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Đề ngày 14/4/2018: What arts mean to human

(Reading time: 1 - 2 minutes)

Đề ngày 14/4/2018: 

In today’s world of advanced science and technology, we still greatly value our artists such as musicians, painters and writers.

What can the arts tell us about life that science and technology cannot?

Write at least 250 words 

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Sample answer

In the modern world which is full of advancements in science and technology, people still have an appreciation towards arts. It is clear that artworks and art-related activities can bring irreplaceable values to human life by helping people to evolve a deeper understanding of each other and overcome certain illnesses related to mental disorder.

Art can help people to sympathise with others by approaching sentimental aspects, which is something science and technology cannot do. Specifically, art is a creative form to express the human's feelings and thoughts, so by observing an artwork people can understand the inner world of its creator: how that person thinks and feels. Also, if some people mindfully enjoy a picture, a song or a poem, it means to some extent they find themselves in the artwork and experience the same feelings with the artist. As a result, this would establish a sympathy-based connection between the artist and the audience, as well as among audiences who have the same tastes. 

Being an effective therapy in dealing with mental issues is another valuable aspect which art brings to life. By engaging in artistic creation, such as painting, drawing, collage, colouring or sculpting, people can express themselves artistically, leading to a better understanding of their own feelings and behaviour so they can move on to resolve deeper issues. Therefore, art therapy is really helpful for people of all ages, including children, adolescents, adults and elders to explore their emotions, relieve stress reduce anxiety and depression, and even cope with a physical illness and disability. 

In conclusion, despite great developments in science and technology, people always highly value arts because of their significant contributions to life. Art enjoyment will enhance a deeper understanding of one another, and art therapy will be beneficial to the human's emotional well-being.

Word count: 297 words

Bài viết có tham khảo ý tưởng và từ vựng tại bài viết: 'Art Therapy', nguồn: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapy-types/art-therapy


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