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Đề ngày 10/02/2018: Family reunion

(Reading time: 1 - 2 minutes)

Đề thi thật ngày 10/02/2018

The tradition that a family gets together to eat meals is disappearing.

What are the reasons and what are the impacts?

Write at least 250 words 

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It is a fact that the tradition of family members having meals together is gradually fading away due to the prioritisation of career development. The disappearance of this family tradition might have several unwanted influences on people, especially young generations.

The gradual unavailability of the family reunion can be mainly attributed to being busy with work or study to improve career prospects. It is clear that the world of employment takes most of the time in a day of adults, and for adolescents, it is studying activities that they invest their time in the most. As a result, the more people prioritise work and study, the less they try to make time for having lunch or dinner together. Also, since all family members are busy with different personal schedules, it is very hard to have a certain time period in which people are all free to enjoy meals together. 

Consequently, there are undesirable effects caused by this social phenomenon. First and foremost, the disappearance of this family tradition would widen the gap between old and young generations within a family, making offspring likely have little appreciation for their older family members. As a result, there will be more elderly neglected or even cast out by their family. Second, having less family meals means that family members have fewer chances to bond with each other. This might result in more potential misunderstanding and domestic conflicts.

In conclusion, the prioritisation of career development is regarded as the primary reason why family members spend less time having meals with one another. There are negative impacts arising as a result including the more generation gap and reduced kinship.     

Word count: 280 words 

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