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Topic: Hobbies & Leisure Activities - part 1

8 thg 5, 2024

Câu hỏi + câu trả lời mẫu topic Hobbies & Leisure Activities



Do you have a hobby?


I don't really have a regular hobby, instead, there are some temporary ones I have in a short time period. For example, there was a time I love reading fairy tales and old fables. Then, I change to listen to classical music. Currently, I spend most of my leisure time to read Chinese novels. 

Did you have a hobby as a child?

When I was in grade 7 and 8, I did enjoy painting and drawing in Japanese manga's style. My dream at that time was to become a manga artist. I have a really great and vivid world in my imagination and drawing is the best way for me to approach my world.

Do you think hobbies should be shared with other people?

Yes, I do think so. Sharing something in common is the best measure to connect people together and help one's hobby develop in a more positive way. 

What hobbies are popular in your country?

There is a wide range of hobbies in my country. For young people, travelling and photography are the two most popular hobbies. For senior citizens, playing chess and practising Tai Chi in parks in the afternoon is the most enjoyable leisure activities. 

Why do you think people have hobbies?

I think people have hobbies because they are extremely keen on particular things. I'll take my mom as an example. She really loves cooking and she likes decorating her dishes beautifully. Therefore, her subsequent hobby would be collecting Japanese ceramic tableware, such as plates, bowls, teapot.


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What is your favourite leisure activity? / What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Well, I usually listen to music in my spare time. Music is the best way for me to let my hair down and escape the real world. 

What did you enjoy doing in your free time as a child?

When I was in grade 7 and 8, I was keen on drawing and painting in Japanese manga's style. I used to stay up all night just to finish my drawing and went to school the next morning with my tired eyes.

Do you prefer to spend your free time with other people or alone?

I prefer to have my alone time rather than to spend time with someone else. I'm an introvert person so being alone is the best therapy for my refreshment.
I prefer to spend my spare time with someone else, like my best friends or my family members. Simply having a good gossip about the latest news would be very enjoyable for me.

What is a common leisure activity in your country?

I think the most common thing Vietnamese people like to do in their leisure time is surfing the internet. They like reading online news and checking social networking sites, such as Facebook or Instagram.

Do most people in your country get two days off a week?

Yes, they do. For the most part, people have 2 days off on Saturdays and Sundays. However, I know some people have to work on Saturday mornings, that depends on their company's policy.

Do you think leisure time is important?

Needless to say, it is very crucial. Leisure brings about the chance to balance one's life and reduce stress. It also recreates a positive flow of energy in a person.

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