Multiple Choice là dạng bài trắc nghiệm chọn đáp án chính xác trong số những đáp án cho sẵn. Đây là một trong những dạng bài phổ biến nhất và dễ gặp trong hầu hết các kỳ thi IELTS. Dạng bài này thường xuất hiện trong Part 2 và Part 3 của bài thi IELTS Listening.

Dạng bài Multiple Choice (Multiple answer) thường đưa ra 5-7 phương án và yêu cầu thí sinh lựa chọn 2-3 đáp án chính xác nhất cho câu hỏi.

Các bước làm bài 

Các bạn cùng xem video này để luyện bước làm bài với Mr Quang Minh nhé:


Example. Choose TWO letters, A-E.

Which TWO groups of people are going to be invited to the English department banquet?

A department faculty

B building staff

C students studying English

D friends and relatives

E the local community


Check-up. Choose TWO letters, A-E. 

Which TWO experiences of sibling rivalry do the speakers agree has been valuable for them?

A learning to share

B learning to stand up for oneself

C learning to be a good loser

D learning to be tolerant

E learning to say sorry


Skill Practice 1. Nghe và lựa chọn đáp án thể hiện nội dung bạn nghe được. 

1 A He is unfamiliar with a university department.

B He is unsure about registration fee payments.

2 A It splits a body of water.

B It is at the centre of a river.

3 A There are tips for proper exercise training.

B There are restrictions on certain foods.

Skill Practice 2. Nghe và lựa chọn đáp án thể hiện nội dung bạn nghe được. 

1 A You can see him on TV this Wednesday.

B You can see him on TV this Monday.

2 A He left school later than most of his friends.

B He left school earlier than most of his friends.

3 A He wanted to work in Italy.

B He moved to Italy to train to be a chef.

4 A His radio show started in 2004.

B His radio show started in 2006.

5 A He could cook many types of food when he was young.

B He could only cook one type of food when he was young.

Đáp án:

Skill Practice 1.

1 A
2 A
3 B

Skill Practice 2.

1 A
2 B
3 A
4 B
5 B

Listening practice

Exercise 1

Which THREE elements of the play did Angel and Henry have similar feelings about?

  1. Music
  2. Story line
  3. Costumes
  4. Play schedule
  5. Set design
  6. Casting

Exercise 2

Which THREE of the following are some of the effects of recession on individuals and families?

  1. People are now scared of travelling by plane.
  2. People experience hopelessness.
  3. People like to use cash than cheques.
  4. People are more conscious about their spending habits.
  5. People work harder to provide for their families.
  6. People are afraid and anxious.

Exercise 3 

Q1&2: Which two tasks does Eliza still have to do?

A. Position the display boards

B. Arrange the lighting

C. Find appropriate music

D. Select accessories

E. Choose a name for her show

Q5&6: Which two experiences did both students particularly enjoy about their course?

A. Learning about different career options

B. Attending a prominent fashion show

C. Meeting a professional designer

D. Doing a work placement

E. Travelling overseas

Q3&4: Which two parts of his dissertation does Rob need to finalise?

A. The literature review

B. The introduction

C. The conclusion

D. The abstract

E. The findings







Plot (N)


The story of a book, film, play, etc.

= story line

Schedule (N)


A list of planned activities or things to be done showing the times or dates when they are intended to happen or be done.


Recession (N)


A period when the economy of a country is not successful and conditions for business are bad.


Anxious (ADJ)


Worried and nervous.


Crisis (N)


A time of great disagreement, confusion, or suffering.


Depression (N)


The state of feeling very unhappy and without hope for the future.


Frugality (N)


The quality of being careful when using money or food.


Conscious (ADJ)


Awake, thinking, and knowing what is happening around you.


Cheques (N)


A printed form, used instead of money, to make payments from your bank account.


Appropriate (ADJ)


Suitable or right for a particular situation or occasion.


Accessories (N)


Something added to a machine or to clothing that has a useful or decorative purpose.


Atmospheric (ADJ)


Relating to the air or to the atmosphere.


Dissertation (N)


A long piece of writing on a particular subject, especially one that is done in order to receive a degree at college or university.


Abstract (ADJ)


Existing as an idea, feeling, or quality, not as a material object.


Prominent (ADJ)


Very well known and important.


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