Discuss both views, Discussion Essay là dạng bài thường gặp của IELTS Writing Task 2. Với dạng bài này, IELTS Fighter có hướng dẫn chi tiết cách làm bài ở bài trước Hướng dẫn cách viết Writing Task 2 dạng bài Discussion Essay, nếu bạn chưa xem có thể cùng xem lại nha.

Ở bài viết này, chúng ta cùng chữa một số đề với giáo viên 8.0 Writing nhà mình, có video cụ thể bên dưới, cả nhà tham khảo nha.

Bài mẫu số 1

In many countries, traditional foods are being replaced by international fast food. Many people think that it is good to eat traditional foods while others believe that fast food is a good choice. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

1. Analysis:


traditional foods vs. fast food/ food consumption


it is good to eat traditional foods vs. fast food is a good choice


discuss both views -> give opinion

2. Brainstorm:


taking the place / popularity/ common of fast food

opinion: agree with the latter view, which is traditional food

Body 1

compelling reasons why fast food is good:
+ convenient, time-saving

-> take little time to prepare / many fast food chains, restaurants in megacities.
+ delicious taste/flavor

-> KFC, McDonald, franchise -> suitable for people of all ages, especially the young

Body 2

Why I believe that traditional food is good
+ main advantage: nutritious -> good for people’s health

-> fresh ingredients, homemade meal, no preservatives -> maintain good health
+ cultural preservation - preserve culture

-> unique flavor of traditional food -> contribute to the culture of a nation -> reflection of national cuisine

-> pass down to the next generation.


repeat and emphasize the opinion

3. Essay:

In different parts of the world, traditional foods are becoming less common due to the increasing popularity of international fast food. While some people believe that fast food is a good option, I think that consuming traditional foods is much more beneficial. This essay will demonstrate the author’s point of view.

On the one hand, there are compelling reasons why many people are in favor of fast food. Firstly, it is convenient and time-saving. Instead of having to prepare a meal for hours, people can easily grab a bite at any fast food restaurant, which is ubiquitous in many megacities. This type of food is also suitable for those with fast-paced lifestyles. In addition, fast food is famous for its delicious taste. This can explain the successful franchises of various fast food chains all over the world such as McDonald’s, KFC, and so on.

On the other hand, I strongly believe that eating traditional food is more advantageous. One of the most substantial benefits of traditional meals is the nutritional value that they contain. A homemade meal can provide a sufficient amount of protein, fiber, and many other nutrients, which has proved to be effective in maintaining  good health. This is because traditional food is usually made from fresh ingredients and without any preservatives. More importantly, I would argue that consuming traditional food rather than fast food is a good way to preserve culture as each flavor has its own uniqueness and is a representation of the national cuisine. By making and eating traditional food, people are contributing to cultural preservation, and thus passing it down to the next generation.

In conclusion, even though fast food consumption has been an accelerating trend in recent years due to its conveniences, I sincerely believe that the benefits of eating traditional food are more significant.

Words: 302

Vocabulary and Collocations:

to be in favor of sth

đồng tình với cái gì

ubiquitous (adj)

rất nhiều, có thể nhìn thấy ở khắp mọi nơi

fast-paced lifestyles

sống nhanh, bận rộn, vội vàng


nhượng quyền

an accelerating trend

xu hướng thịnh hành

cultural preservation

bảo tồn văn hóa

nutritional value

giá trị dinh dưỡng

Bài mẫu số 2

ĐỀ: Some people think that in order to continuously improve the quality of education, high school students should be encouraged to criticise their teachers. Others think that would result in a loss of principle in class. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge.

Write at least 250 words.

1. Analysis




Ý 1: Để tăng chất lượng thì học sinh nên được động viên phê bình giáo viên
Ý 2: Một số người lại nghĩ điều này sẽ làm mất trật tự vai vế trong lớp


+ Discuss both views (phân tích BẢO VỆ cho 2 góc nhìn)

+ Đưa ý kiến cá nhân (tự chọn, thầy chọn Ý 1)

2. Brainstorming




HELPERS (tìm 1 số từ vựng để lát đưa vào bài)


+ Re-introduce the viewpoints
+ Answer the questions

+ Paraphrase 2 viewpoints (show off grammar, vocabulary)

+ Prefers vp1, will defend vp1

continue (v)

educate (v)

educational (a)

encouragement (n)

criticism (n)

lose (v)

classes (n)


+ Defend the disliked point (P2, dig deep on why some think this way)

+ Students allowed to criticize → start to look down on teacher → not obedient → lose classroom hierarchy / affects class, relationship

+ Students might abuse criticism for personal attack, delay the flow of class

criticise, lecturer, teacher, look down on sb, not obedient, stubborn.


- Class loses structure.

- Teacher loses their integrity, loses face.

- Affect relationship between teachers and learners.


- Students actively abuse criticism for personal attack, delaying the flow of the lesson. 


+Defend preferred point (P1, dig deep)

+However, if students can point out mistakes → contribute to the lesson → remember the lesson better → increase the quality of the class 


+ Students have rights to express their thoughts → more confident, expressive, brave, stand against misinformation → build healthy character


Note: If teacher is knowledgeable, there should be no issues with students commenting. 

However, if students are allowed to give criticism, both learn, both build, establish a healthy and positive atmosphere for the class. Students remember the lesson thoroughly → successful lesson. 


+ build self-esteem, confidence, confident, brave enough to defend the truths, stand up against false information →  build good personality. 


If teacher has experience in teaching, having students criticizing their work during classes is useful for the process of learning


+ Conclude and emphasize on why point 1 is better

Việc cho học sinh phê bình có thể dẫn đến xích mích, trì trệ trong lớp, nhưng hoàn toàn có thể ngăn chặn nếu giáo viên có trình độ. Việc cho học sinh phê bình giáo viên thì sẽ rất có lợi cho cả lớp học, người học lẫn người dạy đều học hỏi được từ nhau. 

- Lecturers and teachers receiving criticism might cause conflict


- Might delay the class but preventable.


- However, students should be permitted to criticize because they learn from each other…

3. Essay

It is believed by many people that educators such as teachers and lecturers should receive lesson-related criticism from their learners and that encouragement towards these students and pupils should be given. Some, in contrast, believe that this phenomenon might potentially create a toxic atmosphere in the classroom by dismantling the standard rules, manners and principles. In my view, allowing students to stand up for the truths and facts surely outweighs the feelings of the educators and the classrooms’ rules. In this essay, I will elaborate both viewpoints and defend my stance. 

First, it is understandable for people to think that letting students criticise their teachers might be a bad move in the classroom. When students start to point out flaws of the teachers more frequently, though everyone makes mistakes, the respect for mentioned educators is lowered, subconsciously. This can be detrimental to the hierarchy of the classroom and can hurt the feelings of the educators. In other words, criticism from students potentially affects the relationship between them and their teachers. Worse, constant criticism consumes time, thus further delays the flow of the lesson at hand. The teachers will not be able to do their job on time, and the students will lose information that they are supposed to receive during the sitting. 

However, there are good things in giving students permission to give criticism to their knowledgeable information-sharers. It, firstly, helps build the lesson. By being allowed to have a say in the class, they are directly contributing to the shared knowledge, and thus expanding knowledge borders for both themselves and the teacher. With this interactive method of teaching, the students will remember the information more deeply. It, therefore, increases the quality of the lesson, and it is the ultimate goal of a successful class. Further, when a student stands up for what they believe is true, it creates a healthy mindset for said student. They are now braver, more confident, and they dare to express themselves, intellectually. This is incredible for building character for this younger generation, as it teaches them self-esteem and the ability to defend their rights. If the teacher is knowledgeable enough and is willing to learn, they would have no problem in letting their students interrupt their lesson from time to time to point out a mistake they made. Personally, I think it is what a good teacher should do. 

To conclude, it is understandable that some people fear giving students the ability to point out academic mistakes during lessons, as it can disrupt the lesson itself and damage the image of the educator. But ultimately, students should be encouraged to give criticism to contribute to the lesson and build their character in the process. 

Bài mẫu số 3

Đề bài:

Many people argue that in order to improve educational quality, high school students are encouraged to make comments or even criticism on their teachers. Others think it will lead to loss of respect and discipline in the classroom. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

1. Brainstorming

Với đề bài này, chúng ta cần discuss cả 2 quan điểm:

Body 1: Quan điểm 1: students make comments or even criticism on teachers có thể improve educational quality như thế nào?

Ngày nay, education = service, students = customers, teachers = service provider

=> customers make complaints, providers make rectification

Cụ thể, các giáo viên sẽ phải cẩn thận hơn về lesson planning và communication trong lớp => deliver the best lessons

Body 2: Quan điểm 2: students make comments or even criticism on teachers có thể gây ra loss of respect and discipline in the classroom như thế nào?

Direct argument between teachers and students in the classroom => lose temper, waste time of other 40 students when teachers have to spend time arguing with 1 or 2

Sau khi đã phân tích cả 2 quan điểm trên, chúng ta có thể đưa ra ý kiến của riêng mình (give your own opinion) ở phần Kết bài (Conclusion)

Conclusion: cần phải thực hiện việc này thật cẩn thận, thông qua indirect feedback như là notes, letters, message boxes, hoặc là private direct conversation.  

2. Essay

There are conflicting opinions on whether high school students should be allowed to comment or criticize their teachers. From my perspective, although this proposal theoretically can enhance educational quality, its practice must be carefully executed so as to maintain order and the collective benefit of all students in the classroom.

One the one hand, it is completely reasonable that feedback from students can improve teaching quality. In this day and age, education is gradually becoming a service, while leaners and teachers are also customers and service providers respectively. As a consequence, it is completely natural for customers to make complaints when they are not satisfied with the service they receive. This process undoubtedly improves the quality of the service as the providers can make rectification. In particular, teachers will need to be more careful with lesson planning and in-class communication in order to bring their students the best lessons.

On the other hand, improper execution of the aforementioned theory can cause some detrimental impacts. First, in the process of giving and receiving negative feedback, direct arguments between teachers and students in the classroom are unavoidable, which easily lead to disorder and cause the individuals involved to lose their temper, and inappropriate words can be spoken. Moreover, in case the teacher has to waste time answering the questions of a couple of unsatisfied students when the other 40 are completely satisfied, the overall benefit of the entire class will be adversely affected.

The arguments presented above lead to a conclusion that the key to success of this proposal lies in careful implementation. In order to avoid direct conflict in the process of exchanging feedback, indirect means of communication including message boxes, notes, and letters should be utilized. Unsatisfied students can also have a private direct conversation with their teachers in order to have a detailed discussion. These approaches will ensure that unsatisfied students’ opinions are heard while the valuable in-class time of other students are not wasted.

(326 words, band 7.0)

Vocabulary highlights      

  • Approach (n): cách tiếp cận, cách thực hiện
  • Argument (n): cuộc tranh luận
  • Collective = overall (adj): thuộc về tập thể, chung
  • Complaint (n): sự chê bai, phàn nàn
  • Disorder (n): sự hỗn loạn, mất trật tự
  • Exchange (v): trao đổi qua lại
  • Execute= implement (v): tiến hành, triển khai
  • Execution = implementation = practice (n): sự tiến hành, triển khai một việc nào nó trên thực tế
  • Feedback (n): phản hồi
  • Inappropriate = improper (adj): không phù hợp
  • Lesson plan (n): giáo án
  • Lesson planning (n): việc soạn giáo án
  • Lose temper (v): nổi nóng
  • Rectify (v)/ Rectification (n): sửa chữa
  • Satisfied >< Unsatisfied/ (adj): thỏa mãn/ không thỏa mãn
  • Utilize = use (v): sử dụng

Đây là một bài viết với từ vựng và các main ideas đều rất đơn giản để tất cả các bạn học sinh đều có thể tiếp thu và làm theo được. Thử sức nha.

Bài mẫu số 4

Đề bài: Some people think that hosting international sports event is good for the country, while some people think it is bad. Discuss both views and state your opinion.

1. Brainstorming

Body 1: thừa nhận ý kiến 2


- Finance: build expensive new venues for sports/infrastructure and facilities - the costs can exceed millions of dollars

- High risk of spreading contagious disease (Covid – 19): influx international travelers => large crowds of spectators => ideal for the spread of the virus

Tuy nhiên: - High vaccination coverage rate (tỉ lệ che phủ vaccine cao) and herd community (miễn dịch cộng đồng) => safe

Body 2: ý kiến của người viết đồng ý với Advantages:

- Investment and profits: Receive substantial revenue from ticket sales, tourist spending, and television rights => make a large profit - Popularize the image of the host: friendly people, good environment => increase international cooperation, especially in commerce and tourism

2. Essay

Recently, there are contrasting viewpoints regarding the pros and cons of organizing sports events with the participation of teams from different countries. In my opinion, despite some drawbacks including construction costs and the risk of spreading diseases, the benefits of these events, namely opportunities for the host to make profits and popularize their image, are much more convincing.

For once, it is completely reasonable for some people to believe that hosting international sport tournaments is disadvantageous. This is because the cost required to construct the infrastructure and facilities for such events can reach millions of dollars, which might be unaffordable for some developing countries. Moreover, the spread of contagious diseases, such as the COVID-19, is another plausible reason. During these events, the influx international travelers and large crowds of spectators inside the stadium or gymnasium create ideal conditions for the spread of the virus. However, I firmly believe that with the increasing vaccination coverage rates and herd community witnessed in many countries nowadays and in the future, it is rather safe to welcome foreign sports fans.

In contrast, from a personal perspective, the opposite viewpoint is much more agreeable due to the advantages of international sports tournaments. First, they provide the host countries with opportunities to receive great amounts of revenue from ticket sales, tourist spending, and television rights. In other words, this is only the problem of investment and return, and if properly managed, these events are wonderful chances to enrich the national budget. Furthermore, the image of the host with friendly people and good environment can be popularized, which results in an increase in international cooperation, especially in commerce and tourism. This had been proven by the success of the 2003 SEA Games in Vietnam.

In conclusion, despite the existence of some finance and safety concerns, I hold a strong belief that sports events are golden opportunities for economic growth, and they can be successfully organized with careful planning and precautions.

(323 words, band 7.5)

Bài mẫu số 5

Some people say charities should help to people who are in the greatest need no matter where they live, while some others say they should focus on people in their country. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

1. Brainstorming

Body 1: Reasons to help people in their own country:

- Human nature: Donators can be persuaded easily to send help to people living in the same community, geographic regions, ethnic groups, and nation => Sense of belonging (n): cảm giác thuộc về một tập thể, cộng đồng

- Nationalism (n): chủ nghĩa dân tộc / national unity (n): sự đoàn kết dân tộc: when people of the same country support each other for the collective benefit of the country

Example: Vietnam, storms and flooding in the central provinces => individuals and organizations from the North and the South immediately send help

Body 2: Reasons to help the most miserable people regardless of their places of living

- The original and fundamental meaning of charity: support individuals in times of peril => geographic, national, and territorial differences should not become barriers

- The ability of international charitable organizations, for instance The Red Cross:

Have branches and offices worldwide => timely reach and support people in any country.


  • charitable organisation = philanthropic organisation: tổ chức từ thiện
  • charity = philanthropy (mass noun): việc từ thiện nói chung
  • community (n): cộng đồng
  • countrymen (n): những người đồng hương
  • donator (n): người quyên góp, tài trợ tiền/ vật chất cho người nghèo
  • ethnic group (n): dân tộc
  • geographic region (n): vùng miền
  • in times of peril (n): trong những lúc nguy hiểm/ hoạn nạn
  • mainstream ideology (n): hệ tư tưởng chính thống
  • support (v, n), help (v, n), assist (v) assistance ���, aid (v, n): giúp đỡ, trợ giúp, cứu trợ
  • the poorest members of society, the poorest, the most miserable individuals, poverty-stricken individuals (n phrase): những người nghèo khổ nhất
  • where they live, their living locations, their place of living (n phrase/n clause): nơi họ (những người nghèo khổ cần giúp đỡ) sinh sống

2. Essay

Recently there are different views on whether charitable organisations should send material and financial aid to the most miserable individuals regardless of their places of living, or should they concentrate on helping people from their own country. From a personal perspective, despite some obvious reasons for the latter idea, it seems that the former one is much more agreeable due to the core principle of charity and the operational ability of international organizations.

On the one hand, it is understandable why some people believe prefer giving support to their own countrymen. It is much easier for donators to be persuaded to send help to people sharing some similarities, such as those belonging to the same community, geographic region, or ethnic group. This creates a sense of belonging in all members of such communities or groups. Moreover, nationalism has always been a mainstream ideology in many countries. When people of a country give assistance to each other for the collective benefit of the nation, national unity is achieved. Vietnam can be a great example; when natural disasters such as storms or flooding happened in the central region last year, individuals and organizations from the north and the south immediately joined hand and sent their support.

On the other hand, from my viewpoint, the poorest members of society should be the first ones to receive assistance regardless of where they live. The most original and fundamental meaning of philanthropy is to provide sufficient support to individuals in times of peril. There are countless examples from victims of war in the Middle East to African inhabitants who suffer from hunger. These people surely deserve to receive support, and geographical, national, and territorial differences should not become barriers. Another important point is that international philanthropic organisations, The Red Cross for instance, have established branches and offices globally. This enables them to operate worldwide and timely reach poverty-stricken individuals who are in desperate need of their help.

In conclusion, based on the aforementioned arguments, the poorest should always be prioritised despite their living locations.

(339 words, band 7.0)

Some final thoughts:

Nhìn chung thì bài thi trên máy tính cực kỳ ưu việt ở kỹ năng Reading và Writing. Trong quá trình viết thầy đã chỉnh sửa bằng Cut/Copy/Paste rất nhiều. Đó là lí do tại sao thầy lại có thể viết được dài hơn hẳn (339 words) so với bình thường hay dạy học sinh trên lớp (dưới 300 words). Lúc về nhà viết lại thì thầy mới phát hiện ra một số lỗi chính tả mà mình đã không để ý trong lúc thi, ví dụ như các từ philanthropy, poverty, và flooding. Có lẽ vì những lỗi này mà bài viết đạt 7.0 mà không được 7.5 như kỳ vọng.

Còn với phần Reading, trên máy tính, thí sinh có thể highlight các từ vựng/câu văn quan trọng chứa thông tin một cách dễ dàng. Việc dung bàn phím và chuột để lướt qua bài đọc cũng nhanh và thuận tiện hơn hẳn so với lật từng trang giấy và dò tìm từ khóa bằng bút chì.

Bài mẫu số 6

Some people think that newly built houses should follow the style of old houses in local areas. Others think that people should have freedom to build houses of their own style.

1. Analysis


architectural style


(1) the right to decide the architectural style for their own houses

(2) new constructions should follow the style of earlier built houses


Discuss and give your own opinion

2. Brainstorm


[TOPIC] has become a perpetual concern/contentious topic. Some individuals believe that [VIEWPOINT 1], while others claim that [VIEWPOINT 2]. In this essay, I would like to discuss both of these perspectives before drawing a reasoned conclusion.

Body 1

infringement on personal liberty

SUPPORT: personal freedom the cornerstone of constitutionalized states

→ only require to follow if built within strictly regulated heritage sites

Body 2

Follow the style of old buildings

(1) economic values from tourism activities

(2) educational values to future generations



3. Essay:

The architectural style has become a perpetual concern for the public in recent years. Some individuals believe that newly built houses should follow the same style as old buildings, while others argue that citizens should have the freedom to choose the architectural style for their homes. In this essay, I would like to discuss both of these perspectives before drawing a reasoned conclusion.

On the one hand, the implementation of style restriction on new construction could be considered a direct attack on personal liberty. Immediate personal freedom in areas of civic life has always been a cornerstone of any constitutionalized society, which means some forms of restrictions on how citizens could build their homes could contravene their fundamental right, the right to an adequate standard of living, or the right to live comfortably. In other words, the government should encourage citizens to follow some sets off rules and restrictions only if new-build projects occur within strictly regulated heritage zones.

On the other hand, requiring newly constructed homes to follow earlier era-built houses might bring economic values from tourism activities and historical and cultural values for future generations. Firstly, new constructions inside heritage zones and archaeological reservations should be subject to heritage preservation legislation, including height and style restrictions, due to the need to preserve the overall picture of these areas to draw an influx of domestic and international tourists. Letting residents build their houses based on their preferences might eventually disturb the landscape panorama and its immediate surroundings, later potentially losing its allure to travelers and holiday-makers. Secondly, from a heritage point of view, a composed landscape with architectually valuable or historically significant buildings or a landscape bearing signs of centuries of a well-established type of farming or other uses might provide the locals and future generations with testimony to the past. Any disturbance from the facade of newly built houses could destroy the attempt by the administation to preserve the educational values to teach future generations about cultural and historical values of ancient towns and heritage sites.

In conclusion, despite certain validity in favor of letting citizens have the right to choose the architectural style for their houses, I believe that these new constructions should adhere to the style of old buildings for economic and educational benefits.

Words: 378.

Vocabulary and Collocations:

a direct attack on

một cuộc tấn công trực tiếp lên


can thiệp/trái ngược

fundamental right

quyền cơ bản

the right to an adequate standard of living

quyền có cuộc sống cơ bản

the right to live comfortably


heritage zones

khu vực di sản

architectually valuable and historically significant buildings

tòa nhà có giá trị về lịch sử và kiến trúc

archaeological reservations

bảo tồn khảo cổ học

heritage preservation legislation

luật bảo tồn di sản

draw an influx of

thu hút 1 lượng lớn…..

lose allure to….

mất đi sức hấp dẫn với…..

provide sb with testimony to …..

cung cấp bằng chứng về…...


toàn cảnh


mặt tiền

Bài mẫu số 7

Some people are of the opinion that women should play an equal role in police or military forces like the army. Others believe that this work is unsuitable for women. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

1. Analysis

Topic: Gender equality in military service and law enforcement

Viewpoints: (1) these professions are unsuitable for women; (2) women should enjoy gender justice.

Questions: Discuss both views, give opinion

[Topic] has become a controversial/debatable topic. Some individuals argue that [Viewpoint 1], while others believe that [Viewpoint 2]. In this essay, I would discuss both of these perspectives before drawing my own conclusion.

2. Brainstorm

Viewpoint 1:

Discrepancy in physio capacity between men and women

Concerns about the integrity and effectiveness of military and police readiness.

Viewpoint 2:

Shattering the ceiling glass of gender equality

Potentials to improve police-community relations

3. Essay

Gender equality in military service and law enforcement has become a controversial topic. Some individuals believe that women are not well-adapted to those professions, while others argue that gender equality should be ensured in those fields. In this essay, I would discuss both of these perspectives before drawing my reasoned conclusion.

On the one hand, those opposed to the idea of women joining police ranks and serving in the military might believe in inherent disparities relating to physio capacity and potential distractions caused by men-versus-men competition for women’s attention. Firstly, due to biological characteristics, women might be less likely to meet the physical standards than their male counterparts. The campaigning of gender equity in military forces might become a mere tokenism, adversely impacting combat units’ effectiveness by lowering the standards just for equating the level of female and male presence. Secondly, men and women standing shoulder to shoulder might influence the military and police’s integrity and professionalism detrimentally. Those influenced by Darwinist aphorism might think that women could distract heterosexual male officers from their ever-essential role and duty, especially in combat or criminal arresting missions. Ever-growing sexual harassment accusations in various male-dominated areas might highlight a practical example of the potentials of complicated sexual relations and interactions between male and female officers, severely impacting their effectiveness of their duty, especially given that a state budget burden has been of significant concern for taxpayers.

On the other hand, there are several reasons the military and law enforcement should allow women participation. Firstly, if the military shifts its policy to recognize the long-forgotten role of women in combat, it will be swiftly translated as shattering the glass ceiling of the last front challenging generations of feminists and those fighting against gender discrimination. Allowing women to draft for the military, along with women elected as heads of states, would be a harbinger for the epoch of gender equality. Also, despite the disinclination to acknowledge women’s combat duty and rejection to open its door to these long-considered second-class citizens, women have been actively involved in several domestic and global conflicts. In other words, the full recognition of women’s status in the military would indicate that the government values contribution by its citizens equally and justly, ultimately enabling women to be successful in this traditionally male-hegemonistic field. Secondly, women could bring fundamental changes to the policing culture, which is recently under strict scrutiny and criticism. Women with skillful communication could help diffuse contentious situations because they are less likely to use excessive force. Given the heightened growing tensions between sheriff’s departments and communities they serve, women could improve police-community relations as they tend to rely less on physical force or weapons and more on effective communication.

In conclusion, despite some valid arguments of opposing women joining military and law enforcement relating to the sex-borne innate biological differences and the harmful impact of male competition for female attention, I am more convinced that gender equality should be prioritized due to the idea of reaching gender justice and women’s capacity as effective communicators to improve police-community connections.

Words: 510.

Bài mẫu số 8

Some people say that individuals who make a lot of money are most successful. Others think that those who contribute to society like scientists and teachers are most successful. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

1. Analysis

Topic: How to define success

Viewpoints: (1) financial success; (2) socially influential success

Questions: discuss both views and give your opinions

2. Brainstorm


[TOPIC] has become a controversial topic. Some individuals claim that [Viewpoint 1], whereas others argue that [Viewpoint 2]. Both of these viewpoints would be discussed in this essay before a reasoned conclusion is drawn.

Body 1

Financial success

(a) no universal definition of success/individuals vary in their definitions of success → challenging to compare people’s success across the board → need a convenient and clear tool → money (depending on tax payments, financial reports, estimated assets) offers a transparent tool to know exactly who is more successful (Forbes’ Billionaire List released annually). (b) Influence of capitalism and consumerism → judge people based on their property and money → more money more successful.

COUNTER-ARGUMENT: no guarantee over the sources of money, especially in countries with widespread corruption and bribery → if depend on money to define success, directly encourage people to make money at any cost without any ethical worries (use their money to influence those in power to pass policy that ultimately benefits to their business: policy corruption).

Body 2

Socially beneficial success

difficult to exactly quantify the extent of influence by many professions → need a long period of time to understand clearly the scope of social impacts by scientists, teachers, by IT engineers → scientists: develop Sars-CoV-2 vaccines to save millions of lives and bring the world back to normal; teachers: help to educate future generations → need 20, 30 years to evaluate their contribution; IT engineers: create breakthrough technology to change/improve living standards; politicians: policy making has influence over millions of people → those people making significantly less money compared to businessmen and women → depending on social contribution would be fairer and more just for various professionals.




3. Essay

How to define success has become a controversial topic nowadays. Some individuals argue that those financially wealthy should be considered the most successful, whereas others claim that those contributing most to society are the most successful. Both of these viewpoints would be discussed in this essay before a reasoned conclusion is drawn.

On the one hand, various reasons are explaining why money is regarded as the standard of success. Firstly, individuals hold different viewpoints of the definition of success, which requires us to have a straightforward and convenient tool for comparing people's success across the board. Money and property could be a transparent and obvious measure to know exactly how successful people are, depending on their financial reports and tax payments. For example, Forbes magazine annually releases a list of global billionaires for readers to know who is wealthiest or most successful during a particular year. Secondly, with the influence of consumerism and capitalism, people start to judge one another by how much money they earn. In other words, more money is equal to more success. However, these reasons ignore the potential sources of money, in which those in failed states with widespread corruption and bribery could easily exploit their wealth and network to influence those in power to favor their business or change policy to benefit their money-making. In other words, using money as the definition of success would ultimately encourage people to make a fortune at any cost without any ethical worries.

On the other hand, I firmly believe that those most successful should be those contributing the most to society. Through breakthrough inventions, policymaking, and education, the scope of social contribution poses a severe challenge for anyone to quantify precisely how much influence those people have made. For example, the economic contribution made by scientists involved in the process of Sars-CoV-2 vaccine development helping to save millions of lives and bring the world back to normal, is difficult to be evaluated. In other similar cases, teachers helping to educate future generations usually earn significantly less money than businessmen and businesswomen. If money is the only definition of success, it would be unjust for those engaged in other professions with a lower salary but an enormous influence on society. In other words, defining success by social contribution would encourage people to partake in socially beneficial activities and professions.

In conclusion, while money is to some extent showing an individual's success, the social contribution should be regarded as the ultimate definition of success.

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