IELTS Speaking Part 1 - Thực hành nói phản xạ những với những chủ đề cơ bản


8 thg 5, 2024

Part 1 có 14 chủ đề mới so với đề của quý trước. Thông thường giám khảo sẽ giữ lại khoảng 50% và cập nhật mới 50%.



Do you work or are you a student?

(dành cho các bạn học sinh/sinh viên)

Currently I am a third-year student at Hoa Sen University and my major is English linguistics and literature.
Currently I am in grade .... at ..... specialized high school/ high school. Also, I'm studying in a Math/English class

(dành cho các bạn đi làm)

Currently I am working as an administrative assistant for a U.S company providing consulting services.

(Dành cho các bạn học sinh) What is your favourite subject?

I have a great interest in English. Learning a foreign language is always appealing to me. Also, since English has become a global language, being able to communicate in this language can help me travel around the world and develop my job opportunities.
My favourite subject in school is Math. I love math because it is challenging, thereby making it intriguing. Also, we can sharpen our logic by the process of learning Math. Another reason is that I never have difficulty with it and always get good marks on Math tests.
I'm really into reading about the past so definitely History is my favourite subject. I believe by looking at what happened in the past, especially the mistakes and success of previous generations, we can gain precious experience and knowledge.
I'm always into studying chemistry. Most students think it's boring, but, as for me, experiments, colors and chemicals are really fun and exciting - unlike calculations.
I would answer without reluctance that it is art. Honestly, this subject gives me an opportunity to express myself in an artistic way by using colors. It also allows me to be imaginative and creative, which is impossible in any other subjects.

(Dành cho các bạn học sinh) Are there any subjects that you don't like?

It is English that I don't like at all. I always struggle with learning new words. Also, English pronunciation is very challenging.
There aren't any subjects that I particularly dislike, but if I have to pick one, it will be Math. I don't think I was born to study Math. It's difficult for me to understand Math concepts and I will be bored to death if I have to do Math exercise all day.
I cannot see the meaning of learning History. I mean, why we should learn about what happened in the past when the present and the future are more important. Also, I find learning subjects which can help to extend job prospects, like math or english, more necessary.

(Dành cho các bạn học sinh) What do you want to do in the future?

It is my dream to become a doctor, especially a doctor for children. I love working kids and I want to help people overcome diseases and live a healthy life. That's why I wish to become a doctor for kids.

(Dành cho các bạn học sinh) Who do you prefer, your high school friends or your teachers?

Well, I would say that I prefer being with my classmates. We are peers so it's easier to talk to them than to teachers. Having said that, there are some teachers I really like. They're very kind and supportive.

(Dành cho các bạn sinh viên) Why did you choose that college course/major?

I chose this course because I love English. Also, English has become a global language recently, so I think learning this language can extend my job opportunities after graduation.
I decided to get my degree in elementary education because teaching was something that has always come naturally to me. I have always enjoyed spending time with children, and when I am in the classroom I do not feel like I am working because I love being there.

(Dành cho các bạn sinh viên) What your course is about?

Well, this course explores ways that theoretical tools from linguistics can be applied to understand how literary texts are interpreted, and, conversely, ways in which literary texts provide interesting data and problems for theories of language and its use.

(Dành cho các bạn sinh viên) What do you like about your course? / Do you like your course?

As I just said, I love English language so this course is really to my interest. Besides, I believe I would have more job opportunities after I graduated. I can work for foreign companies in Vietnam or work abroad.

(Dành cho các bạn sinh viên) What do you dislike about your course?

The only thing I really don’t like about my course is that it is really theoretical which is not suitable for practical work. The linguistic knowledge I have learned is for scholarly writing rather than business communication.

(Dành cho các bạn học sinh/ sinh viên) Do you prefer to study in the mornings or in the afternoons?

I prefer studying in the mornings. I’m a morning person. I feel more energetic and fully awake after a good night’s sleep.

(Dành cho các bạn học sinh/ sinh viên) Do you prefer to study alone or study in a group?

I prefer studying alone rather than studying with others. It would be less distractive and I can completely focus on my assignments. A group study can easily turn into a group chat which will lead my study to nowhere.

(Dành cho các bạn sinh viên) Are you looking forward to working? (Why?/ Why not?)

No, I’m not ready for the world of employment. I’m enjoying my student life. I don’t have to do to work every day and have lots of free time to hang out with my friends.

(Dành cho các bạn sinh viên) Where do you want to see yourself in 10 years?

Honestly, I don’t think much about who I will be in the future. But I would say that I may become a successful business woman 10 years later, working for my own company, having my own car and house. I may also save up enough money to travel around the world.

(Dành cho các bạn đi làm) Why did you choose that job?

Honestly, at the time I made the decision to work for that company, I was jobless and really needed money. Therefore, when the employer offered me this job, I accepted without reluctance.
I chose to be a nutritionist because I have always felt that poor eating habits came from poor knowledge. I wanted to help people get healthy by teaching them about food and advising them about what they should or shouldn't eat.

(Dành cho các bạn đi làm) Do you think it is a good place to work? / Do you like your job? / What do you dislike about your job? (Nội dung trả lời các câu hỏi này sẽ tương tự nhau)

1) Sadly, the answer is no. It is not a great workplace. Even though this company has a pleasant working environment with comfortable furniture and quiet atmosphere, there is a lack of support and encouragement from managers, as well as poor interactions among internal staff.
2) Yes, I really like my job because it's interesting and I work with a great team and I can learn a lot from them. Honestly, I feel that I can improve myself every day.

(Dành cho các bạn đi làm) Do you think that job made you change?

Of course, yes. I realize that there's something inside me which has not been the same ever since I worked for this company. I have become more self-reliant, taken actions more proactively and solved problems more quickly.

(Dành cho các bạn đi làm) Would you like to change your job in the future?

Definitely yes. Right after I save enough money to start my own English center, I will send in a resignation letter and have a whole new beginning.

(Dành cho các bạn đi làm) Do you prefer working alone or with others? Why?

Well, for the most part, I prefer to work alone since I can completely control the task outcomes. It would be a great nightmare if the teammates performed poorly and ineffectively.

(Dành cho các bạn đi làm) How many hours do you work every day/ every week?

I spend around 10-12 hours every day working. In addition to a nine-to-five job, after work I teach English to secondary students. I also manage an English self-study website.
In general, I work around 40 to 48 hours per week. I have a typical nine-to-five job and this is the average amount of time of a white-collar worker like me.

(Dành cho các bạn đi làm) What do you do to increase productivity at work?

Well, there are several ways that I usually do to make the most of my time at work, but I would say the most effective way to boost productivity is standing to work. To specify, standing helps me to stay focus and complete tasks more efficiently than sitting around.

(Dành cho các bạn đi làm) Where do you want to see yourself in 10 years?

This is a question I’ve been thinking about a lot recently. In ten years, I can see myself as a director of my own company, working on exciting new projects and developing business strategies. Also, I will be writing part-time and may earn enough money from the sales of my supernatural fiction novels.

(Dành cho các bạn đi làm) Do you miss being a student?

I surely will miss my student life once I get involve in the workplace. For me I think when I’m a student, at least I have someone guide me, whereas at work mostly you must guide yourself.

(Dành cho các bạn đi làm) What do you do after work?

I normally cook dinner, relax and walk my dog. Depending on my schedule, I might have plans with friends to meet for a coffee or shopping. In summer I go to the beach for a couple of hours then return home to cook dinner.



Have you lived in your current living area for a long time?

I have been living my current neighbourhood for around 15 years ever since my family moved there.

Do you like the area that you are living in?

No, I don’t really like the neighbourhood I’m living in. There is no quiet and peaceful atmosphere in that place. Children always play football noisily in front of my house and I really hate hearing banging footballs on my house’s walls. Adults are also terrible, some of them usually yell and argue with each other.

What do you like about your current living area?

There is nothing about my current neighbourhood that I particularly like. Maybe I only love the fact that there is a street full of amazingly delicious street food nearby my house.

What would you like to change about your area?

My neighbourhood would be very great if all the mischievous and noisy children disappeared all together leaving behind a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. Also, I wish some adult neighbours stopped their littering behaviour. They usually leave their trash under the electric utility pole beside my house, making the exterior of my house dirty and smelly.

What are some changes in your area recently?

There have been many multi-storey houses built in my neighbourhood recently. It seems like people are getting richer and have more investment on their property

Do you know any famous people in your area?

No, I have little correspondence or communication with my neighbours. It is my father who does most of the talking with people in the neighbourhood, so he must know some famous people in my area.

Where do you like to go in that area?

My favourite place in the neighbourhood which I like to visit is a Family Mart convenient store. It is within the walking distance so I enjoy having a walk to the store and buy things I need.



Who do you live with?

Currently I’m living with my family including my father, my mother and my younger sister.

What kind of accommodation you are living in? / Do you live in a house or a flat?

I’m living in a small one-storey house, which is located deep inside an alley area in District 6, HCMC. I have been living in this house for 15 years.
I'm living in a rented bed-sitting room/ a studio room alone/with a friend of mine. This bedsit is part of a boarding house located in District 10, HCMC.

+ Vocab: a bed-sitting room / a bedsit (UK) hoặc a studio room (US) là từ để chỉ phòng trọ mà sinh viên hay người độc thân hay thuê ở. Bạn thực hiện toàn bộ các hoạt động sinh hoạt như nấu ăn, học tập, ngủ nghỉ trong duy nhất 1 phòng. Có nhiều chỗ trọ chủ nhà không cho phép nấu trong phòng, và cũng có nhiều chỗ trọ bạn sẽ không có toilet riêng trong phòng mà dùng chung toilet.

+ Vocab: a boarding house: là nguyên căn nhà lớn mà chủ nhà ngăn ra thành nhiều phỏng bedsit/ studio room để cho thuê.

What’s the difference between where you are living now and where you lived in the past?

I used to live in my grandparents’ house when I was 8. The most remarkable difference between that house and the house I’m currently living in is the space. My current house is more spacious and has more rooms, whereas my grandparents’ is quite small and narrow.

Can you describe the accommodation you are living in

Currently, I'm living in a one-storey house/ a rented bedsit located in an alleyway in District __. The house/room is (not) very spacious with a lot of furniture/ just some basic furniture. There is a small/big balcony where I put a drying rack and grow some flowers and herbs for decoration.

+ Vocab: drying rack - sào phơi quần áo


What room does your family spend most of the time in?

Each member of my family has his or her own private room in the house. My father spends most of his time in his bedroom working on the computer or watching TV, my mother loves being in the living room with the comfortable sofa and another TV, as well as a kitchen. My younger sister and I like staying in our own bedroom. My family only gather in the living room to have dinner or lunch but that doesn’t happen often as we are all busy with our own schedule.

What do you usually do in your room?

I frequently spend time in my room working, or entertaining like reading, or listening to music and have a good sleep on my comfortable bed.

Do you plan to live there for a long time?

No, I don't think so. Even though the house is spacious enough for 4 people in my family, I still want to live independently from my parents and have my own space. Therefore, I will move to somewhere else right after I save up enough money to buy a new accommodation.

Are the transport facilities to your home very good?

Yes. The area where I live is quite accessible. I can easily catch a bus or a taxi or riding my own motorcycle.

Please describe your room.

My younger sister and I stay together in a bedroom. Our bedroom is quite big but there is a lot of furniture in the room, thereby making it not very spacious. Even though there are only two of us but we have three big closets to store clothes and another closet for cosmetics and skin care products. There is a big bed for two people at the corner and next to it is my working table together with a huge bookshelf. On the wall, there is a big window to get natural lighting and ventilation.

Do you prefer to live in a house or an apartment/ a flat?

My preferred accommodation option is a modern apartment rather than a house. I’m still single and I don’t have an intention to get married so a flat would be better because I want to downsize my property. Also, the great thing about an apartment complex is that they often come with convenient amenities, such as a swimming pool, gym, and even shopping mall. Security is another factor to be counted. I feel safer when living in a flat with the availability of several layers of security.

What part of your home do you like the most?

My bedroom is the part which I like the most. That is the place where I can let my hair down and at least have less worry about my stressful work. Also, there are a lot of books in my bedroom which I can lose myself in the world of imagination.


4. Bags (new)

Do you often use bags?

Yes. I can tell that I use bags every day because it is a very useful accessory. I can easily put many items in it and carry them around.

What kinds of bags do you like?

A shoulder bag or a medium-sized tote bag is the favourite kind of bags to many women and I am no different. The reason is that it is the most functional bag for daily activities which is spacious enough for me to store a lot of items and fashionable to make me feel confident.

Do you usually carry a bag when you go out?

Yes, obviously. Every time I hang out with my friends or go shopping, I usually carry a small shoulder bag which stores some important personal belongings of mine, including a purse and a smartphone.

Do you have different bags for different occasions?

Of course, yes. You know, women can never get enough of bags. When I go to work,the medium-sized tote bag is an ideal option since I have to carry my laptop. When I hang out with friends, I prefer using a small shoulder bag. When I attend a special event, such as a wedding, a clutch or a wristlet is what I need.
No, as a man, all I need is a backpack. This kind of bag has enough space to house my laptop and notebook and it is comfortable to carry around.


5. Cities & Countryside (new)

What are advantages and disadvantages of living in an urban area?

Clearly, urban life introduces both pros and cons. In terms of benefits, living in big cities is very convenient thanks to manifold services and modern facilities and amenities. Also, big cities with developed economy can provide various career opportunities for job seekers. Having said that, urban citizens have to encounter numerous drawbacks in their daily life, including terrible traffic congestion, serious air pollution and high cost of living.

Do you like the city where you are living now?

Yes, I do and what I like most about Ho Chi Minh city is the hustling atmosphere and the excellent amenities. Also, this city is the major economic hub of Vietnam so living here means I can easily approach a wide range of services.

Do you prefer the city or the countryside?

My have my preference for living in a city over a rural area. I am a true-blood urban citizen so I love the hustle and bustle and the creative energy offered by cities.

What kind of cities do you like?

I have my inclination towards living in big cities which are a capital or a major economic hub of a country. Those places are where I can seek job more easily and enjoy various amenities and conveniences.

Do you spend much time in countryside?

No. I rarely spend time in the countryside. I only visit rural areas when I pay a visit to my grandmother's hometown for death anniversaries, but this only happens once in a blue moon.

Do you consider living in the countryside in the future?

Obviously, I don't have any intentions to do that. I cannot stand the boredom of living in the countryside with a lack of many services and amenities. Also, I am familiar with the fast-paced life of cities so I find the slow life in rural areas so unbearable.


6. Wild Animals (new)

Have you ever seen a wild animal in real life?

No. I haven't. I don't have any chances to encounter wild animals since I am living a big city where wild animals can hardly be seen. I can only see them on TV.

Do you prefer to see them in zoos or in real life?

I lean towards seeing wild animals living in their in zoos rather than in real life. I will feel safer if wild animals are kept in cages and can't do me any harm.
I lean towards seeing them in zoos rather than in real life. I will feel safer if wild animals are kept in cages and can't do me any harm.

What wild animal do you like the most? Why?

I would say that I love wolves. I have watched a documentary about the wolf and these living animals amaze me by their sharp eyes, graceful movements, and long sorrowful howls on a full moon.

Why do you think we should protect wild animals?

Well, when we protect wildlife species, it is a must to save and conserve their natural places as well. So, conservation of natural habitats would be beneficial for humans, enriching our planet and other natural resources.


6. PATIENCE (old)

Are you a patient person?

I think patience is a situational quality. There are certain circumstances under which I am patient and other circumstances under which I am impatient. But in general I find myself a person of patience. Somewhat I have the ability to keep calm when dealing with disappointment, distress or suffering.

Were you patient when you were young? / Do you think you are more patient than how you used to be?

I have never thought I could become a patient person like I’m now. When I was young, I usually jumped from thought to thought when having several tasks in my head. I lived an interrupted life as I tried to multitask. But that is no longer the case at the present time. I’m more mindful of my own thoughts. I slow down myself and focus on one task at a time.

How do you feel when others are not patient?

Being around an impatient person makes me feel like I’m walking in a field of landmines. People with little patience are more likely to inspire others to lose themselves, but luckily I know how to cope with impatient people so I am not affected by them easily.

The first way to deal with impatient people is avoiding saying “take it easy” or “calm down”. Those sayings will trigger a bigger reaction. Second, ignore their behaviours and continue as you were. It is better not to take their impatience personally, just accept it. Lastly, strive for empathy, which means trying to step into the other person’s shoes to see how they might view the situation.

Were you less or more patient when you were angry?

That is a newly-discovered personality trait about myself that I have just realized recently. The angrier I get, the more patient and silent I become. Two years ago I experienced something terrible that made me angrily burst into tears. At the present time, I am also subject to something stressful and terrible but I find myself more relaxed and content, which is really a big change.

Is patience important at work?

It is very essential to practice to be patient at work. Regularly becoming impatient with your colleagues or yourself at work is not only counterproductive, it can also be bad for your health. Stress and anxiety in the workplace can lead to heart disease or high blood pressure, so it's important to keep a lid on things.


7. PERFUME (old)

Do you use perfume?

Yes. I wear perfume everyday. Putting on a little perfume on my neck and wrists is the final step of my routine make-up in the morning.
I can tell I rarely wear perfume. I find this kind of item unnecessary and unaffordable for a student like me. I do put on a little perfume if I have to join special events.

Do you spend a lot of money on perfume?

No. My spending on perfume is very reasonable as I only buy a new perfume bottle when I run out of perfume. Also, I just make a purchase of full-size bottles of the fragrance that I immensely like.
Absolutely no. Perfume is unimportant to me so it's not worth to invest money in buying this luxury item.

What kind of perfume do you like?

What I like the most is the floral fragrance, especially fresh floral scent type. I prefer the soft and fresh smell rather than romantic and sweet one.

What does perfume mean to you?

I have no intention to put on perfume to be attractive or sexy. I usually suffer from stress and aromatherapy is a good way to balance my mood. Perfume is part of aromatherapy so I wear it to lift up my spirits and control stress levels.
Perfume is an unnecessary item to me so it has little meaning. Having said that, I would say that wearing a little perfume can boost my self-confidence.

Do you give perfume as a gift?

No. It’s very hard to choose the perfume which suits the person you intend you give it as a gift. Perfumes and scents are very personal, so in terms of giving present, I would give something more universal, like flowers or shopping vouchers.
No. Perfume is a luxury item so it is unaffordable for me to give it as a present. In terms of gifts, I prefer giving my friends skincare products or shopping vouchers.


8. STREET FOOD (new)

Is there a lot of street food in Vietnam?

Of course yes. Vietnam is very well-known for a variety of street food. A lot of international visitors travel to my country to enjoy the vibrant street-food culture.

What do you think are the must-eat dishes in Vietnam?

There are various Vietnamese dishes that visitors shouldn't miss when they come to Vietnam. What first springs to my mind is "banh mi" - a special Vietnamese baguette sandwich. And people should try other dishes having soup and rice noodle, such as pho, hu tieu, bun bo hue, some jazz like that.

Is it safe for foreigners to eat street food in Vietnam?

I have to admit that foreigners, especially those from the Western World, may have higher risks of allergy or food poisoning when they eat Vietnamese street food. Therefore, I think it is better for foreign visitors to read reviews of other foreigners who have tried the food before and find out in advance ingredients of the Vietnamese dishes they intend to try to avoid allergy.

Which one do you prefer, eating at restaurants or at street food stalls?

I lean towards enjoying food prepared by hawkers at their place. Regardless of the inconvenience of facilities, hawkers serve food very fast. Also, watching hawkers cooking dishes is very interesting and you can eat the food right after it's just been cooked.
I have a preference of eating at restaurant. First, the food cooked at restaurants is safer and cleaner because restaurant staff will ensure food hygiene and safety. Second, restaurants usually serve a variety of dishes, while hawkers only sell a particular kind of dish which they specialise.


9. Jogging (new)

Do you often go jogging?

Yes, I do. I have a habit of going jogging for around 45 minutes every morning or evening.

Are there a lot of people going jogging in Vietnam?

Yes, numerous Vietnamese people, especially the elderly, go jogging in public parks in the morning. This form of physical exercise is easy and suitable for people from all ages.

Are there any places suitable for jogging in your living area?

Yes, there is a big public park and a sport centre nearby my house where a lot of my neighbours go there every morning to go jogging or do other physical exercise.

Do you think that you went jogging more often when you were a kid than you do now?

Yeah. I have to admit that I don't spend as much time on jogging as I used to do when I was a little girl. My work has taken most of my time during the day. When I get home, I am so tired for any physical exercise.


10. SMILE (old)

Do you like to smile?

I don’t really like to smile. I just smile for some particular reasons, such as greeting someone, saying thank you or someone taking photos of me. I used to be a smiley person but not anymore now.
I do like smiling because smiling can bring about positive feelings to not only me but also other people. Also, when I smile, I feel that my moods have been improved.

When do people smile at others?

I think people give others a smile when they feel the person they are interacting with is friendly, funny or hilarious. In short, if there is a transfer of positive chemistry among people, they will smile.

Do you smile when people take pictures of you?

Yes, of course. I smile instinctively when there are any cameras pointing towards me. They are capturing a moment of my life, so at least I should look happy or smiley in that photo.

Can you recognise a fake smile?

Yes. I’m an empath so to some extent I can tell when people are faking their smile. It is the the eyes and mouth that are most participated in the expression of smiling. So if people are giving a genuine smile, there will be a lot of wrinkles and lines around their eyes and mouth.

Is smiling important?

Yes. Smiling is crucial. It can bring several certain benefits to our mental health, such as lifting up our spirits, improving our moods, creating positive feelings. Besides, just a simple act of smiling can somehow help us to deal with stress and anxiety by changing the way our brains view the situations.

What was the last time you saw other people smiled the most?

The last time I saw people smiled the most is when I attended a conference introducing new products of American ginseng. In the conference, people exchanged business cards and tried to extended their social contacts to find new clients for their companies. Diplomatic smiles were what I saw the most in that event.


11. MATHS (old)

Do you think mathematics is important?

Yes, of course. The knowledge of maths plays a crucial role in all aspects, from science and technology to social science areas. Learning maths also helps to improve the logic and reason in one’s thinking.

Do you think it’s difficult to learn mathematics well?

No. It isn’t hard to learn maths well. All it takes is just enough practice and train yourself to become familiar with its logical, yet intuitive style of thinking.
Yes. Maths is somewhat a challenging subject to many students, and I'm no difference. The reason is that it takes time and efforts to understand maths concepts. Also, I don't see the point in learning algebra or geometry since answers can easily be found by using a calculator or a computer.

Are girls generally good at mathematics?

Not really. There are girls who are not interested in Math so their math performance is also poor, but there are girls who perform really well in this subject since they have great passion in learning maths.

Do you often use a calculator?

Yes. I'm working as an admin assistant and I use the calculator often to convert currency or to make monthly expense reports.



How many languages can you speak?

In general, I can speak three languages. Vietnamese is my mother tongue. I can speak English fluently and can hold a decent daily conversation in Mandarin.

When did you learn English?

I have been learning English for nearly 20 years. I started my English study when I was 7.

Do you find it difficult to learn a new language?

I have to admit that acquiring a foreign language is a challenging process, yet I find it interesting and intriguing.

Are there any other languages that you would like to learn?

I want to learn French and Spanish, mostly because I want to travel to Europe and Latin America. French is also very appealing to me because it is a soft, melodious and romantic language.
I'm interested in Chinese, particularly Mandarin. Nowadays, there are a lot of big Chinese businesses and I think if I am able to communicate in Chinese, I can extend my job opportunities. Also, Chinese is a good grounding for learning other languages, especially Japanese since more than half of Chinese vocabulary is derived from Chinese.

Why do people want to learn new languages?

For the most part, I believe the main motivation of language learning is related to career development. Clearly, those who can communicate in more than one language have better competitive advantage in job hunting.

What are the benefits of being able to use more than one language?

There are a lot of advantages of being bilingual or multilingual. In terms of job prospects, those who can use many languages likely have more choices in career development. They can work for foreign companies or work abroad. Regarding mental abilities, acquiring a second language can boost our brain power and improve our memory.


13. Tea and coffee (old)

Do Vietnamese people like to drink tea or coffee?

People in my country love to drink coffee. In Vietnam, coffee is more than a beverage and the habit of drinking coffee has become an integral part of our daily life.

Do you prepare tea or coffee for guests at home?

None of them. Guests visiting my home are usually welcomed with mineral water because serving mineral water is much easier and faster than tea or coffee.

When was the last time you drank tea or coffee?

I have never drank coffee, I drink tea sometimes. The last time I drank tea was a few weeks ago when I feel stressed or tired and need the scent and flavour of peppermint tea to keep me relax and calm down.
I would say that the last time I drank tea was last week when I hung out with my friends. To clarify, I drank milk tea or bubble tea, not green tea like what senior people normally drink.



Where did you play when you were a child?

When I was young, I usually played with my neighbour friends in the playground nearby my house, or played with my classmates in the schoolyard.

How often did you go to your friends' houses to play games?

I went to my next-door neighbour's house to play with their children every evening after I finished my homework. Sometimes, I even spent a whole weekend at my friend's house.

What kinds of game do Vietnamese children usually play?

Vietnamese kids are very into outdoor games or physical activities. That's why they often play soccer, basketball or badminton. Also, sometimes I see them playing games like blind man's buff, tug-of-war, hopscotch, or touch-and-go.

What are the differences between children playing games at present and in the past?

Clearly, children who were born before the rise of modern technology and social media like enjoying outdoor activities and hanging out with peers. On the other hand, children nowadays are very into the social networking sites and the virtual world created by computer games.


15. WATCHING TV (new)

How often do you watch TV?

I don't usually watch TV, maybe only once a month. I generally watch movies on Netflix via my laptop.

Do you usually watch TV with your family?

No, I usually get back home pretty late when my mom and dad are ready to go to bed. So we rarely have time together to watch TV.
Yes, but I only watch TV with my family at weekends because I am quite busy with my work during weekdays. We usually watch game shows or comedy shows.

What kinds of TV shows do you like to watch?

I love watching documentaries because we can learn about new things. My favourite is a series about nature and animals.
I like watching game shows or quiz shows. The presenters of these shows are very funny and I like it when the contestants win big prizes.
My favourite is the news programme. I think it's important to understand the events in your country and in the world and listen to business reports.
I enjoy watching soap operas because they are similar to real life. My favourite is called "tieng set trong mua" and I never miss any episode.
I'm very interested in talk shows. The guests are often celebrities or those with special talents so they are really interesting. You can learn about their lives through the talk shows.
I'm a sports fan so I like watching sports programmes on TV. I enjoy listening to the experts commenting on a football match or predicting the results.
I like to watch TV series related to crime investigation, like Sherlock Holmes, or Crime Scene Investigation Miami, or animations, like baby boss or Frozen. I usually enjoy these TV series on Netflix.

What TV shows are popular in Vietnam?

I would say that soap opera is very well-liked among middle aged women, especially housewives. Some other fal or comedy shows are also popular in Vietnam.


16. Makeup (new)

Do you often wear makeup?

Well, I wear light makeup when I go to work and I consider eyebrow drawing and putting on lipstick are essential.
I only wear makeup occasionally, not every day, especially when I join a special event or welcome my guests at home.

What does wearing makeup mean to you?

Putting on a little makeup makes me feel more confident in myself, especially when I interact with other people.

Do you give makeup as a gift?

Yes, I have given cosmetics to my female friends as a gift, such as lipstick, eyeliner, eyebrow pencils, foundation. All women need makeup and cosmetics.

What do you think when you see a man wearing makeup?

I think it's ok for guys to wear makeup, not heavy makeup but light makeup. Men have skin issues just like women so a little foundation may not be a bad idea to covers breakout or look good for a special event.


17. Hair style (new)

How long have you had this hair style?

I have worn my hair short/long like this for around 2 years. I am thinking of changing a new hairstyle but haven't figured out how it should be. / I am happy and comfortable with this hairstyle so I'm not going to change.

Do you like to visit the barber's/ hair salon?

Yes, it would be better if I have my hair cut by a professional hairdresser, rather than doing it myself.

Have you ever had a hair cut that you don't like?

Yes, it was three years ago when I left a hair salon dissatisfied with my new hairstyle. The hairdresser cut my fringe/bangs too short and I looked very dumb and silly.


18. Eating (new)

How often do you eat with your family?

I only have me{slider title="Sample answer" open="false"}ls with my family on weekend evenings. During weekday I am busy with my work and usually get back home very late in the evening.

Do you like eating healthy food?

Yes. Rice, vegetables and fruit are the main part of my diet. I don't often eat meat since I prefer vegetarian food.

Do you eat out a lot?

No, I often eat in or eat homemade food prepared by my mom. I just eat at restaurants occasionally, especially when I hang out with my friends or when I am a mood for foreign food.

Do you prefer to eat at home or at a restaurant? / Do you prefer home-cooked food or food from restaurants?

I like home-cooked food more because I think it's healthier and you know exactly what you're eating. I also enjoy cooking for family and friends.


19. Music (old)

When do you listen to music?

I listen to music when I’m in need or relaxation or a quick escape from the stressful world of work, or when I need to stay focus.

How much time do you spend listening to music everyday?

It’s hard to say the exact time length of listening to music, but I would say I spend at least 2 hours per day to enjoy music.

What kinds of music do you like to listen to? / What are your favourite kinds of music?

I have my inclination towards pop music, especially US-UK pop music, when I am getting excited. But when my mood is down or I need to stay focus, I love to enjoy peaceful relaxing instrumental music.

Have you ever been to a music concert before?

No, I have never been to a music concert. I don’t like crowded places and prefer watching the concert broadcasted on TV or Youtube.

Does you taste of music change from the past?

Yes, of course. When I was in high school, my teen music taste was dominated by pop music with catchy tunes and fast tempos. However, now I prefer listening to instrumental music with gentle melodies to find peace and relaxation.


20. Friends (new)

What makes a good friend?

Well, there are many signs of a good friend, but I think, for the most part, a good friend is the person who stays by your side no matter what, doesn't judge you and especially doesn't hurt your feelings for any reasons.

Do you think you are a good friend?

Yes, I think I am. If one of my friends needs help, I will be there for him for her. Also, I always keep in mind to be respectful to my friends' feelings and thoughts. I don't want to hurt them with my words or actions.

Do you still contact your childhood friends?

No, I don't keep in touch my with childhood friends any longer. We have lived far from each other for a long time and, you know, out of sight, out of mind.

Do you have many close friends?

No, I have a small circle of friends so I only have a few close friends. I don't think I need more. It is true that the more the merrier, but also the more troublesome.

Do you think friendship is important?

Yes, having good friends who love and support you for who you are is really essential to your happiness and mental health. I would take myself as an example for this. Sometimes when I am so stressed, talking to a friend who cares is all the therapy I need.

Which do you prefer to spend time with: a friend or spend time alone?

It depends on the day. If I'm in a mood for talking and sharing, I'd love to meet up with my friends. But there are times I just want to have my alone time.

What kind of people do you like to have as friends?

I want to develop friendship with those who are kind, tactful and trustworthy because I believe those people would treat me well and be good for my mental health.

Do you like face-to-face conversations with people?

Yes, I do. I'm an extrovert so I always enjoy talking and having direct interactions with other people. I am driven by my characteristics to socialise and engage in face-to-face communications.

Are most of your friends from school or from outside school?

Well, I would say both. Some of my close friends are from university, but I also have good friendships with many colleagues whom I have worked with.

How often do you meet with your friends?

Since my work schedule is often hectic, I rarely have time to meet up with my friends. I think I only hang out with them once every three months.

What do you and your friends do together?

Well, normally there's just one pattern of our meetups. First, we have a meal together at a small restaurant. Then, we visit a coffee shop for chatter or a pub for good music.


21. JEANS (new)

Do you wear jeans? / How often do you wear jeans?

Yes, I am in jeans quite often, especially at the weekend. I usually wear dresses for work, and then my jeans and tops from Friday to Sunday.
No, I usually wear regular pants rather than jeans. I find jeans uncomfortable to wear all day.

Do you like wearing jeans, why?

Yes. Jeans is my favourite piece of clothing. They last longer than other regular pants. A good pair of jeans can be with you for years. Also, you can easily match jeans with a variety of shirts and tops and look truly stylish.
No. It's uncomfortable for me to wear jeans, especially skinny jeans which are normally really tight to emphasize the curve of human's hip. Also, high-quality jeans are normally heavier than regular pants because they are made from thick denim. This would make washing them more difficult.

Do you spend much money on jeans?
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Yes. I currently own about 40 pairs of jeans and only about five pairs of regular pants. I think I have spent around over a thousand US dollars on jeans.

No. I currently have only a pair of jeans and I have no intention to buy more. Jeans are neither my daily wearer nor my favourite, so that's enough.

Why do you think jeans are popular?

I assume that jeans have gained enormous popularity because they make people look stylish and fashionable. Skinny jeans can truly improve the physical appearance since they are tight, thereby emphasizing the curve of people's hip. A lot of young girls wear tight jeans so that they will be more sexy and attractive.

Do you think jeans are still popular in the future?

Yes. I believe that jeans won't be out of fashion in the future. People like this kind of clothing because it is made from long-lasting fabric and they can look fashionable and attractive in jeans.


22. Holiday (new)

Do you want to have a short journey or a long journey?

I have an inclination towards taking a short journey rather than a long journey. There are two reasons for this. First, a short journey means there is less time for transportation, as compared with a long journey. Second, a long journey would last more days than a short journey, which means it will be more expensive because of an increase in all travel expenses, including lodging and food.

Where do you want to go on holiday? Beach-side, mountains or city?

I can tell that I'd love to have a mountain holiday. The reason is that I can escape from the stressful city life and can be totally connected to nature by exciting outdoor activities in the mountains, such as enjoying the morning mist and plenty of fresh air, or walking barefoot on the grass and swimming in the river.


23. Shopping (new)

Do you like going shopping?

Yes I do. I like going shopping with my friends whenever I have free time. As for me, shopping is an amazing way to relax because it can temporarily distract myself from stress and anxiety by focusing on something else, like clothes or shoes or cosmetics.

Do you shop online?

The answer is yes. I have bought a lot of items through e-commerce, such as technological products, books or groceries. From my viewpoint, online shopping is extremely convenient and time-saving since shoppers don't have to worry about travelling and carrying the items home.
No, I rarely buy things through online platforms and also have no intention to do that. The main problem is related to the uncertainty. What I mean is that I don't completely have faith that the products I buy will be exactly like what I see on the website. I'm a skeptical person so I prefer buying things at a store.

Does shopping take you a lot of time?

Yes, shopping does take time since I consider it as a way of relaxation. It normally takes me around one or two hours to do the shopping, or go window shopping. Nevertheless, I never think that such amount of time I spend on shopping is wasteful.

What's the best part about shopping?

Well, from what I have experienced, the most enjoyable part of shopping is the feeling of satisfaction or excitement caused by the act of purchasing and the ownership of a desirable item. That's why I love shopping since it can lift up my moods and make me feel better.


24. Island (new)

Have you ever been to an island?

No, I haven't had any chances to visit an island. I would say it is a pity because there are many beautiful islands good for holiday in Vietnam. I'll try to arrange time to visit one someday.

Are there any islands in your country?

Yes, Vietnam is a country that has a very long coastline, so there are many beautiful and captivating islands here in Vietnam, such as Phu Quoc, Binh Ba, Cat Ba. They are all popular tourist destinations.

Do you want to live on an island if you had a chance?

No, living permanently on an island is not appealing to me at all. I have been long accustomed with the modern and convenient life of cities, so the life on an island is not suitable for me. Also, I hate mosquitoes, ants and bugs, and you have higher risk of encountering these creatures when living on an island.

What do you like to do when you are on an island?

I would enjoy the sea atmosphere, the beach and the seafood of that island. I could imagine myself waking up in the morning with a cool sea breeze and surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature.


25. Borrowing/lending (old)

Have you ever borrowed books from others?

Yes. I borrowed a book from a friend of mine when I was in high school. I knew about that book by reading a review on the internet but was not sure of myself whether I should buy it or not because the book was quite expensive to a highschool student. Luckily one of my classmate had it and I asked to borrow the book from him.

Have you ever borrowed money from others?

Yes. I have borrowed money from my best friend. There was a time when I was so penniless and really in debt. Therefore I asked to borrow money from my friend to pay off the debt.

Do you like lending things to others?

Not really. I prefer giving things to people rather than lending them something. You know, I have terrible memory so I will forget that I have lent people things.

How do you feel when people don’t return things they borrowed from you?

I feel disrespected and even betrayed. I also don’t want to have any connection with people like that. They are so poor-mannered and impolite.



Do you prefer to study in a silent environment or in a place that has some noises?

Well, I can only study when everything around me is quiet, I literally cannot think when there is too much noise. I don’t understand why some of my friends enjoy listening to music when they study, I find it really annoying.

Does your job require concentrating and attention to detail?

Yes, when I’m working for my clients, I really have to think carefully about every detail of the system, because once it’s online operating, it will influence business fundamentally.

What do you do if there’s too much noise and you want to study?

If I could do anything to make those noises disappear, I would. For example, if I was studying and my parents were watching TV, I would just tell them to turn it off. Otherwise, I would just have to find another place to study.

When do you find it easiest to concentrate?

I’m not a morning person, and I can’t really concentrate in the afternoon, either. I would say evenings are the best times for me to work or study.

(*): morning person = người có thể làm việc hiệu quả vào buổi sáng

Do you think people can do two things at the same time?

Honestly speaking, I don’t believe we can pay attention to two things at the same time because one task may be distracted by the other one, and finally we will probably end up with nothing accomplished.

What affects your ability to concentrate?

I guess we will get absent-minded if we are distracted by several different things at the same time. For example, while we are working in front of computers, we sometimes chat with our online friends. So if I want to work peacefully and efficiently, I really need a clutter-free environment. I like my desk clear of any clutter except one computer on it, and turn off phones, email notification, etc to prevent me from jumping from one thing to another.

27. Tiredness (new)

What things make you tired?

Most of the things that cause my tiredness are related to work, for example the huge workload making me work overtime, unexpected problems I have to deal with, aggressive and impatient customers, or unsupportive colleagues. All of the things I've just listed are really troublesome and tiring.

What do you do when you feel tired?

Every time tiredness arises, a cup of herbal tea or a gentle song is what I need. In general, I tend to lose myself into music or the nice smell of herbal tea to clear my mind and somewhat distract myself from the stress and anxiety.

Who do you prefer talking to when you feel mentally tired, your friends of your family?

I have my preference for talking to my family, particularly my younger sister, every time I feel stressed or mentally tired. My younger sister is the one who I spend most of my time with and feel very comfortable when being with her. So, a small talk with her is what I need.

Do you want to talk to strangers when you feel mentally tired?

No, I don't. I'm usually not in the mood of small talks to strangers when the mental tiredness arises. I'd rather stay alone and get some sleep rather than get involved in small talks.


28. Sun/ Sunny days (new)

Do you like sunshine? / Do you like sunny days?

To be honest, I’m not into sunny . I’d prefer a partially cloudy day without rain, when the weather is pretty cool, so that I could pleasantly take part in outdoor activities without getting sunburn or sweating from the heat of the sun’s rays.
Yes, I am in love with sunshine and the sunny weather. I find that a sunny day can somewhat lift up my moods and make me feel more positive. Also, when I go out on a sunny day, I don't have to worry about whether I've brought along a raincoat or whether my clothes and shoes can stand the rainwater.

What do you like to do on a sunny day?

On a sunny day, I like to wake up early and take a walk around my neighborhood to enjoy the warmth of the sunshine, when the temperature isn’t too high. I also prefer to do the laundry as clothes dry faster due to the lower humidity on these days.
Sunny day is the best weather to do some outdoor activities. The first thing I like to do is my personal errands such as going to the mall, buy food at the market and visit different places. In fact, I normally go out on weekend’s afternoon to do these activities with my friends. To sum up, sunny days is the best time to do almost everything.

Would you like to stay at home or go outside when the weather is great?

I’ve always had the urge to go outside on a nice day, as the beautiful weather makes me feel really comfortable from the inside. Also, there’s no hindrance of crappy weather to outdoors activities, so I think I just can’t stick to staying in bed and missing such an occasion.
I prefer being indoor rather than outdoor regardless of the nice weather. I don’t like to be exposed under the sun and try my best to avoid getting sunburn or sweating because of the sun's rays.

Have you ever used sunscreen?

Yes, of course. I will not leave my house without applying sunscreen on my skin. The reason is that I am immensely aware of the importance of sunscreen use which can help prevent skin cancer by protecting you from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays.

Are there any technologies with sun nowadays? For example?

The first thing that springs to my mind when I hear the questions is the solar panel. This device involves the use of sunlight to generate electricity at home by a range of solar panels being set up on the rooftop. The solar panel is extremely environmentally friendly and economic by saving money on electrical bills.

Are there many sunny days in your hometown?

My hometown is in the middle region of a tropical country which means there’s usually sunshine. In fact, due to its coastal location, it’s the driest and hottest region in my country, especially in the summer, so the weather is somewhat extreme.


29. Market (old)

What do street markets sell ?

They sell all kinds of grocery and food, ranging from household supplies to fresh fruits, meats and vegetables. there are also some niche markets which particularly sell one kind of products, such as woodwork, chemicals, fabric, or clothing.

Are there many street markets in Vietnam?

There are a lot of marketplaces in Vietnam. Prior to the emergence of supermarkets, street markets are the common place where Vietnamese people shop for grocery. No matter how developed Vietnam has become, I believe street markets still exist in Vietnam.

What are the differences between street markets and supermarkets?

The most remarkable difference is related to bargain. Definitely you cannot make any bargains when shopping in a supermarket since everything comes with a fixed price on a tag. In contrast, bargaining has become a norm when buying things at a local market, otherwise you might be overcharged.

Do you often go to the supermarket?

I don’t often go to the supermarket. I mostly do the shopping at the convenient store where I can quickly grab things I want and leave.


30. Visit relatives (old)

Do you often visit your relatives?

I don’t often visit my relatives because my work schedule is so tight and there are some relatives I don’t really like talking to. I just visit my relatives whenever I have to do that, particularly in some large family gatherings, like the death anniversary ceremonies or Tet holiday.

What do you do when visiting relatives?

Well, I do nothing special when paying a visit to my relatives. Mainly we have some small talks to catch up with each other and enjoy some home-made food.

When was the last time you visited a relative?

I don’t remember exactly but I would say it was around 5 months ago in Tet holiday. As a part of Vietnamese culture in the New Year, my family and I paid a visit to my uncle’s home to practice ancestor worship.

Why do people visit their relatives?

I think it is to maintain the ties of kinship. Unlike western cultures, in eastern cultures, individuals rely heavily on an extended network of mutual relationships with family members. That’s why the Vietnamese or Chinese pay a visit to their relatives regularly.


31. Social network (old)

How often do you use social networking applications?

I would say that I use social networking applications every day, especially facebook and instagram. Those apps are really fun and entertaining to kill the time.

Why do you use social networking apps?

I use Facebook and Instagram mostly to catch up with family and friends who also use these apps on a daily basis. Also, I check Facebook and Instagram to read latest news.

What are the disadvantages of social networking apps?

The most noticeable downside of this platform is related to its content. It is undeniable that there are a lot of fake or over-dramatic contents on these apps, trying to capture the public’s attention.
As for me, the biggest minus point of social networking apps is the excessive quantity of advertisements. I find the high-frequency advertising extremely irritating.

Do you think it is good to make friends online?

No. I don’t think starting a friendship through online platform is a good thing to do. This is because people who you perceive as friends can be deceptive and carry malicious intent. So, safety is better than sorry, you shouldn’t make friends online.

Are you going to change the amount of time spending on social networking apps in the future?

I have never thought about this, but I assume in the near future that's not gonna happen as social networking platforms are somehow part of my life.
Yes, in the future I'm gonna reduce the amount of time spending online and start to develop new good habits, such as doing physical exercise or reading books.


32. Time Management/ Plan (old)

Do you make plans every day?

No. Indeed, I don’t have the habit of making plans every day. I did try to plan out my day in advance. But it just left me frustrated when the plan fell apart within the first few hours. And trying to stick to the plan made you feel super stressed.

Are you good at managing your time?

No. I don’t think I can manage my time properly. That’s my big weakness. I always feel there isn’t enough time in the day. I usually let difficult and challenging tasks sit until the last minute and then feel a lot of stress when playing the catch up.

What is the latest plan you made?

Oh…That is the revision plan for this IELTS Test. I planned out a one-month learning path and things went quite well in the first 4 days, but then urgent tasks from my full-time job came up and I had to spend the next 5 days to deal with them. When I was kinda done with those urgent tasks, I resumed the IELTS revision and felt very overloaded when trying to catch up with the plan.

What is the hardest part of making plans?

Well, it is time estimation that is the most challenging part. I usually underestimate the amount of time it will take to complete a task. Some tasks which I first expected to last only 2 hours to complete turn out to take 4 hours or more to get them done. That’s why my plan usually falls apart.


33. Garbage (old)

Why do some people throw garbage on the street?

I think one reason explaining the littering behaviour is related to selfishness. With a piece of trash in hand while being on the street, people find it inconvenient and annoying so they don’t mind throwing in on the ground to make their hands free. All they care is their comfort and convenience.

What do you do with garbage when you are on the street?

I usually keep holding it until I can find a trash can, or if I am busy, I will wrap it in a sheet of tissue and put it in a small pocket in my handbag. I hate the action of littering so I will not turn myself into a litterer.

How do you feel when you see people throwing garbage on the street?

I feel disappointed about these litterers, especially when children and teenagers do that ugly behaviour. You can call me too serious but I believe their action somewhat shows their personality traits, and two of them are irresponsibility and recklessness.

Do you think your city is clean or not?

HCMC is so littered with trash and this is because our citizens are careless and uncaring about keeping the public places clean. Their environmental awareness is terrible, thereby making the whole city full of garbage.

Is there a lot of garbage on the streets in your living area?

Yes, there is. I would say the streets in my neighbourhood are littered with trash. Many neighbours of mine are not environmentally conscious at all. They usually purposely dump their trash on the streets and don't see anything wrong with their behaviour. As long as their houses are clean, what's the big deal.

Do you categorise garbage?

Yes, I do. Sorting household waste has become my new habit recently as I want to do something small, yet crucial to protect the environment and contribute to facilitate waste management in my city.

Do you participate in any environmental protection activities?

Well, instead of joining in particular activities or programmes, I do small things in daily life to protect the environment, such as turning off the lights or other electrical appliances before leaving the room, or using reusable bags when shopping.

Do you use recycled items?

Yes, but not very often. I try to use recycled paper whenever possible. Also, I sometimes make toys for my nieces and nephews from plastic bottles and newspaper.


34. Weather (old)

Do you prefer dry or wet weather?

I prefer dry and warm weather as compared to wet and cold weather. Even though humidity makes the air cooler and more comfortable, I cannot bear the wetness. Also a sunny day can somewhat lift up my moods and I can work more efficiently and happily.

What kind of weather do you like the most?

I like dry or sunny weather because my plans and activities would not be ruined by the rains. I can drive motorcycle without worrying about bringing my rain coat. Also, I can wear any types of shoes I like with little concern about whether they can stand the rainwater.

What’s your favourite season?

Ho Chi Minh City has two distinctive seasons and my favourite one is dry season. The reason is that I will not be subject to daily downpours making me run for cover. In addition, dry season is better because my plans will not be ruined by the weather and I can stay dry all day.

What kind of weather is typical in your hometown? / Do you think that the weather pattern where you are living has changed recently?

In the last 3 years, HCMC has experienced a longer dry season, there hasn’t been much rain as it used to be a decade ago. The high temperatures also cause the increasingly high demands of citizens in setting up in-house air-conditioner or air cooler fans.

Can weather affect your moods?

Yes, obviously. A sunny day with the blue sky and sunshine can somewhat lift up my moods and create positive feelings. Also, I can work more efficiently and happily if the weather is pleasant. On the other hand, grey days can bring about annoyance and low moods as I hate rains and wetness.

Do you like living in a place which has different kinds of weather?

The answer is no. Living in places with the weather being varied or changing dramatically over a short period of time is not pleasant at all. The biggest disadvantage I can think of is the increase in spendings on clothes since we have to have different clothes for different weather.


35. Travel (old)

Do you like travelling?

Yes. I do love travelling. It is truly the best therapy to relax and refresh yourself.

Which cities have you travelled to?

I have been to Singapore, Bangkok, Phnom Penh and Melbourne. They are all popular tourist destinations but I love Singapore and Melbourne the most.

What kind of cities do you like to travel to?

I’d love to visit modern cities like Singapore and Melbourne. But I’m also interested in cities with captivating natural scenery and distinct cultural features, such as Kyoto City in Japan or Istanbul in Turkey.

What is the place that left you the deepest impression when travelling?

It is Melbourne that left the most unforgettable memories in my mind. There are a lot of great day trips, drives, dives and spots to take in the city, such as the State Library of Victoria or the royal botanic gardens of Victoria or the Phillip Island.

What are the disadvantages of travelling?

Obviously, there are manifold drawbacks of travelling but the biggest one that I can think of is the expenses. Travelling may be costly because of spendings on airfares, transportation, lodging, food, entertainment and other additional costs.

Do you like jobs that require a lot travelling?

No. Occupations which involve heavy travel, like flight attendants, pilots, tour guides or travel bloggers, are not appealing to me at all. High frequency of travelling will definitely lead to the feelings of tiredness and exhaustion.

Should we travel to unusual places?

I reckon that travelling to unusual destinations is not the good idea on account of safety and inconvenience. Obviously, the local tourism services in those places are not developed enough to create pleasant experiences. Although paying a visit to unusual places may be exciting and intriguing, it will inevitably be uncomfortable, inconvenient and even dangerous.


36. Transportation (old)

What’s the most popular means of transportation in your hometown?

Motorcycles or scooters are the most widely-used means of transportation in Vietnam. Even a poor family will strive to own one motorcycle to commute.

Can you compare the advantage of planes and trains?

Travelling by planes is definitely faster compared to trains, for example it takes only 2 hours to fly from HCMC to Hanoi, but it takes 2 days to travel by trains. However, there are some convenient facilities on trains which cannot be found on planes, such as the comfortable dining car and sleeping car.

How often do you take buses?

I did take buses every day when I was in university. However, this is no longer the case at the present time as now I am an office worker and I commute by motorcycle, so I hardly take buses.

Is driving to work popular in your country?

I would say that driving car to work cannot gain as much popularity as riding motorbike. Scooters are more suitable to the road system in Vietnam with narrow streets and a lot of alleyways. Also, cars are not affordable to the majority of Vietnamese people.

Would you ride bikes to work in the future?

If in the future the municipal authorities develop the public transportation in HCMC, improve the traffic system, as well as adopt the bicycle-sharing scheme like in Singapore, I will be happy to commute by bike.
No. Even though I understand that cycling is good for me and the environment, I wouldn't do that. Riding bicycles can be dangerous in Vietnam. There are no bike/cycle lanes in this country so cyclists are at higher risks of traffic accidents.

Do you prefer public transportation or private transportation?

Private vehicles are still a preferred transport option to me. Public transportation may not stop at the precise address that I want to travel to, and I have to look for additional means. Also, there is a lack of privacy while being on buses or trains. Travelers are crowded and personal space may not be available.

Do you think people will drive more in the future? / What will become the most popular means of transportation in your country?

In the future, I believe scooters still remain as the most widely-used means of transportation because it suits the traffic system in HCMC better than car.


37. Trust (new)

Who do trust most?

Well, I can tell that I have my faith in my family members the most. Call me innocent but I believe they are my flesh and blood so they would be honest and would not harm me for any reasons.

Have you ever lost trust in someone?

Luckily, I haven't experienced any unwanted situations in which people were dishonest to me, making me lose faith in them. I normally treat others with honest and respect so that's why they treat me in the same way.

What kind of people do you trust?

It's hard to say but I think I have my trust in those who are with me through thick and thin, encourage and support me to overcome difficulties, and will not leave me behind for any reasons. These people are usually my family members and they are trustworthy and reliable.

Do you trust artificial intelligence?

Yes, I do. The technology of AI has done a very job in increasing human's work productivity and efficiency. AI can run through millions of data points by using algorithms to reach an answer in a millisecond with high levels of accuracy. I don't understand why there are some people who don't trust AI.


38. Voice (new)

Is your voice different from when you were young?

Honestly speaking, I pay little attention to my voice but I assume that my voice hasn't experienced any significant changes since I was a kid. If it changes remarkably, I should have noticed.
The answer is yes. When I came to the stage of puberty, I experienced voice breaking. So my voice at the present time is deeper than it used to be when I was a young boy.

Is your voice similar to that of a family member?

No. My voice doesn't sound the same as that of other family members. I don't really know why because this is something related to genes and heredity.

Do you like listening to your recordings?

No. I kinda hate the sound of my own voice. The reason is that when I listen to my voice in a recording, it sounds so weird and so different than the voice I am familiar with, making me sometimes unable to identify my own voice immediately.

When does your voice change?

There will be a change in my voice when I'm sick. Every time I experience a cold, a flu or a sore throat, my voice gets deeper and lower. Sometimes I even lose my voice if an illness is serious.


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8 thg 5, 2024

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