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Section 1 - Practice 4

Sally: Good afternoon. Megequip. This is Sally speaking. How may I help you?

Oskar: Oh hello. Um, I’d like to order some items from your catalogue.

Sally: Yes. Are you an existing customer?

Oskar: Er, no. I’ve only just moved here from South Africa. But I picked up your winter catalogue in the city centre yesterday.

Sally: Fine. The winter catalogue is our current one. As you’re a new customer, I need to take a few details from you.

Oskar: Sure.

Sally: Your name is?

Oskar: Oskar Greening. That’s (1) Oskar with a ‘K’.

Sally: O-S-K-A-R?

Oskar: Yes.

Sally: Greening. And your address?

Oskar: Um, York Terrace.

Sally: Here in the city?

Oskar: Yes.

Sally: What number?

Oskar: It’s a flat. (2) Number 52C.

Sally: C. Got that. And would that be the same address for delivery?

Oskar: Um, no. Actually, I’m out all day. (3) But my neighbor can take delivery at number 5 York Avenue. It’s just round the corner.

Sally: OK, fine, number 5, I’ve got that. And will you be paying by debit card or credit card?

Oskar: Well, er, I don’t have any cards yet. I’ll have some shortly, but I want these things this week if possible. (4) Could I come to the store and pay cash in advance?

Sally: Well, I guess so. I’ll make a note. I’m afraid that payment method doesn’t entitle you to a discount.

Oskar: No, I didn’t expect one for that. But what about my address? It says on the cover of the catalogue …

Sally: Oh yes, you’re right. Of course (5) York Terrace is within the city so you get free delivery and 5% discount on your order.

Oskar: Oh, good.

Sally: so what would you like to order? You have our current catalogue, you say?

Oskar: Yes. I need three things for the room where I study – My office, I guess. Um, the most urgent is a desk lamp. Is your catalogue, number 664 in stock?

Sally: 664? That’s, um, not ‘Home Office’? (6) It’s in the ‘Living’ section of the catalogue?

Oskar: It is. I want a small one that clips onto the edge of the desk.

Sally: Yes, no problem. In which colour?

Oskar: I’d like the greyish-coloured one, please.

Sally: Oh you mean the shade we call ‘slate’. Yes, it’s a nice colour.

Oskar: And, um, I wondered, could I get that when I come in to pay rather than waiting for delivery? I really need to be able to read at night and the lights in this flat are useless.

Sally: Yes, I’m sure that’ll be OK. (7) I’ll note down that’s ‘customer will collect’. What else did you want?

Oskar: Well, I need a chair which gives good support when I’m using my computer. I saw one in your ‘Home Office’ section and I think it would suit me. It’s on page 45, item number, oh, um, 129.

Sally: Um, yes?

Oskar: And it’s fully adjustable, isn’t it?

Sally: Let me see. Height, yes, back, yes, I’m not sure about the arms though.

Oskar: Oh that could be a problem… I’m very tall.

Sally: What about 131 on the same page? That has adjustable arms, seat, everything!

Oskar: (8) But can I get that in the same colour, I mean the green, like the one it shows?

Sally: Oh, they all come in the full range of colours.

Oskar: OK, so I’ll go for 131 in green then.

Sally: Mm… I think you’ll like that. My brother’s very tall and he uses one. We can make sure there’s one on the delivery van to you early next week.

Oskar: Oh good, thanks. And so, lastly, I need a filing cabinet for my documents. A little filing cabinet. With two drawers?

Sally: OK. Two drawers. Do you want the ordinary one or the lockable one? It’s an extra twenty pounds.

Oskar: Sorry, what’s that?

Sally: (9) You can have it with a lock, which is more secure.

Oskar: Oh, yes, please.

Sally: OK… so that’s number 153.

Oskar: It doesn’t by any  chance come in slate, does it?

Sally: Well, it’s similar. But the commercial office furniture doesn’t come in so many shades.

Oskar: So it’s grey?

Sally: That’s right.

Oskar: Fine, that’ll do.

Sally: Now, about delivery. The two items will probably come at different times as we have the chair in stock here so our van will bring it, as I said. (10) The filing cabinet will be coming direct from London, so – today’s the 29th of September, say, not more than four days, that’ll be delivered on or before the 3rd of October. You’ll have them both within four days.

Oskar: That’s fine. I’ll drop in tomorrow morning to pay and get the lamp. Um, thank you for all your help.

Sally: Thank you for your order. Let me know if we can do anything else for you.

Oskar: Thank you. I will. Bye.

Sally: Bye.

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