Bài viết tổng hợp loạt từ vựng liên quan đến chủ đề Personal Information - một chủ đề rất quen thuộc và đặc biệt quan trọng đối với các bạn học sinh cấp hai. Loạt từ vựng này bao gồm phát âm, các ví dụ liên quan. 


Từ vựng

Cách phát âm

Giải nghĩa

first name

/fɜːst neɪm/


given name

/ˈgɪvn neɪm/

Tên lót (đệm) + tên

middle name

/ˈmɪdl neɪm/

tên đệm

middle initial

/ˈmɪdl ɪˈnɪʃəl/

chữ cái đầu của tên đệm

last name

/lɑːst neɪm/





family name

/ˈfæmɪli neɪm/




địa chỉ



thành phố






tỉnh thành



thị trấn









đại lộ

telephone number

/ˈtɛlɪfəʊn ˈnʌmbə

số điện thoại bàn

phone number

/fəʊn ˈnʌmbə/

số điện thoại

mobile phone number

/ˈməʊbaɪl fəʊn ˈnʌmbə/

số điện thoại di động



số điện thoại di động



giới tính



giới tính


/meɪl /

giới tính nam



giới tính nữ

date of birth

/deɪt ɒv bɜːθ/

ngày sinh

place of birth

/pleɪs ɒv bɜːθ/

nơi sinh

spell your name

/spɛl jɔː neɪm/

đánh vần tên của bạn

sign your name

/saɪn jɔː neɪm/

kí tên của bạn

print your name

/prɪnt jɔː neɪm/

in tên của bạn


Example 1:

an: Excuse me, Hoa.

Hoa: Yes. Lan?

Lan: What’s your telephone number?

Hoa: 8 262 019.

Lan: Thanks. I'll call you soon.


Example 2:

Phong: Hello. This is 8 537 471.

Tam: Hello. Is this Phong?

Phong: Yes. Who’s this?

Tam: It’s me, Tam. Will you be free tomorrow evening?

Phong: Yes, I will

Tam: Would you like to see a movie?

Phong: Sure. What time will it start?

Tam: It’ll start at seven o’clock.

   Let’s meet at 6.45.

Phong: Where will we meet?

Tam: We’ll meet in front of the movie theater.

Phong: Great. I’ll see you tomorrow. Don't be late!


Các bạn có thể tham khảo thêm những bài mẫu Speaking part 2 - chủ đề Describe a person


  1. Opening sentence:  

I'd like to talk about ……….., a ………….. person + V-ing + in + địa điểm + who + V (paraphrase đề bài). 

EX: I'd like to talk about Mrs. Smith, a remarkable person living in my neighborhood, who is known for her selflessness and dedication to helping others. 

I'd like to talk about Jane, a studious person studying in the same school as me, who I always desire to study with and collaborate in school assignments. 

  1. Exam practice: 2 topics  

Topic 1: Describe someone living in your area who often helps others 

You should say: 

What he/she is like 

How he/she helps others 

Why his/her help is beneficial 

And explain why he/she often helps others 


I'd like to talk about Mrs. Smith, a remarkable person living in my neighborhood who is known for her selflessness and dedication to helping others.  

Mrs. Smith is a skinny lady with long, silvery hair that adds to her graceful presence. Despite being in her early sixties, she maintains a youthful and elegant look. Her warm smile and welcoming attitude also make her approachable to everyone in the community. In terms of her personality, Mrs. Smith is a gentle soul. She is always willing to lend a listening ear and create an atmosphere where others can freely express their thoughts and emotions.  

Mrs. Smith's acts of kindness are countless. She volunteers at our local community center, where she organizes free tutoring sessions for underprivileged children. The children she tutors have shown significant improvements in their grades, and their parents are immensely grateful for her guidance. What’s more, she regularly visits the elderly residents in our neighborhood, providing them with companionship, running errands, and even assisting with housework. Her support is absolutely great for those who might otherwise feel isolated. 

Mrs. Smith's willingness to help others stems from her deep empathy and genuine concern for her community. She often says that she finds fulfillment in making a positive difference in people's lives. Her constant presence and her eagerness to lend a helping hand have made her a beloved figure in our neighborhood. 

Topic 2: Describe a person you have met who you want to work/study with 

You should say: 

Who this person is 

How you met this person 

How long you have known him/her 

And explain why you want to work/study with him/her 


I'd like to talk about Jane, a studious person studying in the same school as me, who I always desire to study with and collaborate in school assignments. 

We first met during our language proficiency course last year. When the teacher asked each of us to take turns and introduce ourselves in English, Sarah, the girl sitting next to me, gave me a special impression by her American accent and lovely speech. Over this time, I've come to know her as a self-motivated, goal-oriented student. 

Sarah's proficiency in languages is truly impressive, which makes her an invaluable study partner. She also excels in interpersonal communication and foster collaboration within our study group. Her strong adaptability and multitasking ability shine when handling multiple projects. 

What truly sets Sarah apart is her teamwork spirit and cooperation skills. She's always ready to support me and other teammates. If my mind serves me right, she and I have worked on several language assignments, from international communication to discourse analysis, and she always points us in the right direction when it comes to unsolvable tasks. What’s more, her ability to work under pressure demonstrates her dedication to achieving our academic goals. 

I aspire to work and study with Sarah because her qualities complement mine. Together, we can tackle challenging tasks, maximize productivity, and achieve our academic objectives efficiently. I look forward to the opportunity to learn and grow with her in the years to come in the university.  


Hi vọng với những chia sẻ trên đây sẽ giúp các bạn có thêm vốn từ vựng tiếng Anh chủ đề Personal Information để áp dụng bài thi IELTS một cách hiệu quả nhất.! 

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