Bài thi IELTS Speaking Test sẽ diễn ra như thế nào? Các bạn có biết không khí trong phòng thi sẽ ra sao không? Hôm nay cùng tham khảo bài mẫu IELTS Speaking test sample full question + answers nhé. Kèm video minh họa chi tiết nha.

Phần thi Speaking bao gồm 3 Part, trong đó Part 1 là phần phỏng vấn ngắn, part 2 thuyết trình ngắn khoảng 2 phút, part 3 là phần phỏng vấn dài và mở rộng hơn. Các câu hỏi thường theo một chủ đề nhất định.

I. IELTS Speaking Test Sample Full Part 1+2+3

Bài mẫu này sẽ tập trung theo các chủ đề cơ bản là Job, Law, Fashion các bạn nhé.

Bên cạnh bài này, các bạn cùng xem thêm những bài hay theo từng part ở những link này:

Tổng hợp bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 1

Tất cả Sample IELTS Speaking Part 2

40 bài mẫu Speaking Part 3 theo chủ đề


Come in please

Ex: Good morning!

Q: Good morning!

Ex: My name is Linh, can you tell me your full name please?

Q: My full name is Pham Bich Nhu Quynh. You can call me Quynh.

Ex: Thank you. Can you tell me where are you from?

Q: I’m from Hanoi, Vietnam.

Ex: Can I see your identification, please?

Q: Yes, sure.

Part 1

Ex: Thank you, that’s fine. Now in the first part, I’d like to ask you some questions about yourself. Let’s talk about what you do. Do you work or are you student?

Q: Actually, I graduated a few years ago and now I’m in full-time employment.

Ex: What is you job?

Q: I’m working as a PR & Communication Executive in a Training and Education Company and I’ve been in this position for a year.

Ex: Why did you choose that job?

Q: It’s an interesting story, actually I didn’t choose it. It chose me. I was previously an English teacher in the same company. So one day, my boss just called me into her office to meet her, and she offered this position. At the first time, I wasn’t sure if this would fit my personality because I’m not much of a public speaker and although I have to stand in front of my students, it is only a small number. But after all, I was convinced, and I took that position and started from there.

Ex: Do you enjoy our job?

Q: Yes, absolutely. What I love most about my job is that I can be creative all the time and since my main task is to create video content everyday,, so I have to come up with many different kinds of videos, to promote our company’s image and reputation. Besides, this job definitely gives me tons of other perks as well. I have to meet up with my company’s partners, and so I’m seeing myself becoming a totally different person from who I was, now I’m more confident, I know how to strike up a conversation with a stranger which is something that I never did before.

Ex: Do you get on well with your colleagues?

Q: I must say that I’m very lucky to be surrounded with many caring and understanding co-workers. I think this is partly because we’re all at around the same age, so there are not many differences and I can talk to them easily. One more thing is that our bosses are also millennials, they are super open-minded, in my opinion they’re more like friends rather than high-level leaders.

Ex: What was your first day at work like?

Q: Well it went quite okay I think. I was introduced to everyone, and I was shown to my place and our bosses, they ran workshops to show me how the systems worked and then we went out for a team dinner in the evening.

Ex: Would you change your job in the future?

Q: I’m not quite sure about that. I mean I’m pretty happy with what I’m having right now, and this job indeed helps me push my boundaries further and I’ve got to become a person that who is totally different from who I was. So I think that I’d like to stay in this field for a little while.

Ex: Now, let’s talk about fashion. Do you care about fashion?

Q: Of course, I am fashion-conscious. I follow a lot of fashion accounts on Instagram, not to mention other tons of fashion shops as well. I must say that I am always aware of what I’m putting on, you know, sometimes it takes me like hours to decide what I’m going to wear.

Ex: What kinds of clothes do you usually wear?

Q: It depends on what I’m doing really. If I go to work, I would wear something casual like shirts or jeans. And if I hang out with my friends, putting on a dress wouldn’t be a bad choice, right? And if I stay at home, I just wear something comfortable like T-shirts or shorts.

Ex: Where do you usually buy your clothes?

Q: I used to go to trendy shops when I was a student, but now since I have to work and I have little time for shopping I just go to a shopping centre or department store and just get everything from there.

Ex: Have you ever bought clothes online?

Q: Yes, of course. As I mentioned before, I’m all swamped with work right now, so browsing to shop is very convenient and I also have all my clothes shipped directly to my house.

Ex: What is your favorite item of clothing?

Q: Tough question and I think it also depends on the weather. If the weather is kind of hot, it would be perfect if you put on a sundress with floral printed pattern on it. And if the weather gets a bit chilly, I would definitely go for a long wool coat which appears to be stylish yet functional.

Ex: Do people from your country think fashion is important?

Q: I think they are getting more and more fashion-conscious than ever. I think this is because now they are more self-centered and they want to identify themselves distinctively from other people so they kind of choose to express themselves through the way they dress. The more trendy and fashionable their clothes are, the more confident they will become I suppose.

Ex: Let’s talk about food? What’s your favorite food?

Q: Well, I would say that I’m not a picky eater and I can eat like the whole universe. But if i have to choose, I would definitely go for Vietnamese traditional cuisine because although it does not win any points for complexity, it is all about the combination of fresh ingredients, intense flavours, and ease of cooking and preparation, and it wins my heart.

Ex: Are there any food you dislike?

Q: Well of course, there is this one particular kind of food which I don’t like, the one that stinks. I can’t eat things that are too smelly, for example, durian, shrimp paste, stinky tofu. I just cannot stand the smells of them.

Ex: What are some traditional food in your country?

Q: Obviously, there’s a mixed variety of food in my country. But I guess the most popular one would probably be pho, since Vietnam is world-famous for it. It’s tasty, cheap and available at all hours. In some places, it costs you like 20.000 dong for a steaming hot bowl of Pho. And also, you might find some other things like bun cha, bun bo hue, banh xeo, etc,. And they are all very delicious.

Ex: Do you have a healthy diet?

Q: Actually, I don’t. But I try to eat clean and eat green everyday because highly-processed foods or low-quality foods are linked to obesity and an increased risk of, heart disease, and in some cases, cancer. So it’s vital for me and for everyone to stay healthy by eating clean in order to not only manage your weight but also help you build a stronger immune system and increase your energy levels.

Part 2

Ex: Now I’m gonna give you a topic and you should talk about it for 1 to 2 minutes. Before you talk, you will have one minute to think about what you’re going to say. You can make notes if you wish. You understand?

Q: Yes.

Ex: Here are a piece of paper and a pencil to make notes. And here is your topic, and I’d like you to describe a good law in your country. Are you ready?

Q: Yes

Ex: So you can start talking now and please stop when I tell you to.

Q: Actually, I don’t know the first thing about law to be honest, but if I have to think about one, I think it would be the restriction on using phone while driving in my country. You know, texting or answering phone calls is a common sight in Vietnam so the government, they have decided to impose this restriction. Under this regulation, people using phones while driving motorbikes have to pay a fine of 600 to 800,000 VND. They also have their driving licenses revoked for 3 months. If a violator causes a fatal accident, they will have to face criminal charges as well.

In my opinion I think this regulation is absolutely reasonable because, cell phones nowadays instead of being a useful device they become more dangerous and jeopardise people’s life. Drivers who use phones while driving they are more likely to look over their phones rather than the road and they fail to concentrate and reduce their scanning of the road ahead and they are more likely to take away a life in a blink of an eye and it’s very dangerous if they do so. In fact, there was this deadly accident in Hanoi’s Bac Tu Liem not long ago. It happened because a truck driver ran into a motorbike while he was texting, he ran into the motorbike and killing two people on the spot.

There are also some people argue that hands-free cell phones are not dangerous...

Ex:  Thank you. You can stop now.

Can I have the booklet, the paper and the pencil please?

Part 3

Ex: We’ve been talking about a good law in your country and I’d like to discuss with you in one or two more general questions related to this.
Do people in your country follow rules strictly?

Q: I think this heavily depends on which part of the country we are talking about. In big cities like Hanoi where there is bigger police presence, most people may abide the law to some extent so that they don't have anything to do with the government or the police. However, in less developed regions, people may not follow the rules as strictly as people in the cities because there is a lack of police monitoring.
Why should we follow the rules strictly?

In my opinion, rules are usually made to be followed and they are the ways that make us aware of our rights and responsibilities. If we don’t follow the rules, people will start doing things in their own way which is very dangerous. For example, when you drive on the road you must follow the traffic rules. If you don’t follow them and drive recklessly, consequently, you risk your life. Therefore, I think it is clear why we have to follow the rules strictly in our day to day life.

Ex: What can be done to motivate people so that they abide by the rules and law?

Q:I think most of the people do not want to follow any rules or regulations in their daily lives. It is natural that they will ignore the law. But if the government follows strict measures to make the citizens follow the state rules and it may result in bad consequences and therefore, positive measures should be taken. The government can start by taking some initiatives in rewarding the law abiding citizens with various titles like ‘Man of the Year’, or similar other events.

On the other hand, I think some rules are quite complicated and difficult to understand. So, in the rules-making process, the government should make the rules as straightforward as possible so that they can be easier to understand and to follow.

Ex: Thank you very much, that should be the end of the speaking test.

Q: Thank you.

II. IELTS Speaking band 7+ sample Test

Bài thi này có thể đạt band 7, 7.5 nhé.

Lý do mà bài thi này đạt 7+ vì:

Theo 4 tiêu chí chấm điểm:

1. Fluency & Coherence:

Tiêu chí lưu loát chưa được đáp ứng trọn vẹn, nhất là trong Part 2, vì còn "er ehm..." và thiếu linking words.

2. Pronunciation

Cần cải thiện thêm intonation và cách nhấn keywords trong 1 câu dài

3. Grammatical Range:

Chưa sử dụng được đa dạng thì, đôi khi nói thiếu final sounds dẫn đến ngữ pháp sai

4. Lexical Resource:

Từ vựng sử dụng đa số đơn giản, chưa có nhiều từ mới, phức tạp và đa dạng chủ đề

Các bạn cùng xem:

Bài thi cụ thể:

Come in please.

Ex: Hi, have a seat please.

I’m good. How are you?

Ex: I’m fine thank you.

So, as you know, this is the speaking part of the international english language testing system today which is taking place on 25th September.

My name is David. What should I call you?

You can call me Jenny.

Ex: Nice to meet you Jenny.

Could I see your passport please?

Of course, here you are.

Ex: Thank you.

Okay, here you are.

Thank you.

Ex: Okay, let’s start.

Part 1

Ex: Now, in this first part of the test I'm going to ask you some questions about yourself.

What is the most popular means of transportation in your hometown?

J: I would say motorbikes without a doubt. Almost everyone in my country travels by motorbikes. I believe that their convenience and reasonable price account for why they are so popular. Moreover, there is a wide variety of choices in terms of size, color and quality available for everyone.

Ex: Is driving to work popular in your country?

J: Despite the high expense of the cars themselves and gasoline, a lot of people prefer driving. I think because driving is more comfortable no matter what the weather is like, with such polluted and noisy surroundings.

Ex: Do you prefer public transport or private transport ?

J: I think I’d prefer public transport. It’s much more inexpensive and well accommodated with soft chairs and air conditioner. Also, it can contain a large number of people, it helps ease the intensity of traffic jams during peak hours and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions caused by vehicles.

Ex: Okay, now let’s talk about accommodation

Do you live in a house or an apartment?

J: I have been living in a house with my family for the past 24 years and I think maybe 5 or 6 years more. If I start making a living on my own and move out, I would try my best to have an independent place where I can suit myself and avoid all the troubles of sharing a room/flat with others.

Ex: What do you usually do in your house or your apartment?

J: Well definitely I’ll spend some me-time there. I do whatever I want to, like listening to music, reading, watching movies and dancing all by myself. Sometimes I also spend time writing. It is the most quality time to reflect myself and plan for the future.

Ex: Let’s talk about social media.

What kinds of social media do you like to use?

J: Apparently there are lots of social media platforms nowadays, Instagram, Skype, Twitter or Snapchat, to name but a few. As for me, I spend most of my time using Facebook, because it is friendly with the users and multifunctional. It’s like more than half of the world population are using Facebook so I can be updated with what’s happening all around the world.

Ex: Is it easy to find real friends on social networks?

J: Definitely. Everybody is using social networks, even kids. So I don’t think there is any difficulties in finding a friend on those flatforms. However, there are many cyber-criminals leverage that fact like scammers or fraudsters and you have to be very careful not to fall into the trap. They might hack your account for private information and even money.

Part 2:

Ex: Now, I'm going to give you a topic and I'd like you to talk about it for 1-2 minutes.

Before you talk you'll have one minute to take some notes and prepare. Do you understand?

J: Yes

Ex: Ok, here's your paper and a pencil, and this is your topic. I'd like you to describe a film you would like to share with your friend.

1 minute starts now.

Part 2: Describe a film you would like to share with your friend. You should say:

What it is

Where you watched it

Who you watched it with

And why you want to share it with your friend

Ex: Alright, the minute is over. Please stop taking a note. And now you’re going to have 2 minutes to describe a film you would like to share with your friend. Starting now.

J: This topic is so interesting because I am really into movies. I would recommend my friends to go for a try with one of the greatest films ever made, that is The Blind Side.

I watched it years ago when I was home alone and looking for some movies to kill time after dinner. It was on HBO. The film was made based on the book The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game by Michael Lewis. The Blind Side is about Michael Oher, who has been in foster care with different family, due to his mother’s drug addiction. He runs away every time he is placed in a new house. Then he was found eating leftover foods by Leigh Anne, who soon adopt him and help him become a good football player. At first, Michael runs away from the Leigh Anne’s family as he always used to do. However, it’s Leigh Anne’s effort to bring him back and give him love that changes his mind. He develops a strong love for the family and improves himself for better. I’ve always preferred films with family love and sentimental moments and The Blind Side has them all.

Ex: Alright, is there anything else you would like to say?

J: Watching the movie and knowing about the story makes me feel that I am so lucky that I have my own family who always support me. The film also deliver a message that parental education plays a crucial role in the development of a child. I do believe that those factors will help the film make a strong impression on my friend, like it do to me.

Ex: Thank you. Now I will take the cue card back and we will move to part 3.

We've been talking about a film you would like to share with your friend, and I'd now like to ask you some questions regarding this.

Part 3:

Ex: What is the difference between young people and old people’s favorite film? Why?

J: I think youngsters and older people may have some different taste in film, but not by much, I believe. Young adults are more into movies with lots of excitement or supernatural factors such as science-fiction, thriller, superhero or comedy. Some of the most popular films nowadays like Games of Thrones, The Avengers or Harry Potter all fall under these categories. Meanwhile, older generations tend to value films that have certain meanings or messages rather than visual effects themselves.

Ex: Do you think films/movies reflect what happens in the reality of society?

J: As far as I’ve known, many films have been inspired from real-life materials, which is absolutely an endless source of inspiration for writers and movie makers. They are sometimes based on actual events and added some fictional factors for more excitement. Lots of social aspects have been depicted on screen like political issues, crimes, violence and so on. Despite being exaggerated sometimes (or not), these shows somehow reflect current situations in reality, such as the greatest film of all time Titanic.

Ex: Do you think people will change their preference of films when getting older?

J: I suppose that is likely to happen since most things change over a course of time and so does our taste in movies. This may result from the changes in our perception of life and surroundings as we grow into maturity. For instance, when you were a kid, cartoons or other colorful and energetic TV shows such as Tom & Jerry and Barbie were your favorite. However, during your teenage years, you preferred chick flicks like Twilight or Mean Girls since you adored happy-ending romance. If these are any signs, adulthood, will surely change your appetite in films.

Ex: Thank you, this is the end of the Speaking test. Thank you for taking the test, Jenny. And have a nice day!

J: Thank you David and have a nice day.

Trên đây là hai bài mẫu cơ bản IELTS Speaking Test full. Để luyện Speaking hiệu quả, một số lời khuyên dành cho các bạn nên hướng tới:

Học theo chủ đề: Có lẽ là ai cũng biết điều này rồi. Vì các câu hỏi trong Speaking đều sẽ theo chủ đề nên bạn cố gắng gom các câu hỏi, tập trung từ vựng theo chủ đề sẽ dễ học hơn nhé.

Tự luyện tập mỗi ngày: Với những bạn có Partner thì sẽ dễ dàng hơn khi cả hai cùng luyện tập và nâng cao kỹ năng, nhận ra lỗi sai cho nhau. Tuy nhiên, nếu không có người tập cùng, bạn có thể tự đứng trước gương, tự nói và thu âm lại. Qua đó, bạn xem mình còn ngập ngừng ở đâu, từ vựng nào phát âm chưa chuẩn (tra theo từ điển) và nên nói sao cho hay hơn. Điều này nói thì dễ nhưng làm thì khó đấy nên hãy cố gắng luyện thường xuyên nhé.

Chọn công thức A.R.E.A: Đây là công thức giúp bạn đi theo trình tự trả lời câu hỏi, ghi điểm hơn vì nó tạo nên khung sườn vững chắc để bạn triển khai ý tưởng. Như các câu trả lời trên cũng đi theo công thức này.

A - Answer - Trả lời câu hỏi trực tiếp

R - Reason - Tìm lý do giải thích tại sao trả lời như vậy

E - Example - Ví dụ rõ hơn cho lý do và câu trả lời

A - Alternatives - Mở rộng ý kiến, có thể là phản bác lại câu hỏi.

Bạn xem chi tiết hơn các từ vựng và bài mẫu theo chủ đề và trả lời theo A.R.E.A hai bài viết: Trọn bộ từ vựng IELTS Speaking band 7 +

Một số chia sẻ như trên, hy vọng giúp bạn nâng cao kỹ năng Speaking hiệu quả. Chúc các bạn học tập tốt nhé!

Nguồn bài mẫu: Có tham khảo từ ieltssimon, ieltsadvantages.