Một trong các yếu tố tạo nên sự khác biệt giữa một người học tiếng anh và 1 native speaker đó chính là phrasal verb. Người bản sứ sử dụng các từ này vô cùng thường xuyên và linh hoạt.

Vậy để có thể “bắn tiếng Anh” tốt hơn, hôm nay chúng ta sẽ cùng nhau tìm hiểu các phrasal verbs bắt đầu bằng động từ make nhé. Let’s get into it.

Phrasal verb with make

Make for (sth)

=to move towards something or a place: Di chuyển về hướng 1 thứ hoặc 1 nơi nào đó

Ex: Seeing the storm approaching, we made for the castle on the hill to shelter.

= to contribute to, lead to or cause a result or situation: Góp phần tạo nên hoặc gây ra.

Ex: Constant arguing doesn't make for any happy marriage.

Make sth/ so in to sth/so

=turn in to = change something/someone into something/someone else:Thay đổi 1 vật thể thành 1 vật thể khác.

Ex: We're making our attic into an extra bedroom.

Make sth out

= to say that something is true when it may not be: bịa đặt, đồn thổi

Ex: She's not as rich as people make out.

Make smt out to be

= to claim; to assert : Tuyên bố, khẳng định.

Ex: I think the critics make that movie out to be more profound than it really is.

Make of

= to try to understand and find a reason for something: cố gắng hiểu hoặc tìm một lý do cho điều gì đó

Ex: Can you make anything of these ruins?

 = to think and have an opinion about something: Nghĩ và có một ý tưởng về cái gì

Ex: What do you make of the new policy the president signed?

Make fun of

Laugh at; make jokes about: Cười vào, pha trò hề về

Ex: The old lady dresses so strangely that the children make fun of her.

Make off

= to hurry away, especially in order to escape: Gấp gáp rời đi, bỏ chạy

Ex: After an evacuation announcement, we saw thousands of people rushingly make off the building.

Make off with

= to steal something and hurry away with it: bỏ trốn với thứ vừa đánh cắp được

Ex: Thieves made off with $30 000 worth of computer equipment.

Make sth over to sbd

=to legally give something to somebody: Chuyển giao, trao lại

Ex: He made over the property to his eldest son.

=to change something in order to make it look different or use it for a different purpose; to give somebody a different appearance by changing their clothes, hair: thay đổi người hay vật bằng cách thay đổi ngoại hình của người đó/ thay đổi bên ngoài hoặc các dùng của một vật.

Ex: She’s setting up a plan to make herself over by fasting and make-up products.

Make up

= to form something: Cấu thành, tạo thành

Ex: Women make up 56 percent of the student numbers.

=​to put something together from several different things: gom góp lại

Ex: Let's make up an Easter basket for your nephew.

=to invent a story, especially in order to trick or entertain somebody: Đặt điều,bịa chuyện

Ex: He made up some excuse about his daughter being sick.

=to complete a number or an amount required: thêm vào để đủ số lượng.

Ex: We need one more person to make up a team.

=to replace something that has been lost; to compensate for something: Bù vào

Can I leave early this afternoon and make up the time tomorrow?

​=to prepare a bed for use; to create a temporary bed

Ex: We made up the bed in the spare room.

Make up for

 = the compensate for something; to replace something lost: sự bù đắp, sự thay thế

Ex: She spend two weeks with her family to make up for her year long absence.

Make a living: kiếm sống

Ex: To make a living, she had to do a lot of work, from a waitress at a restaurant to a receptionist in a hotel.

Make great attempt (to do St): nỗ lực để làm việc gì

Ex: My son has made great attempts to win the first prize in the upcoming Judo competiton.

Make one’s eyes wide open: làm ai ngạc nhiên

Ex: My little brother’s first prize in the competition has made my parents’ eyes wide open.

Những cụm từ tiếng Anh với Make khá là phổ biến nên các bạn chú ý sử dụng nhé.

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Điền các cụm động từ với make phù hợp vào chỗ trống

Make Up

1. We went to the Modern Art Gallery but I honestly didn't know what to____half the pictures. Just seemed very strange to me!

2. What a strange painting! I can't____what it's supposed to be.

3. An Italian____with the Mona Lisa painting from the Louvre, Paris in 1911.

4. We had a terrible row about money last night, but we eventually____and are fine again now.

5. First she said she was the new head of her department, then we discovered she was____the whole tale.

6. After the train got delayed, we managed to___20 minutes and still caught the plane on time.

7. If you get lost,____the nearest police station and ask directions there.

8. John____he was injured just so he wouldn't have to play soccer for the afternoon.

Đáp án:

1- make of.

2- make out.

3- made off.

4- made up.

5- made up.

6- make up.

7- make for.

8 - made out.


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