Photography có những câu hỏi Speaking nào hay gặp? Các bạn đã thử sức chủ đề này chưa? Hãy cùng tham khảo một số từ vựng và sample bên dưới nha.

Speaking Part 1 sample

1. What type of photos do you like taking? [Why/Why not?]

Bạn thích chụp thể loại hình nào? [Tại sao?]

Đây là một câu hỏi khá đơn giản và dễ mở rộng. Thí sinh nên chọn những điều dễ mở rộng, ví dụ như: chụp hình cây cối, chụp hình cuộc sống, chụp hình với người mẫu…


I really love taking pictures of ordinary activities in our daily life. As these photos are very natural and reflect the real aspects of life, they not only remind me of how beautiful life is, but also make me enjoy living in this Earth.

Từ vựng nổi bật:

- ordinary (a) bình thường, thông thường

- reflect (v) phản chiếu, phản ánh

- to remind sb of sth gợi cho ai nhớ về điều gì đó

2. What do you do with photos you take? [Why/Why not?]

Bạn làm gì với những tấm hình mà mình chụp? [Tại sao?]

Đây là một câu hỏi mang tính thực tế, thí sinh có thể trả lời chân thật rằng: đăng lên mạng xã hội, gửi cho ba mẹ xem để cập nhật tình hình về cuộc sống của con cái, tham gia cuộc thi… Sau đó nêu cụ thể lí do tại sao để câu trả lời trở nên thuyết phục hơn.


I love taking photos so in order to challenge myself, I take part in a competition which takes place every month. I need to hand in three best photos of mine to the judges, then they will take time to consider and choose a winner. It will be an honour to win because there are at least 50 people who compete with one another.

Từ vựng nổi bật:

- challenge (v)(n) thử thách, thách thức

- to take part in sth tham gia vào cái gì đó

- judge (n) giám khảo

- honour (n) niềm vinh dự

- compete (v) cạnh tranh

- to hand in sth nộp cái gì đó

3. When you visit other places, do you take photos or buy postcards? [Why/Why not?]

Khi đến thăm những nơi khác, bạn sẽ chụp hình hay mua bưu thiếp?

Đây là một câu hỏi khá đơn giản vì thí sinh chỉ cần trả lời thực tế, nên nếu được thì phải bổ sung cho câu trả lời bằng những ví dụ minh họa hoặc những chi tiết cụ thể hơn.


Whenever I go travelling, I usually take a lot of pictures because I want to keep those beautiful memories alive. But I also spend money on postcards for my friends and family, these will be sent with the souvenirs I buy. When they receive my package, they will be very happy and know that I never forget them no matter where I am.

Từ vựng nổi bật:

- alive (a) sống, tồn tại

- souvenir (n) quà lưu niệm

- package (n) bưu phẩm, bưu kiện

4. Do you like people taking photos of you? [Why/Why not?]

Bạn có thích chụp hình mình không? [Tại sao?]

Câu hỏi Yes/No này cũng đơn giản yêu cầu thí sinh đưa ra quan điểm của mình, quan trọng nhất là phải mở rộng khi trả lời câu hỏi để làm cho câu trả lời đầy đủ ý.


I am not a very confident person but I still like taking photos of myself. This is not because I want to prove to every one that I am pretty, but I just want to keep the picture of me in different period of time. Moreover, in the future, when I look back, I can see how I look at that time and the memories of those pictures will emerge.

Từ vựng nổi bật:

- confident (a) tự tin

- prove (v) chứng minh, chứng tỏ

- emerge (v) xuất hiện, trồi lên

Speaking Part 2 Sample

Part 2: Describe a photo that makes you feel happy

You should say:

- Where you took it

- When you took the photo

- Why it makes you happy

This topic reminds me of a picture that captures a moment from my childhood when I was singing on a stage, and my mother, with her loving eyes, immortalized that beautiful moment, framing it on the wall for all to see.
First of all, let me share with you some details. The photo was taken in a small community theater, nestled in the heart of our town.

This theater holds countless memories for me, as it was the place where my passion for singing first took flight. At that time, there was a talent show that was held to celebrate our town's annual festival. I still recalled that it happened during Da Lat's annual flower festival, which was a major event of the whole region. It was a sunny afternoon, and I remember the nerves building up within me as I prepared to sing in front of a live audience for the first time. The stage lights illuminated my face as I took a deep breath and let the melody flow from my heart. This photo holds an indescribable happiness for me. Firstly, it reminds me of the unwavering support and love of my mother. Seeing her capturing that moment with her camera and later framing it on our living room wall was a constant reminder of her belief in me and my dreams. It represents not just a snapshot in time but also a symbol of encouragement and nurture. Furthermore, this photo brings back the joyful memories of that talent show. It was a transformative experience, as I discovered the ability to touch people's hearts through my voice. It also signified exhilarating feeling of stepping out of my comfort zone and embracing the spotlight. Lastly, this photo serves as an invaluable reminder of the power of music. Singing has always been a source of solace and happiness for me. It allowed me to express myself, connect with others on a deeper level, and create moments of pure bliss.

Whenever I look at this photo, I am reminded of the pure joy that music brings to my life and the countless possibilities it holds.

Speaking Part 3 Sample

1. Is equipment important for taking photos?

I mean whether you are proficient in taking photographs or not, having the equipment is of paramount importance. Even though it can be quite cumbersome on certain occasions, it definitely facilitates the way we capture the moment.

2. Do people take more pictures now compared to the past?

Frankly speaking, with the advent of modern technologies, shooting a photo has never been so easy. Most of us have a strong inclination to document our lives through photos, and all it takes is a click of our fingerprint. I think it can be extremely challenging for me to name something that is harder than taking a picture in this day and age.

3. Do you think being a professional photographer is a good job?

If I said that a professional photographer is not a good occupation, I would be a liar. Whether a job is good or bad, it is a subjective matter. In my opinion, every occupation is of pivotal importance, and a photographer is obviously one of them. If they have a conducive skillset and knowledge, they can make a lucrative income and earn themselves a reputation, coupled with social acceptance.

4. Is it easier to take pictures now than in the past?

As I was saying, our smartphones can automatically adjust the frame, effect. I’m not confident to say that I have a knack for taking photographs but the quality of pictures these days in comparison with the past is just night and day. Even a person like me can take such a mesmerizing picture every now and then because of my tech-savvy smartphone.

Các bạn cùng tham khảo nhé. 

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