Sharinglà chủ đề đã xuất hiện trong phần thi Speaking Part 1 của British Council trong ngày 27/6/2019 vừa qua. Một số câu hỏi về Sharing xoay quanh bản thân mình có thích chia sẻ không; Mình thích chia sẻ về điều gì; Gia đình có hướng dẫn mình cách chia sẻ với người khác không; Có những điều gì không thích hợp để chia sẻ… Sau đây chúng ta cùng nhau học một số từ vựng và cụm từ có thể áp dụng trong chủ đề “Sharing” nhé!

IELTS Speaking Part 1 topic Sharing

Q1: Do you like sharing things with other people?

A1: Of course, I do. There is a saying that: “Sharing is caring”. I believe that sharing would enhance the long-lasting relationship with other people. The enjoyment and endearing feeling of some milestones in our lives will be more valuable and memorable when we experience them with somebody by our side.

 Những từ vựng hay cần chú ý:




Enhance /ɪnˈhæns/ (verb)

●     It’s important that we need to enhance the quality of life.

Nâng cao, cải thiện chất lượng, tình trạng của một cái gì/người nào đó

improve (verb)

Long-lasting relationship (noun)

●     Trust is the key to build a long-lasting relationship.

Mối quan hệ lâu dài


Endearing /ɪnˈdɪərɪŋ/ (adj)

●     She has an endearing grin.

Quý mến/yêu mến/ đáng yêu

beloved (adj)

Milestone (noun)

●     Today is my 25th weeding anniversary, a real milestone.

Sự kiện/ cột mốc/ giai đoạn quan trọng (trong đời người)

landmark (noun)


Q2: What things do you like to share with others?

A2: Well, I can share almost my everyday stuff with my family and friends, particularly food, clothes, books and movies. Although they are just petty things but sharing brings people closer together. Besides, sharing knowledge and experience is also of high importance, especially for those who are in need since it may have significant impacts on their lives.

Những từ vựng hay cần chú ý:




Stuff /stʌf/ (noun)

●     That’s my personal stuff, do not touch.

Dùng chung khi gọi các đồ vật

thing(s) (noun)

Petty /ˈpeti/ (adj)

●     Why do you need to spend so much time on that? Those are just petty things.

Nhỏ nhặt, không quan trọng

unimportant (adj)

Bring people closer together (collocation)

●     Sharing with strangers when you feel upset is also a way to bring people closer together.

Mang mọi người lại gần nhau hơn



Q3: Did your parents teach you about sharing?

A3: Definitely. Since I was a child, my parents always gave me guidance by setting examples and from that I picked up lessons for my own. They encouraged me to share things with underprivileged people, things like secondhand clothes, used coursebooks or old toy which gave me a huge a sense of accomplishment. I feel really fulfilled when looking back on them.

 Những từ vựng hay cần chú ý:




Guidance /ˈɡaɪdns/ (noun)

●      Please read carefully for your guidance and compliance.

Sự hướng dẫn/ chỉ dẫn

Direction (noun)

Pick up (phrasal verb)

●     My teacher is an amazing person, I can pick up a lot of valuable lessons from her.

Thu/nhặt (điều gì/thứ gì)

collect (verb)

Encourage someone to do something (collocation)

●     When the world turns against me, my parents are always there encouraging me to do the right thing.

Động viên/khích lệ ai làm việc gì đó


Underprivileged /ˌʌndərˈprɪvəlɪdʒd/ (adj)

·         You should be thankful for what you have, many poor and underprivileged people out there need our help.

Kém may mắn

Poor (adj)

Sense of accomplishment (collocation)

·         Finally, I’m graduated! I feel a sense of accomplishment.

Cảm thấy thỏa mãn/rất hài lòng


Một số câu trả lời mẫu khác sưu tầm khác:

1. Have you shared anything with others recently?

Yes! Actually, I got a box of 6 bottles of red wine as a gift recently. Since I cannot consume all of that, I’ve shared 3 bottles with my friends, as red wine is a luxury here in Asia. I enjoy sharing alcohol with people, as it’s something that puts you in a good mood!

2. What do you like to share?

That’s an interesting question. I’m a pretty generous person, so I’m happy to share most of my things. However, I particularly enjoy sharing my food with others. I feel that food is one basic thing that undoubtedly makes everyone happy. It’s a win-win (always a benefit) situation.

3. What things do you like to share with others?

A1: As I’m a person who believes in the saying, Sharing is caring, I share almost anything that I have to my family and my closest friends except very personal things like undergarments – of course they can’t be shared! I do love sharing things from petty things such as pens, books, or pads of paper to important ones like my car, jewelry, clothes, and shoes. I just feel fulfilled every time I share something.

A2: Call me selfish but I don’t really like sharing material things to anyone. Of course, I know the importance of sharing, so that’s why I share my knowledge or my skills to someone who really needs it but I cannot give or share something that is material. For me sharing my knowledge or my ability is way more important than anything else since it’ll have a long-lasting impact to someone’s life.

4. Did your parents teach you to share when you were a child?

A1: Of course! Actually, since I’m one of 7 children, sharing was unavoidable. After one child grew bigger, we always shared their hand-me-downs (secondhand clothing). Furthermore, during a meal, we each started with a small portion to make sure everyone got enough, then would go back for seconds (second portion of food)

A2: Yes they did, I’m so lucky that I have exemplary parents. They never ever missed in teaching me valuable lessons in life when I was a child because they wanted me to grow as a better person, and sharing is one of those. I remember I always shared my toys to my younger brother or anything that I had because my mom said that every time I shared something to someone, all my guardian angels would be very glad. That was really endearing!

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