Trong những bài viết trước IELTS fighter đã chia sẻ cho các bạn khá nhiều về kiến thứ từ vựng, topic speaking, tài liệu IELTS hay... hôm nay chúng ta sẽ học về Idioms hay IELTS speaking part 3 nhé!

Dưới đây là 22 Idioms các bạn nên dùng trong Speaking để ghi điểm “cộng” với giám khảo. Mỗi Idioms đều có nghĩa và ví dụ thực tế để giúp bạn có thể hiểu nghĩa và biết cách áp dụng tốt nhất. Các bạn hãy lấy giấy note và ghi lại hết những idioms để học tại nhà.  

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Hard Nut To Crack

Definition: a problem that is hard to solve or a person who is hard to understand


  • Tom sure is a hard nut to crack. I can’t figure him out.
  • This problem is getting me down. It’s a hard nut to crack.


Down the road

Definition: In the future

  • I may at some point travel around the world but that’s down the road.
  • I asked my friend for some useful IELTS materials that could be useful down the road for my IELTS exam


Put one’s cards on the table 

Definition: Be open and honest about your feelings and intentions


  • I thought it was time I laid my cards on the table, so I told her that I had no intention of being her lover.
  • I think we shouldlay our cards on the table and speak very candidly about this 


Play Ace

Definition: Use one’s best resource/weapon


It’s time to play our ace and put our strongest player.


Cut Class

Definition:  To skip a school class | not go to school without excuse


  • Ifshe cuts class more than 4 times, she‘ll fail the course.
  • My friend decided to cut class for 4 days to go to France with her parent. 


Bone Of Contention

Definition: The  main point of an argument.


” Nowadays, the increase in white-collar crime has become a bone of contention between politicians.”  

” This kind of music is always a bone of contention between Jone and his son.”

” The way of reducing heavy traffic congestion is still a bone of contention.”

Eat The Humble Pie 

Definition: To accept you were wrong in humiliating circumstances.


“The producers of the advert had to eat humble pie and apologise for misrepresenting thefacts.”

“The football team have to eat humble pie after losing the match with a terrible score.”

“Don’t be arrogant. I hope you would eat humble pie after you realise you were wrong.”


Accidentally On Purpose

Definition: If  you do something accidentally on purpose, you intend to do it but you pretend that it was an accident


  • I accidentally on purpose erased my teacher’s email address, so I couldn’t contact her again. 
  • If I,accidentallyon purpose, forget to bring her address with us, we won’t be able to visit herafter 


Play To The Gallery

Definition: To  perform in a manner that will make people admire or support you.


“Selena Gomez is a world famous singer, so it is understandable that she tries to play to the gallery when she attends a fan meeting.”

“Donal Trump attempts to play to the gallery so that he can get more votes from people.”

“The CEO is a warm-hearted person, he always plays to the gallery when he talks with employees.”


Look like a million dollars

Definition: Luxurious, gorgeous and beautiful.


“Wow, you look like a million dollars.”

” Did you see Jane? She looks like a million dollars.”

“That car looks like a million dollars.”


Out Of The Blue 


Something happens unexpectedly or suddenly. 


“She kissed me out of the blue.”

“I was sitting there and out of the blue my boss yelled at me.”

“She broke up with me out of the blue.”


Cut Corners

Definition: To save money by reducing the quality, especially in the bad way. 


” The food is terrible since they have cut corners.

“I don’t want to hire him because he usually cuts corners.

” The product’s quality of a company is decreasing which result from they cut corners in this year.”


Get The Picture

Definition: To get the point or understand what it means.


Jane: “The bridge has to move up like this so the boat can get through” – Kris: “Oh, I get the picture.”

“Could you get the picture when I presented the plan for our journey?”

“I’m sorry, but I couldn’t get the picture of this. It is too complicated to understand.”


In A Pickle

Definition: in a difficult situation


  • Last week we were  in apretty pickle. We were late for the assignment deadline so we were punished by our teacher
  • He thinks the media are responsible for his being in such a pickle


The Last Straw 

Definition: Something happens for the last time before it will change. 


“I caught you flirting. This is the last straw. I’m breaking up with you.”

“I yelled back at my boss today. It was the last straw.

“If the next time you are late, it will be your last straw.”


Bare Your Heart

Definition: If you bare your heart to someone, you reveal your innermost thoughts and feelings to them.


  • I decided to bare my heart to my best friend because I couldn’t keep things to myself any longer.
  • I can’t make out why I bared my heart to him although we didn’t know each other that well. 


Worth One’s Salt

Definition: Good or competent at the job | deserve the pay or reward that you get.


  • Any IELTS teacher worth his salt would do exactly as I did.
  • They decided that I amworth my salt, and I can stay on as an office clerk.
  • Any students worth their salt should be aware of the latest changes in entrance examination


At All Costs

Def inition: If you are determined to obtain or achieve something at all costs, you want it regardless of the expense, effect or sacrifice involved.

Example: The journalist was determined at all costs to get a report from the war zone.


Go All Out

Definition: use a lot of energy and effort to do something


“Jack is going all out to win the contract – I hope he’ll succeed.”

“She goes all out to attain the scholarship to pursue a higher education.”

“To gain the high IELTS score, I have to go all out.”


Let Yourself Go

Either take less care of your appearance or relax completely and enjoy yourself.


“Sam has really let himself go since his wife died.”

“It is understandable that let yourself go when you’ve had small kids.”

“I love dancing and juts let myself go.”


Go Round In Circles

Definition: Make no process in an argument or discussion.


“The discussion is going round in circles. We need to find another way to get deal with this problem.”

“If you want to gain a high score for this assignment, you need a clear plan. Don’t make your project go round in circles.”

“No matter how much I try, our businesses still go round in circles.”


Jump For Joy

Definition: Be very happy and excited about something that has happened.


“When I got the gift from my parent for my birthday, I jumped for joy even paid no attention to other presents.”

“My friend has jumped for you when I gave him a music concert ticket.”

“When I got the IELTS exam result, I jumped for joy because I’ve passed the exam with high score.”


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