Hôm nay, các bạn hãy cùng đồng hành với IELTS Fighter để cùng nghiên cứu về cách tư duy làm bài viết Task 2 về chủ đề : "Many people believe that international tourism is a bad thing for their country. What are the reasons? Solutions to change negative attitudes? " thật hiệu quả nhé!



Mở bài:

- Paraphrase lại đề bài: international tourism = destinations welcome more foreign visitors -> Local people find this displeasing

- lí do - cách giải quyết



Lí do: many reasons

Lí do thứ 1: more visitors = increased pollution

  -> tourists throw garbage, not care for environment

  -> New Zealand demolish "Lord of the Rings" castle -> fear tourists come and litter


Lí do thứ 2: disease outbreak

  -> past cases of virus spread

  -> Ebola: from Africa to other countries -> death


Cách giải quyết:

- instruct tourists not to litter

- health inspection at airports

  -> quarantine infected tourists

  -> make locals feel safer


Kết bài:

  • Paraphrase opening



Today, travel destinations all over the world welcome a growing influx of foreign visitors every year. Many people living in these places are, however, finding this development particularly displeasing. This essay will examine the reasons behind this thinking before suggesting some ways to change the hostile view towards international tourism.


There are a host of factors to which this hostility can be attributed. Firstly, the arrival of foreign visitors is often accompanied by an increased level of pollution. Many tourists dispose of garbage at their own convenience, with complete disregard for the surrounding environment. For this reason, New Zealand's government had ordered for the castle that was built for the filming of "Lord of the Rings" to be immediately demolished upon completion of the movie, for fear that , should its existence be resumed, travel enthusiasts would flock to the castle and litter all over the place.


Another fear that the locals harbor against foreign visitors is the possibility of a disease outbreak. This fear is rooted in past incidents when viruses and diseases were spread from one territory to another by tourists. An example of this is the recent Ebola outbreak, where infected travelers carried the virus from Africa to a number of other countries, causing a significant number of casualties.


However, these problems are not without solutions. Concerns that tourists may harm the environment can be addressed by properly instructing them not to litter and be mindful of their surroundings. In addition, governments should continue to conduct thorough health inspection at international airports. Healthy travelers should be educated on the symptoms of contagious viruses while those who exhibit these symptoms must immediately be quarantined. This would certainly help local residents to feel more at ease about the presence of tourists.


In conclusion, while there are legitimate reasons as to why locals view tourists unfavorably, a number of steps can be taken to banish these negative feelings.


Good vocabulary


- influx of ... visitors: foreign people who come enter a country

- a host of (factors): many factors

- to accompany: to go with

- at their own convenience: whenever they want

- to demolish: to remove a building

- disease outbreak: when a disease spread to another place

- casualty: death by an incident

- to be mindful of: to care about

- quarantine: to keep a sick person in a separate place

- banish... feelings: to remove a feeling/thinking