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Đề bài của chúng ta là:

It is observed that in many countries not enough students are choosing to study science subject.

What are causes?

And what will be effects on society?


1. Introduction

2. Body Paragraph 1 - Causes

- science subjects are extremely difficult

- less job opportunities for graduates in science field

3. Body Paragraph 1 - Effects

- lack of technical breakthroughs and inventions

- employment crisis - students choose to study easier subjects

4. Conclusion

Bài mẫu IELTS Writing thực hiện band 8:

It is an evident phenomenon in many countries in the world that there is a shortage of students who choose to study science subjects as their major. There are some reasons to justify this trend and it also causes/ triggers adverse/unfavorable effects/impacts on the society.

The first reason why fewer students choose science as their major is that science subjects namely Biological Technology or Computer Science,… are extremely demanding. Generally, a major in science consists of related subjects with a great amount of specialized knowledge and a number of experiments, which can be very tough. As a result/ Consequently, students are often put under pressure a lot of pressure in order to understand and handle the tasks well. Another justification is that graduates may take risks of unemployment as there are fewer job opportunities for graduates in science majors. Instead, students are likely to choose a major that is not so demanding but still makes it easier for them to find a job.

The deficiency in students in science fields might trigger unfavorable effects to the society. The most clearly seen impact might be the imbalance between the number of students who study science and other majors. This may lead to the shortage of workers in scientific fields and also cause a lack/ insufficiency of technical breakthroughs and inventions. Additionally, there may be a crisis of employment due to the disparity in the number of graduates who choose other fields such as business, art or pedagogy and those who study science. More students majoring in science may be made redundant as there are less job opportunities in this area. As a result, this will increase the burden of unemployment on the society.

To conclude, reasons that cause the lack of students choosing science as a major vary, and this issue may bring several negative impacts on the society.

Useful Vocabularies

  • evident phenomenon: hiện tượng phổ biến
  • to trigger undesirable impacts: gây ra những hậu quả không mong muốn
  • to be put under a lot of pressure: chịu nhiều áp lực
  • justification = example: ví dụ
  • to risk something: đối mặt với tình trạng gì
  • risk unemployment: đối mặt với tình trạng thất nghiệp.
  • there is a shortage/lack/ of something: thiếu hụt về cái gì
  • technical breakthroughs: đột phá trong công nghệ
  • disparity (n) = difference: sự khác biệt
  • to be made redundant: thừa thãi

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