was truly a balanced solution merging all the plus points of everyone’s ideas, making all relevant parties feel that their contributions were recognized. In addition, he presented everyone with his plan in a very logical yet humourous way so everything was very understandable and persuasive. Eventually we went with his proposal and the Race took place successfully. Not many people can become a smart moderator like him. Therefore, it is very obvious that he is my favourite teammate.  

Describe a person who is very good at a foreign language

You should say:
➔ Who this person is
➔ What kind of foreign language he/she speaks
➔ Why he/she learns this foreign language

And explain why you think he/she speaks this foreign language well.

It is a friend of mine whose name is Huy Lam that I would like to talk about as a person who is very good at English.

I know this guy since we are classmate in university. Huy Lam is very special, he is always outstanding in English classes because of his excellence in this language. All lecturers in the faculty know about his ability  so he was usually asked to solve tough questions or give explanation to the rest of the class. His English pronunciation is impeccable and sounds no different from native speakers. His reading skill is really excellent with the impressive reading speed. Furthermore, most of his essays are delivered in an elegant and brilliant writing style. Huy Lam once told me that he had studied English since he was a little kid and he learned this language mostly from the Bible. This is not very surprising to me because Huy Lam has been long famous in my class for being a practicing Protestant, like all members in his family. He said that his capacity in English was a present from God.

Even though Huy Lam’s talent in English is in recognition, he never pumps himself up or has an attitude because of that. Huy Lam is loved by not only his excellence but also his characteristics. He is super friendly and always comes up with a bright smile on his face which can warm your heart just by looking at his face.

At the present time, I don’t see him anymore since he is studying psychology in the US. He wants to become a psychologist to help people with mental illness through psychological treatments.

Describe a famous person (still living), not from your country, who you would like to meet.

You should say: 

- Where this person comes from 

- How you first learned about him or her 

- Why / how this person is famous

And explain why you would like to meet this person 

Describe your favourite singer

You should say:

- Who this person is.

- How you know about this person.

- What this person is famous for.

And explain why you are interested in this person.


Describe a beautiful or handsome person you have met in your life

You should say:

 - Who that person is

 - Where you met him/her

 - What qualities he/she has

And explain why you think he/she is handsome or beautiful

It is Taylor Swift that I’m going to talk about as my favourite singer/ a foreign star I really want to meet.

The very first song of hers that I listened was “Love Story”. Taylor amazes me musically. She is a singer as well as a song writer. All of her narrative songs are inspired by her life experiences and observations. I find lyrics written by Taylor always refreshing, surprising and really relevant to my thoughts and feelings. One of the lyrics of hers that I impressed the most is “All the best people in life are free”.

In addition to the fact that I’m interested in this female singer because of her music, I also admire her personality traits. She is one of the few remaining celebrities that doesn't take drugs, doesn't cuss in her music, doesn't strip, smoke, or use any foul language, and she's just a genuinely kind person.

Talking about her appearance, Taylor Swift possesses the beauty beyond compare with flowing golden locks of hair, ivory skin and eyes of emerald green. The beauty I've seen in her was the perfect silence in her lips and a little sharpness in her eyes. Honestly speaking, other people cannot take their eyes off Kristina, or at least they will secretly make a glimpse over her.

If I had a chance to meet her, I would say thank you for everything she’s done. Not only her music but her actions are so inspirational and inspire me with courage. 

Describe a friend or a person who encouraged you to achieve a goal. 

You should say: 

– What this person is

– What this person encourage you to do

– What this person have help

And explain why this encouragement help you to achieve the goal

I'm going to describe my father as a person who encouraged me to overcome difficulties and enter a good university.

My father is the one who has always given motivational support to me on my education and encouraged me to pursue vital targets in life. As a father, he has done great things to raise my sister and I and he has dedicated his life to the family.

Every time I face difficulties, he always stands by my side and supports me as much as he can. I still remember the time before the university entrance exam, I felt anxious all the time and was not confident in my abilities. My father gave me encouraging words by saying that: “Oh, my dearest. Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace or success”. It means that I can only attain what I deserve if I try my best to overcome my fear. He also taught me not to be afraid of making mistakes because failure is the mother of success and no matter what happens, he was still proud of me. Thanks to him, I passed the exam with a high grade. 

His love and encouragement are always a significant motivation in my life. Every time I am discouraged by challenges or difficulties, I recall what he has told me and all of his hard work to raise the whole family in order to regain my mental energy and build up my resilience. Thanks for him now I have become a self-motivated person. 

Describe a famous athlete you know

You should say:

- Who that person is and what sport that person plays

- How you learned about the person

- What about the person made you impressed 

I’m going to tell you about Nguyen Quang Hai as a football player that I’m full of admiration for.  

He is a Vietnamese professional footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder for Ha Noi FC. I first knew about him by watching a football match between Vietnam and Thailand, he amazes me by his ball controlling skills and eye for goal.

He became popular during the AFC U-23 Championship in 2018. During the tournament, he scored five goals, and his goal in the final match under heavy snow was voted as the best goal of the tournament. Because of this, he has been praised as a newly-discovered talent of Vietnam football.  

In addition to the fact that I’m a fan of Quang Hai because of his performance, I also admire his personal qualities. Even though this man has gained enormous popularity at a young age, he has never had an attitude or pumped himself up. A lot of Vietnamese football fans love him because of his humbleness and friendliness.

And that’s all I want to talk about Quang Hai as my favourite sport player.

Describe a person who often travels by plane

You should say:

- Who he/ she is

- Where he or she goes

- Why he or she often travels by plane

And how he/ she feels about it

It is a friend of mine who is a flight attendant that I'm going to talk about as a person who regularly travels by airplane.

Quincy is my friend from university and she has pursued the career of a cabin crew for almost three years. Needless to say, her job involves a lot of travel to all over the world, especially from Vietnam to the U.S and Taiwan. In general, she flies around 60 to 85 hours every month, depending on the assignment of the airline that she is working for. Because she is employed by an overseas airline so she flies international trips most of the time. 

My friend does enjoy her job since she is given opportunities to travel around the world economically. Thanks to the benefits of a flight attendant, she doesn't have to pay for airfare and accommodation whenever she travels. Also, she usually takes advantage of a layover to enjoy the places she flies to, for example going shopping, relaxing, getting her hair and nails done and her back massaged, or visiting popular tourist destinations.

Having said that, long-haul trips sometimes do affect her negatively. She is pretty beat up by the time she gets home and all she can do is going to sleep as long as she can. Since she has to travel through different time zones frequently, jet lag is an inevitable problem and her body’s internal clock usually gets out of sync with local time. In addition, heavy travel by airplane and changing temperatures are not good for her facial skin at all since it becomes really dry.

And that's all I want to talk about my friend who is a cabin crew. 

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