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đề cam 14 writing test 1 task 1

The provided pie charts illustrate the proportions of three categories of nutrients namely sodium, saturated fat, and added sugar contained in 4 meals on the daily basis. If consumed in large amount, those are not beneficial for health.

From a general perspective, the percentages of sodium and saturated fat are the highest in dinner while snacks provide eaters with the greatest amount of added sugar.

From the first glance, it is noticeable that the highest proportion of sodium belongs meals in the evening. This makes up 43% compared to 37% of saturated fat taken in during dinner. Besides, this figure is 10% higher than that of added sugar in dinner. The meal that has the second largest consumption of sodium is lunch with 29%, followed by 26% and 19% of saturated fat and added sugar respectively.

Standing at 42%, the figure of added sugar in snacks is twice as much as that of saturated fat. Meanwhile, the statistics of sodium obtained in snacks and breakfast is the same at 14%. Similarly, the saturated fat and added sugar consumed in breakfast share the equal figure, which is 16%.

(187 words)

Useful Vocabularies
Category (n) /ˈkætəɡəri/ loại
Nutrient (n) /ˈnjuːtriənt/ chất dinh dưỡng
Contain (v) /kənˈteɪn/ chứa đựng
Consume (v) /kənˈsjuːm/ tiêu thụ
Consumption (n) /kənˈsʌmpʃn/ sự tiêu thụ
Obtain (v) /əbˈteɪn/ thu được, đạt được
Take in (v) /teɪk/ /ɪn/ thu nạp (đặc biệt là chất dinh dưỡng)
Useful Structures
From a general perspective /frəm/ /ə/ /ˈdʒenrəl/ /pəˈspektɪv/ nhìn tổng quan
It is noticeable that/ɪt/ /ɪz//ˈnəʊtɪsəbl//ðæt/ điều đáng chú ý là


đề cam 14 writing test 1 task 2

Stressful situations, such as unsatisfactory jobs or lack of money, are inevitable in life, and how one should react when confronted with such predicaments is still up for debate. While some people choose to come to terms with unpleasant conditions, I strongly believe that earnest endeavours should be made to improve them.

There are several reasons why some people shift their mindset to one of acceptance. Firstly, life is all about challenges, whether they are financial setbacks, health problems, or workplace difficulties. Therefore, people accept things as they are, move on with their life and focus on more workable problems. Secondly, this method helps people maintain their inner peace and happiness, as they admit the limit of their endurance, and allow peace to replace distressing emotions. Finally, pursuing acceptance, to some people, means resilience and self-empowerment in a way.

In spite of the above arguments, I support the view that striving for change is the positive approach we should take when stressful situations arise. Even when such circumstances can't be changed, they should be viewed as an opportunity for self-growth. Mentally strong people acknowledge that everything is the result of their own actions, face reality, and make decisions to change. For example, in lieu of compromising with an unsatisfactory low-paying job, we could improve our performance and negotiate a raise, or simply find a new job. In my view, when people succeed in improving their situation, they feel good about themselves and about the improvement they affected through their effort.

In conclusion, while learning to accept unfavourable circumstances is one way to cope with, it is important to face adversity head-on, as it is more rewarding in the long run.

(280 words)

Useful Vocabularies
predicament (n) tình thế khó khăn
endeavour (n) nỗ lực
distressing (adj) đau buồn
resilience (n) sự kiên cường
adversity (n) nghịch cảnh
Useful Structures
(to be) up for debate gây tranh cãi
(to be) a/the positive approach we should take là một giải pháp tích cực mà chúng ta nên chọn
in lieu of ... thay vì



đề cam 14 writing test 2 task 1

The provided bar chart gives information about the national turnovers from different exporting areas. There is also a table illustrating the shift in proportion of each kind of exports in 2016 in comparison with that in the previous year.

From the chart and the table, it is evident that, except gems and jewellery, there was an upward trend in all exported products. Noticeably, petroleum and engineered goods gained the highest revenues among the five categories.

In 2015, petroleum products had the greatest amount of profit, which was 60 billion dollars. This was followed by approximately 58 billion dollars of engineered products. However, in 2016, the figure of gas products increased minimally by 3% while engineered products witnessed a significant rise of 8.5% and reached the same level of gas products.

All the other kinds of items had the exporting values under 50 billion dollars. Among these, gems and jewellery achieved the highest value, which were 42 billion dollars in 2015. However, in the following year, a slight drop of 5.18% was seen in the value of gems and jewellery. In 2015, the profit of agricultural products was 30 billion dollars and this remained almost the same in 2016 when just a small increase of 0.81% was made. The export earning of textiles was the lowest among the five categories during the period despite a dramatic climb of 15,24% in 2016.

(230 words)

Useful Vocabularies
turnover = revenue = profit (n) lợi nhuận
Useful Structures
It is evident that rõ ràng là


đề cam 14 writing test 2 task 2

Biodiversity, or the variety of species in a particular ecosystem, has been declining rapidly in recent years. While some people argue that this might be the most pressing environmental issue, as of now, I strongly believe that there are more environmental concerns for communities around the world to address.

There are several reasons why people might argue that the extinction of certain species should be of highest concern. First, it greatly influences the food chain as reductions in only one species can adversely affect the entire chain. Furthermore, reduced biodiversity poses an immediate danger for food security, also for humankind. For instance, pollination is extremely vital for growing food, as an estimated 80% of plant species relies on this process to survive. The declining trends in particular pollinators, namely bees and butterflies, are likely to impact the production of crops, leading to increased health problems for human beings, such as malnutrition.

In spite of the above arguments, I support the view that there are other major threats for our planet that must be solved, namely climate change. This phenomenon is proceeding at a rate that is unprecedented in history, resulting in various long-term outcomes such as sea level rises, pollution, extreme weather, and loss of biodiversity. However, despite decades of research on the subject with scientific evidence, the public reaction to climate change is lukewarm, to say the least, as immediate concerns will always trump long-term consequences. From my perspective, this is one of the most critical environmental issues for the aforementioned reasons: first is the level of impact, and second is the ignorance of society to said issue.

In conclusion, while it is true that ecosystem sustainability holds a certain degree of importance, I believe that we should look at the bigger picture and act on the more pressing environmental issue that is global climate change.

(307 words)

Useful Vocabularies
ecosystem (n) hệ sinh thái
adversely (adv) một cách bất lợi
pollination (n) sự thụ phấn
unprecedented (v) chưa từng có trước đây
sustainability (n) sự bền vững
Useful Structures
(to) look at the big(ger) picture nhìn tổng quan



đề cam 14 writing test 3 task 1

The provided diagram depicts the process by which electricity is produced from a water power plant.

From the illustration, it is evident that hydroelectricy production is a circular process which involves inputting water, generating it into power and lastly returning it to the original source. Besides, there is a difference in producing activities between day and night time.

The water originates from a river and is stored in a high-level reservoir protected by a dam. During the daytime, the intake is opened to allow water to flow to the power station through a tunnel. At the power station, the water force is used to activate reversible turbines. These machines account for accelerating a generator. The water power is converted into electricity, which is then transmitted through power lines to contribute to the national grid. The used water is later preserved in a low-level reservoir.

When the night comes, the water stored in the low-level reservoir returns to the turbines. In the next step, thanks to the reversibility of these turbines, water is pumped into the tunnel leading to the high-level reservoir. At night time, water is allowed to pass the dam as the intake is not opened at this time. The whole process will occur similarly in the next day.

(210 words)

Useful Vocabularies
Originate from (v) Bắt nguổn từ
Activate (v) Kích hoạt, khởi động
Accelerate (v) Gia tốc
Transmit (v) Truyền
Preserve (v) Giữ lại
Intake (v) Điểm lấy nước vào ( sông hồ, ống bơm..)
Reversibility (n) Tính thuận nghịch
Useful Structures
it is evident that….. Rõ ràng là…..
St is converted into…. …. được chuyển đổi thành ..
Thanks to …. Nhờ có ……


đề cam 14 writing test 3 task 2

It is true that music plays an indispensable role in our wellbeing, increasing empathy, social connection, and cooperation. I completely agree with the idea that music is the human language that bridges cultures and generations.  

The first and foremost reason why music has such an inherent capability of connecting people is that it transcends the boundaries of language. In fact, music works a lot like language does, except instead of words and ideas, emotions and intentions are communicated. Thus, this makes it easier for people of various age groups to appreciate and enjoy music, whether it is a 1-year-old having little to no grasp of speech recognition, or a normal adult. Music is a common ground, considered a popular pastime for almost all ages, and it provides an everlasting connection between generations.

It is also worth mentioning that the concepts of music, culture and society are intrinsically linked, and the inter-relationship between them has been researched for many decades. While it is scientifically proven that music is influenced by socio-cultural characteristics and vice versa, the implication that only people from the same cultural identity can appreciate particular genres is unfounded. In fact, Korean music, which includes a multitude of sub-genres and traditional oriental sounds, has been gaining immense popularity among adolescents in the United States in recent years, making this a prime example for the aforementioned perspective.

In conclusion, I fully support the view that music has its own way of connecting people together, regardless of cultural identities or generational differences.

(251 words)

Useful Vocabularies
indispensable (adj) Không thể thiếu
inherent (adj) vốn có, cố hữu
transcend (v) vượt quá, hơn
common ground (n) điểm tương đồng, điểm chung
cultural identity (n) bản sắc văn hoá
Useful Structures
and vice versa và ngược lại
making sth a prime example khiến cho … là một ví dụ điển hình
a multitude of rất nhiều, vô số (= a lot of)



đề cam 14 writing test 4 task 1

The pictures demonstrate the transformation of Grange Park between 1920 and now. Overall, it is obvious that the park has undergone remarkable developments with the addition of a children’s play area and café and the rearrangement of basic elements such as gardens, water, seating and music.

In 1920, visitors accessed Grange Park from Arnold Avenue on the north side and from Eldon Street on the south side. These days, apart from 2 original entrances, there is a third entrance near the water feature for an underground car park.

In the middle of the park, there was a fountain as well as a stage for musicians surrounded by two rose gardens and several seats. However, 20 years later, the fountain was demolished while the stage has also been replaced with an amphitheatre for concerts. One of the smaller rose gardens remains on the north side of the park whereas the other was enlarged and rearranged to the central area where the fountain used to be with four seats all around it.

On the left side, a glasshouse was constructed to the right of the Eldon Street entrance and on its opposite side in the north east corner, there were a pond for water plants and a rose garden, but now they were replaced with a children’s play area and a cafe nearby. The glasshouse was also converted into a water feature.

 (231 words)

Useful Vocabularies  
Transformation (v) Sự thay đổi
Undergo (v) Trải qua
Rearrangement (v) Sắp xếp lại
Original (adj) Nguyên bản
Demolish (v) Phá hủy, đánh đổ
Enlarge (v) Mở rộng
Construct (v) Xây dựng
Useful Structures  
be replaced with bị thay bởi
St is converted into…. …. được chuyển đổi thành ..
It is obvious that…… Rõ ràng là ………


đề cam 14 writing test 4 task 2

In today’s society, there’s an occurring trend among people to start their own businesses instead of working for a corporation. While I can see why self-employment may be an appealing career path for some enterprising individuals, it entails several drawbacks that should be taken into consideration.

Over the past few years, more people than ever before have chosen this nontraditional path for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, being self-employed provides the freedom to decide when, where, and how to get the job done. Secondly, self-employment lifts the salary cap, and income directly relates to productivity. It is also worth mentioning that a significant mindset shift has taken place and with it has emerged a workforce which values flexibility over stability. As a result, self-employment has grown enormously in the last decade, and the trend shows no signs of slowing.

While self-employment can give you financial rewards and independence from employers, there are some inevitable risks involved. Perhaps the most difficult aspect, especially in the early days, is the lack of financial security. Not only unguaranteed to receive a steady income, but benefits such as medical and social insurance may also be difficult to come by. Furthermore, establishing new businesses and building a client base can be a long, tedious and at times frustrating process. Last but not least, self-employment means working longer hours, more irregular as well, and work-life balance is likely to be affected.

In conclusion, although the movement to full-time self-employment is expected to be the prominent trend in the workforce, not everyone is prepared for the difficulties of being their own boss, and one should weigh up the benefits and drawbacks of working for themselves.

(278 words)

Useful Vocabularies
occurring (adj) đang diễn ra
entail (v) bao gồm
nontraditional (adj) phi truyền thống
inevitable (adj) không thể tránh khỏi
tedious (adj) buồn tẻ, nhạt nhẽo
prominent (adj) nổi bật
Useful Structures
(to) lift the salary cap tăng khung tiền lương
(to) value sth over sth coi trọng cái gì hơn

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